Vishing: Phone Based Phishing Scam

Most of us have already known about phishing, a technique attemped by scammers to fraudulently obtain your sensitive information, such as your account passwords, bank and credit card information, by masquerading as a business website. These scammers send you an email or e message via intant messenger that contains a link that will direct you to a website where you will enter your personal/account information.

Well, there is a new type of phishing scam that uses voice over ip (VoIP): vishing. Instead of sending you email containing links to the scammers’ websites, vishers use the telephone via VoIP. These scammers will call you and pretend that they are your bank or financial institution and inform you that there is a problem with your account and you need to call a certain number to straighten it. When you call the given number, you will then be asked to enter your account number and password in order to proceed talking to an operator.

So, how to avoid this vishing? Never call the phone number you were instructed to. Instead, try calling your bank directly or simply go to your bank and ask whether or not there is a problem in your account.


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