Business Directory Scam

Have you ever received an invoice for a business directory listing that you never ordered? Perhaps you had experienced the following scenario.

You received a phone call from a telemarketing company claiming that someone (could be your ex-employee) from your office had previously authorized the purchase of business listing in a business directory, and they would like to verify your business information, such as company name, address, telephone and fax number. This so called verification would lead you to believe that your business has already been listed in their business directory.

Shortly, you received an invoice, typically between $399 and $798, in the mail or fax for your “order”. A few days or one week later, someone from the Account Receivables department called to collect the payment for your company listing. If you refused to pay the invoice, the caller would harrass you and even threatened to initiate a legal action against you, and also forwarded your invoice to a debt-collection agency that could damage your credit rating.

Well, if this scenario happened to you, please be on your guard. You could be a victim of a business directory scam.

Here are what you should do if you received a phone call from a collector:
1. Do NOT under any circumstances send these scammers money.
2. Tell him/her that you are not going to pay for the invoice, and let this scammer know that you are going to take the actions outlined in the step 3 and 4.
3. File a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission by visiting the the FTC website ( or call 1-877-FTC-HELP (1-877-382-4357).
4. Report the scam to your local Better Business Bureau and your state Attorney General.

Remember folks, you are NOT obliged to pay for services that you never requested or ordered. Last, your credit rating will NEVER be damaged/ruined just because of not paying this business directory scam.

To help you recognize this scam, here is a list of companies known to scam small businesses:

  • ABI Publications
  • B2B IPages – Chicago, IL
  • Business Data Center – Plattsburgh, NY
  • Canadian BizOnline
  • Canadian Media Pages
  • ClearView Corporate Communication, Inc. – Chicago, IL
  • Canora Pages – Montreal, QC
  • Commutel Marketing – Montreal, QC and Victoria, BC
  • Empire Direct Group – Plattsburgh, NY
  • DataSource411 – Montreal, QC and Rochester, NY
  • Direct Pages 411 – Montreal, QC
  • Horizon Data Inc. – Champlain, NY
  • Info US411 – Middletown, DE
  • Infotel Publications – Montreal, QC
  • National Business Information Exchange (NBIE) Inc. – Montreal, QC and Chesapeake Beach, MD
  • Reed Publishing aka Reed Directories
  • Target Publications – Ansonia, CT and Champlain, NY
  • Tradeshow Data Center – Plattsburg, NJ
  • (a spin off of NBIE Inc.) – Montreal, QC and Chesapeake Beach, MD
  • YourYellowURL – Ottawa, ON and Watertown, MA

The list will go on and on… so please share with us if you know any of similiar companies.



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501 responses to “Business Directory Scam

  1. I also received a call from 411 Directory Assistance. But they never referred to themselves as that. They interchangeably used the names and, two legitimate directory companies. But they were friendly to me and were willing to cancel our invoice when we explained we were a non-profit organization. Actually the people at were more rude when I explained I had been frauded and wanted to just confirm that it was not them that had originally called me.

    I am keeping this list in my office though. We get a lot of volunteers through here and the mistake could be easily made for us since we do have some online advertising subscriptions.

  2. Just SDR

    I received a call from 411 Directory Assitance (yes, they spelled it incorrectly). They said I approved an ad and were very aggressive in getting immediate payment. At this point I did not have an invoice. They sent an invoice and directed me to pay $393.75 to Sterling Business Solutions. This did not seem right to me. They then sent the payment request to GCQ Canada Collection Agency. They provided a tampered voice recording that I was unaware was being taken. Has anyone else had an encounter with either of these two companies? Is this a scam?

    • Zach

      Yes I have encountered a similar issue with 411DirectoryAssistance who told me I was “pasted the cancellation period” (yes, they said “pasted”)

    • Cassandra

      Currently dealing with this as well from 411 Directory Assistance, the calls from GCQ Canada have started. Did you find a solution? Have seen so many posts and forums of people in the same bind, but have never seen any follow up posts to how/if it was resolved. I have filed a complaint with the Gov Canada Competition Bureau online, but have not had any follow up from them.

  3. Bob S.

    Add Your Local 411 to the list!

  4. Maryann

    They are still at it – Just received an invoice from them. Same location as another one that used to fax their invoices over SEO – Have not yet received the phone calls but I am waiting for them.

