Business Directory Scam

Have you ever received an invoice for a business directory listing that you never ordered? Perhaps you had experienced the following scenario.

You received a phone call from a telemarketing company claiming that someone (could be your ex-employee) from your office had previously authorized the purchase of business listing in a business directory, and they would like to verify your business information, such as company name, address, telephone and fax number. This so called verification would lead you to believe that your business has already been listed in their business directory.

Shortly, you received an invoice, typically between $399 and $798, in the mail or fax for your “order”. A few days or one week later, someone from the Account Receivables department called to collect the payment for your company listing. If you refused to pay the invoice, the caller would harrass you and even threatened to initiate a legal action against you, and also forwarded your invoice to a debt-collection agency that could damage your credit rating.

Well, if this scenario happened to you, please be on your guard. You could be a victim of a business directory scam.

Here are what you should do if you received a phone call from a collector:
1. Do NOT under any circumstances send these scammers money.
2. Tell him/her that you are not going to pay for the invoice, and let this scammer know that you are going to take the actions outlined in the step 3 and 4.
3. File a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission by visiting the the FTC website ( or call 1-877-FTC-HELP (1-877-382-4357).
4. Report the scam to your local Better Business Bureau and your state Attorney General.

Remember folks, you are NOT obliged to pay for services that you never requested or ordered. Last, your credit rating will NEVER be damaged/ruined just because of not paying this business directory scam.

To help you recognize this scam, here is a list of companies known to scam small businesses:

  • ABI Publications
  • B2B IPages – Chicago, IL
  • Business Data Center – Plattsburgh, NY
  • Canadian BizOnline
  • Canadian Media Pages
  • ClearView Corporate Communication, Inc. – Chicago, IL
  • Canora Pages – Montreal, QC
  • Commutel Marketing – Montreal, QC and Victoria, BC
  • Empire Direct Group – Plattsburgh, NY
  • DataSource411 – Montreal, QC and Rochester, NY
  • Horizon Data Inc. – Champlain, NY
  • Info US411 – Middletown, DE
  • Infotel Publications – Montreal, QC
  • National Business Information Exchange (NBIE) Inc. – Montreal, QC and Chesapeake Beach, MD
  • Reed Publishing aka Reed Directories
  • Target Publications – Ansonia, CT and Champlain, NY
  • Tradeshow Data Center – Plattsburg, NJ
  • (a spin off of NBIE Inc.) – Montreal, QC and Chesapeake Beach, MD
  • YourYellowURL – Ottawa, ON and Watertown, MA

The list will go on and on… so please share with us if you know any of similiar companies.

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371 responses to “Business Directory Scam

  1. Nick

    Just got a invoice from DirectPages411 Likely my dad is a cop he found out where there company is and where they change there stuff now we are just waiting for the okay from the Montreal police

  2. Eric

    Here is a new one.
    411YP. I told them that I did not order anything. They argued that I did.
    I have been scammed in the past and told them this. They argued that They are not that company.
    I appreciate the clear direction given here. I will be sure to follow steps 3 and 4 and let them know how clear I am about this.

  3. Kathy S

    Have received a couple of calls from Brian Anderson at American BusinessLink Online. He faxed me a bill for $599. Our accountant told us this was a scam. When he called again I told him that we would not be paying this bill as it was a scam and he told me that that was ridiculous but would make a note on our account and someone would call. That was today so we will see if anyone else calls.

  4. Beware of “Brian Anderson” who will call your place of employment claiming he has a recording of you agreeing to pay for a bogus fee and invoice that is owed on that isnt even real. This is a scam and the people that call are there to put you in fear of obligating your company to pay don’t do it!!!!!!

