Business Directory Scam

Have you ever received an invoice for a business directory listing that you never ordered? Perhaps you had experienced the following scenario.

You received a phone call from a telemarketing company claiming that someone (could be your ex-employee) from your office had previously authorized the purchase of business listing in a business directory, and they would like to verify your business information, such as company name, address, telephone and fax number. This so called verification would lead you to believe that your business has already been listed in their business directory.

Shortly, you received an invoice, typically between $399 and $798, in the mail or fax for your “order”. A few days or one week later, someone from the Account Receivables department called to collect the payment for your company listing. If you refused to pay the invoice, the caller would harrass you and even threatened to initiate a legal action against you, and also forwarded your invoice to a debt-collection agency that could damage your credit rating.

Well, if this scenario happened to you, please be on your guard. You could be a victim of a business directory scam.

Here are what you should do if you received a phone call from a collector:
1. Do NOT under any circumstances send these scammers money.
2. Tell him/her that you are not going to pay for the invoice, and let this scammer know that you are going to take the actions outlined in the step 3 and 4.
3. File a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission by visiting the the FTC website ( or call 1-877-FTC-HELP (1-877-382-4357).
4. Report the scam to your local Better Business Bureau and your state Attorney General.

Remember folks, you are NOT obliged to pay for services that you never requested or ordered. Last, your credit rating will NEVER be damaged/ruined just because of not paying this business directory scam.

To help you recognize this scam, here is a list of companies known to scam small businesses:

  • ABI Publications
  • B2B IPages – Chicago, IL
  • Business Data Center – Plattsburgh, NY
  • Canadian BizOnline
  • Canadian Media Pages
  • ClearView Corporate Communication, Inc. – Chicago, IL
  • Canora Pages – Montreal, QC
  • Commutel Marketing – Montreal, QC and Victoria, BC
  • Empire Direct Group – Plattsburgh, NY
  • DataSource411 – Montreal, QC and Rochester, NY
  • Horizon Data Inc. – Champlain, NY
  • Info US411 – Middletown, DE
  • Infotel Publications – Montreal, QC
  • National Business Information Exchange (NBIE) Inc. – Montreal, QC and Chesapeake Beach, MD
  • Reed Publishing aka Reed Directories
  • Target Publications – Ansonia, CT and Champlain, NY
  • Tradeshow Data Center – Plattsburg, NJ
  • (a spin off of NBIE Inc.) – Montreal, QC and Chesapeake Beach, MD
  • YourYellowURL – Ottawa, ON and Watertown, MA

The list will go on and on… so please share with us if you know any of similiar companies.

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381 responses to “Business Directory Scam

  1. Toni

    Does anyone have information on a Dex Communications? They have started to harass me about a $1,700.00 invoice. Finally hung up on the rep.

  2. DirectServices411 Inc . Is yet an other scam. Sent me a bill of $ 847.49… I researched them all over the net, and NOTHING… Billing address a P.O Box…. NON Existing… they called me in the past stating that they have a verbal consent…. NOT. No paperwork. i told them that ANYBODY who has half a brain can trump up some invoice. They still send me a bill…

    I read over all current comments and noticed several times of a BOGUS company with a SIMILAR name DirectPages411 (Quebec address)


  3. Got an invoice for $847.49 from DirectServices411 Inc.
    It is fraudulent. Did not order this. Apparently it is not It is a copycat scam. Beware. If one has a listing with you might send the frauds the money rather than the proper recipient.

  4. Pat

    DirectServices411 Inc.

  5. Annoyed

    Globex harassed the office I work for for 2 years. The phone calls finally stopped a year or so ago. At this time a company who says they’re affiliated with Globex started harassing us and has been doing so for a year. They go by the name Datanet Biz Solutions. The phone numbers given are 877-327-9919 and 888-960-5514.
    Last week another company started harassing us… It never ends. This one refers to themselves as IMI. We have never heard of this company that claims we owe them money for our yearly business directory renewal. The phone number that appears on our display is 647-479-8624 and the call back number they provided was 888-984-4464.
    So tired of these scammers calling…

  6. sammy

    Just got one from “Direct Services 411 inc” from Montreal for $749.99+taxes Beware!

  7. John

    Just got a call from 411YP,
    we’ve been scammed once before, so now I’m very clear about finding out who the person is on the other side of the line. I asked him if he was calling about our listing with AT&T YP. He said yes, he represented them. I clarified again “You work for AT&T Yellow pages.” He lied and said yes.

    That’s when I asked him “And your company name is 411YP?”

    He hung up. So they are willing to lie about who they represent, just to get you saying “yes” in a recording.

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