  5. Ed


    “Canada Business Pages Online” have been trying to scam me since mid January. They are trying to bill me for “website listing services” that they said I signed up for 2 years earlier on a 2 year contract and was now time to renew my contract. Due to “recent changes” I could be signed up for yearly contracts … funny how I was only in business for 14 months at that point lol

    I told them I had no idea who they were and that I definitely did not sign up for their “services” and to never call me again. She got really stern and said she would retrieve the audio conversation of me agreeing to their services and play it over the phone for me. I told her until she presents me with the signed contract by me agreeing to their “online web services”, I would not be entertaining this crap any further. She became agitated and said that the verbal recording was more legally binding than a signed contract and that she would send me an invoice immediately.

    I blocked the number from my phone. Today, I opened a piece of mail from Canada Business Pages Online and in it is an invoice for $773.20.

    I will be dropping this “invoice off at my RCMP detachment shortly 😉

  6. CR

    The office I work for received an “invoice” from a company called American Selections Inc indicating they were in charge of our google listing. They wanted a payment in the amount of $789.95. I simply emailed them and told them to get a job like the rest of us.

  7. Mi Park

    Please include Just had a rude couple of phone calls from them today for an on-line listing not authorized by anyone at the company, and I know because the company is just me.

  8. Denny

    Just want to notify all to be carefull not DOING BUSINESS with this person. ( IG mrsammydee alias SAMMY DALE ). British, cellphone +447790600600. We delivered his order for total amount of USD 3514.50 but he LIED about the payment, ran away and left the invoice unpaid since JULY 31 – 2013. HE IS UNTRUSTWORTHY MAN. CON MAN.

  9. khaled

    thank you so much for this post, i just revived one .not going
    to pay it

  10. vb

    a HUGEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE SCAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Rose

    Received a letter by mail and reported them to FTC. Thanks for the heads up on this particular scam.

  12. Laurena

    Hilarious! Just got off the phone with someone from Canada Business Pages. Said we were already listed in their B2B directory which is a paper directory and now they were going online with google. Needed to update our information and asked about keywords etc, never any mention of a cost.

    They said that someone else from our company must have authorized it two years ago and maybe we got a bonus (free) subscription then. Now it would be $659 for 2 years for us to be listed on and the paper version. In 4 weeks they would send the paper version and then an invoice two weeks after.

    I told her I had to talk to my partners first – she said she could call back in two weeks. Then I googled Canada Business Pages and found this site – thank goodness!

    We’ll see if they call back OR send a bill – definitely sounded fishy!

  13. Ron

    I just sent them $776.99 in Monopoly Money…. It was so worth the price of a stamp.

  14. Bruce

    DirectPages411 sent me an invoice today, same $739.99 plus tax as a previous poster — the lack of any contact info was a loudly ringing alarm, and I found this site when I googled them. They won’t get a nickel. Meanwhile, I’ve called the Canada Revenue Agency to see whether they’re paying their taxes. Beware everyone in Ottawa, Ontario and Canada!

    • James B

      and in Alberta too (Edmonton)!

    • marty

      Same just happened to me. couple weeks ago. Thank goodness for finding this site on google. Canadian pages online. What a scam. They even threatened me saying they have me on a recorded message. haha. I have even told them that they do not have my permission to advertise or have any affiliation with my company and to remove and destroy any so called advertisments they have done. They just said i had no choice and had to pay anyways. I have never even talked to these people before. Then a nice invoice appears in the mail.They wont stop harassing me. I block their number and every different one they call from after. How do people live with themselves doing this to people.

  15. Yolande Dolman

    Just got scam mail from Direct Pages 411 in Montreal – for bogus listing at $739.99 plus the nerve to charge tax for $37 Have filed a complaint.Cheers to all who resist these degenerates!

  16. joetoronto

    Just received one of these invoices in the regular mail.

    • sue

      I am sending them a (fake) invoice from my company in the same amount of money, and told them I will pay them, when they pay me. I will be sending it in their return envelope, plus a few nasty works, Everyone should invoice them back!!

    • susandawn75

      Apparently this is still alive and well 9 years after this post!!
      We just received an invoice at work today.

  17. G Hildebrand

    We got a call a week or so ago and I really didn’t think much about it until yesterday. When we received not one, but TWO bills for services we did not request or authorize (unless you count the doctored audio of me say yes, yes, yes …). The first invoice was from Canada Business Pages Online for $718.46 and the second one was from a place called InfoSubmit for $511.00. My husband phoned and got the infamous Gloria at CBOP. Long story short, she stuck to her script, gave my husband heck for not “controlling his employees better”, played the audio for us (I don’t remember half those questions, I wonder what program they use to edit their audio). She then “saved” us and offered to cut the bill in half and cancel it after the first year. My husband asked if she knew this other company, InfoSubmit, and (insert trumpet fanfare) Gloria “saved” us again by saying they were a known scammer who steals info from them. The more I thought about the questions I supposedly answered yes to, the more suspicious I got. I find it hilarious that when you google their company name, this site is at the TOP of the list! After reading pages and pages of the same experience, we have decided to ignore them and not pay either bill. I have also sent the letter people mentioned from the old website. Here is the new link to the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre and the sample letter:

    I have not heard back from InfoSubmit (who claimed they couldn’t find our invoice by our company name, could we please give them more identifying information? HA!) but I got a messaged back from dearest Gloria saying the order has been canceled within 5 minutes. After this, I will be reporting them anywhere and everywhere possible.