  5. Richard Benchimol

    Richard Benchimol = John Anderson = Richard Beatty

    Address on invoice is Home address

    411 Webconnect = 411 business media = Data Source= Benchmark Industries

    He tells you that he will deal with your invoice so that you pay him, when in fact he does nothing except makes you pay time and time again, for the same listing

    I recognized his voice from all these companies

  6. Annoyed

    Brian Anderson from American Business Link Online called stating we signed up for their service over 14 months ago and when we would be paying the invoice. I asked for a copy of the contract, he wasn’t able to provide one. SCAM SCAM SCAM

  7. Jen Lewis

    DirectPages411 (Quebec address) just invoiced our company for a “Premium Web Listing”. Really funny – their website has been “suspended” and they spelled our company name wrong on the invoice! Even the HST/QST numbers on the invoice are bogus. $699.99 plus 13% tax for this Premium Listing if you are taken in!

    • Dee

      DirectPages411(Quebec address) just did the same thing to us. Thank goodness for this site. I Typed in on the internet “Directpages411″ and it bought me right to this site. Same thing, $699.99 plus taxes for a premium listing. Funny thing was, there is not even a phone number to contact a Cynthia Perry at the company on the invoice and spelling errors on our invoice also.

    • natalie

      I just received the same invoice for my business! there isn’t even a phone number to call them and complain. what did you do?

    • joanne

      our company just got the same invoice from DirectPages411. We are well aware of these scams. We use to get them from, this is also a scam.

    • Johanna

      Our company received the exact same invoice today, DirectPages411…. ‘our account will be closed upon reception of payment $699.99 plus tax’ Another scam, getting tired of it after being harassed for a whole year by Globex na

    • Deborah

      Just received a bill from them and sent them a letter saying I would not pay and never asked for this listing

    • John

      we got the same and it’s not the first time…We got charged on our credit card from another company claiming we listed with them for $584. now I got that bullshit to deal with!!!

  8. Carol

    American Business Link Online called us – just sent them a letter informing them if they did not leave us alone I would contact FTC, Attorney General offices, as well as civil action. Then contacted the BBB filed a complaint and they agreed to take us off their call list.

    • Valentina

      How did you get rid of them? They kept on calling my office and now they send faxes and letters. I never had any business with American Business Link Online and my webside provider said they have nothing to do with them.

    • Brenda

      We have had them faxing and calling us as well. I threatened to contact an atty and that I was calling the Federal Trade Commission, Atty General and the BBB and that they were a scam. She didn’t seem to be concerned and told me to go ahead so I told her that was the plan. So I did and we’ll see what happens.

  9. Great web site you have got here.. It’s difficult to find high-quality writing like yours nowadays. I seriously appreciate people like you! Take care!!

  10. Scott

    We have been harassed by the Canadian Business Directory as well. They claim a verbal approval in 2011! We have nothing signed, no copies of anything legitimate, but continual harassment.

  11. Just got a Call from a Jim Nelson tel# 877-855-5720 Claiming I ordered a two year Service Advertising with .Said He was going to send a Bill for the Past year Service , I Never Heard of you or your Company

  12. Alex, S is another one.

  13. Becky Winslow

    American Business Listing called and harassed me about a listing they said my husband okayed verbally a year ago and that we owed $599.00. I told they he did not and I would not pay the invoice. They gave me an 800 number to call and when I tried it is no longer in service.

  14. American busines listing, just called. Their scam is that they signed you up last year and after the free trial period of one month they sent a letter, probably designed to get thrown away. Then you continued their service for a year. They are calling now to renew and send an invoice or close out the account from last year and send an invoice for 500.

  15. We just received a called telling us that we had listed with American Business Listing and I said no we do not want a listing and they said fine we will send you an invoice for the $899.00 that you owe us for the last 14 months. They told me the owner agreed and he does not even have a computer and we are a small business so we do not have a web site. They told me that they will turn it over to their legal department and someone will be in contact with us.

  16. John May

    American Business Link Online, 4000 West 106th Street, Suite 125-331, Carmel, IN 46032. There is such an address, but it’s not listed on their website. Very fishy.

    • Scott

      Our company also received an ‘invoice’ of $599 for ‘web optimization services’ from American Business Link Online, 4000 West 106th Street, Suite 125-331, Carmel, IN 46032. When we asked who authorized the charge, they used my name. I had never heard of the company before in my life. Scam, no question.