    • Dee

      Sounds like our story. I have info here somewhere to put these nitwits to rest. I don’t know how they’re still in operation. If I tried this or any of you, we’d be busted in no time. Gloria had the nerve to tell me she wants proof and she will send my signature and audio. No idea how she obtained that. Alan scam artist told me himself it was verbal only. I never agreed to anything. Lying assholes

    • Delaine

      On the phone with anti fraud centre now because Gloria is harassing me too everyday. I told them to send me more information and they sent me an invoice and are calling me to collect saying they are sending it to a collection agency. Her number is 18449403134 and they are going under Canadian business directory. She even played back my recorded call where I said I need to speak with the owner.

      • jonathan

        my small town in alberta is getting the same rude women, i keep telling her i know its a scam, i even called many business on this silly directory asking about what they have to, every single person i have talked to said the same thing , they don’t know who she is and why there business would be on there total scam

  18. Kelly

    Thanks for posting this, I just received in the mail today an invoice from DirectPages411 for 776.99…
    I never ordered this so I’m looking for a phone number to call and of course there is no phone number showing on the invoice which I thought odd.i then googled it and this scam report showed up, so thank you! Saved me some money.

  19. TV

    Thank you to this group for the tips on Canadian Business Pages Online… they did exactly everything you said they would, and I handled it the way I was told to… left them a voicemail, called them dishonorable pieces of crap, and told them I would use the invoice as toilet paper and light it on fire. they called my wife again this morning and said we were being taken to collections to which I called back and told them I knew it was still a scam and to go ahead… she said I was a vulgar man and told me to have my lawyer contact her because she was going to sue me and hung up. My guess is they won’t contact me again but if they do I will mention everything again… funny because they also created a facebook page directly linked to their own facebook page and I guess they think this isn’t a scam now? low lives! hope they do get arrested. only wish I didn’t rip up the invoice and throw it out… will certainly keep the next piece of mail they send me and bring it right to the RCMP fraud division… hopefully it goes somewhere but I doubt the address they put on the invoice is even legit.

    • Tony

      JW Publications Inc. Montreal QC . Another scam artist. Invoiced for $859.95. Will never pay

    • Miriam

      Completely agree. There is a company doing the same thing to me. I told him that I said for 2 years now I don’t want their business, he said “but you have a bill coming, and we want to go over your account”. I said “listen, you call me one more time, I’m going to sue your asses” he started screaming at me, that he is not my husband or friend, and I can’t use such language, and he’ll hit me over the head with a lawsuit, blah, blah, blah” then screamed “Do. You. Understand. Me???” I said “YUUUP!” he hung up. I warned my CFO and Accountant and they are on the watch for a bill. RCMP will get it directly. What a joke. I’ll post when I remember the name of the company, but he calls each fall and he goes by the name Bob Johnson. I am in Ottawa.

  20. Chris jones

    CM Pages – Canadian Media Pages – Eileen and Terresa have called us numerous times. It is indeed a scam and they try to tell you your free year is up and now you will be invoiced. When i asked them to tell me my contact info, they had my ph# wrong, my email was the generic info email for the company, They were both in Montreal.

  21. Kimberley

    Just received an “Overdue” invoice from DirectPages411 in the amount of $739.99 (their price has gone up since the last time we received this scam) so they’re still out there!!! 2016-05-03

  22. Armando giardino

    Armando,April 11/16
    Just received an overdue invoice from DirectPages411 for 739.99+tax =836.19 I never authorized this, and there is no tel.# on the invoice, I looked on Google and found out it was a scam, thank you for all the information,

  23. Elena

    Add DirectPages 411 out of Montreal Quebec to the list.
    Received an overdue invoice payment due for $836.19. I have never spoken to any rep from this company, let alone authorize a business listing. Thanks to the person who created this site as it was very helpful and informative.