    • I have been on the phone a couple of times with American Business Link Online, 4000 106th St. Suite 125-331 Carmel, IN 46032. They told me we owe $599 for an SEO service that we signed up for last year but no one in our building signed up.

  17. mary

    Received invoice and letter stating after payment our account will be closed with a company out of Montreal Quebec called Canbic Inc. I have filed a complaint with (from the FTC website). I have called the company and told them that we will not be paying the invoice. Have also asked that all calls be routed to the Accounting dept to handle.

  18. Just got a call from a Linda Johnson, from American Business Listing. Claiming our owner had agreed to this in Feb of last year. I knew that was a lie because I am the office manager and we never give calls directly to the owner. I asked him anyway and he did not. She said she would give to her legal department. My response, go ahead. We did not agree to do any kind of business with you.

    • Chelsea

      Same company just tried to scam my company as well. I am too the office manager and she said that I verbally signed up.. LOL. UMM, ya right! I asked her to fax me a copy of the contract I signed and she was very rude, only received a fake statement; no contract. What a joke!

  19. Vicki (your website services), yellowbiz, yellowblue,

  20. Semra

    Globex…major scammers. DO NOT PAY THEIR “BILLS”

    • frank

      American Business Link Online is also a scammer
      address is:

      4000 West 106 Street Suite 125-331
      Carmel, IN 46032

    • Lora

      Just letting everyone know, same thing happened here at my company, went to address on invoice, it’s a PO Box at. UPS Store, no physical address and they can’t give out information.

    • Laine

      Globex has been harassing me with phone calls and invoices for months. I said I wasn’t paying them and there a scam. She said if you pay your bill today you will get a 10% discount, I said no, she said it will go to collections

  21. kristy

    All Purpose Bisiness Communications. Claims we booked a listing with them 2010. first year was free (2011) but we have to pay for 2012. As all ads are contracted by me since 2008 and I create each ad personally rather than just send out information so I told him that I knew for a fact that we had not listed with them. He mumbled something about sending us something and hungup

  22. bob golosky

    Have got numerous calls from Globex stating I signed up for a so called Excelarated Index Package, they want 536.48 for a 4 month term. I Never agreed to any such thing, said have voice recording, told Eddie
    the guy who called, will not pay, he offered 50% discount if paid right away, told him will not, still getting invoices and phone calls.
    This is a scam, would not pay.

  23. Two more to watch out for:

    Town Hall Media Inc./ Senior Life Times
    7-9912 109St
    Edmonton AB. T5K 1H5

    Canadian Business Pages Online

    They claim to signed up for their listing even though you didn’t agree to it. Then they send harassing ‘collections’ calls that tries to belittle you over voicemail and tell you that they have contacted your family and how embarassing they must be. Sounded like pro cold callers/sales slime bags, they even send out proof of print for the phony newspaper/

    On hold with the CAFC right now.

  24. daniel

    yes Globex North America has been calling us for the last year trying to get monmeyu from us, totally fradulant company and invoicing.

  25. Lindy

    American Media Solution with a Brunswick, Maine address is one. I reported them to the BBB, but somehow it did not affect their rating. We are a small library, so almost $600 for a book was a red flag. If it had been $60, it might have eeked by us. Greedy, aren’t they!

  26. David Timme

    Globex na called me asking if I was satisfied with their service for keyword optimization. I told them I did not have an account with them and had never ordered their service for $979 for two years. They called back later and played a recording purporting to be me ordering their service. I did not order their service and they do not have my signature ordering their service. They have called me five times now asking for money and offering to settle for $500. I rejected their claim again and eventually told them to send it to their collection department.

  27. “Globex” won’t leave us alone. Someone named Natalie called me today and she was so obnoxious. Funny, it used to be “411BusinessLink” and now it’s something else. She played a recording of me “authorizing the listing” but I remember that call and what I was doing was confirming my details so they could send me an invoice — because that was the first communication and I was truly confused. We got into it for a while with me saying over and over again, “I am not paying this invoice”, and she finally offered to accept $250 half of what we supposedly owe to close out the account. The invoice we received has a NYC address. This sort of calculated scamming makes me furious.

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