    Very grateful,


  24. Sheldon Sturrock

    Notice that they are all almost all from Quebec. Why can’t the police do something about this

  25. Marcia

    We are a church in the Toronto area and just received an invoice for the first time from a company by the name of DirectPages 411, Box 436, Montral, QC H2Y 3H3 for $836.19. Never heard of this company before. Invoice states, “If payment is not received by required payment date, it will be considered a delinquent amount and will be subject to late payment of 2% per month, calculated and compounded monthly.” At the bottom of the invoice, NOTES: Final invoice to complete subscription, payment due in order to close account. Tax numbers are; PST: 1219593224TQ001 and HST: 8360142RT0001. PLEASE DO NOT FALL FOR THIS SCAM.

  26. Just received an invoice from DirectPages411 in the amount of $739.99 plus tax totalling 836.19. Neither myself or my husband recall authorizing this so will not be paying. No phone number on the paperwork to contact for enquiries.. Payments is requested to be sent to Direct Pages 411, p.o. box 463, Montreal Qc H2Y3H3

  27. L Enns

    Canada Business Pages Online, called our office and spoke with someone claiming we had a listing and this was a yearly renewal. Sent us an invoice for 659.99 plus shipping and handling and taxes for 718.46, no date on invoice. Now they are calling and harassing employee, threatening collection agency action if we don’t pay. Misleading and false claims of previous involvement in their online listing and checking for your correct name and address for a renewal. Definitely a SCAM.

    • Bonnie

      I am the office administrator for a small construction business. I too received a call from Canada Business Pages telling me they were updating our business information. I told her that I did not recall ever we using their company; She said it was probably done through the community business bureau. I listened to the sales pitch. She then said someone from our Quality Assurance department will be calling you for the billing information. At that point I new something was ‘off’. This person called back about 5 minutes later for the information. I told her that I required a hard copy contract and billing before I would make any commitments. She hung up on me. Go figure!

  28. Martin

    Had a company called Canadian Business Listing call and state that we need to renew our listing on their site, stated all that our advertising was handled through our head office. They continued to call after we said we wanted to cancel our “listing” and they stated they would cancel us but there was an outstanding amount owing to the tune of $1829.95. I asked for their company name which was different that listed about, Direct Business Listing. I asked for them to send me all the paperwork as it pertains to our account and I would send it to my head office where it would be evaluated by our company lawyers. I asked for their address which the operator stated was quite personal, and then I was passed to a manager who gave me a fake address that doesn’t even exist in Montreal Quebec. Be careful when people call and have them verify who they are and who they work for.

  29. Chantal

    I have Received 2 in the last week… we never ordered any online advertising and are being threatened by both of these companies.

    JW Publications inc
    po box 24516 West Hill
    Montreal Quebec
    h4b 3a5


    SEO Services
    po box 66523 cavendush-Mall
    Cote-Saint Luc OC
    h4w 3j6

  30. Nick

    Watch out new scam goldpages
    And it’s from Montreal and are the same people from 411 canpages
    It looks like
    This time they will not get away I am sending someone at the po box and see and get them fast before anyone else will get scammed

    Do not pay these assholes

  31. GoldPages Inc is another one. Just received a false invoice in the mail yesterday

  32. Gold Pages Inc., Montreal QC

  33. Judy Murphy

    Here is a new one ” Gold Pages Inc ” Montreal, QC

  34. Anne T.

    Got a bill for $749.99 from Direct Pages 411 PO Box 463 Montreal QC.
    SCAM, never heard of them or used this “service”. SCAM.

  35. Jackie

    Just got an overdue bill from GoldPages Inc. – never heard of them nor did we order anything. If ppl spent this much time actually working imagine how rich they would be for real.


    Canada Business Pages Online can be added to the list.

    • My hubby got some bogus bill from them, & he told them basically to stuff it b/c he’d never got anything from them; only Yellow pages! I think he was scammed into thinking it was Yellow Pages. But He’s not paying what they say he owes. Thanks for the heads up.

  37. Add DirectPages411 to this list. Same M.O., still based out of Montreal. Since it’s a paper copy, complete with return envelope, it’s getting forwarded to the RCMP.

    I’m debating sending these people a phony cheque…

  38. Wil I Am

    Oct 1 2015, Invoice from DirectPages411 PO Box 463 Montreal, QC H2Y 3H3 Cathy Davis for the amount of $749.99 Not the first 411 scam I have seen in my 16yrs here. Intimidation tactics, here is what you do. Pretend you will get the CFO or someone with fake name on the line and see how long you can get them to stay on hold. I bet the next time the call, they will be very mad. So make up something else and get them to hold or hang up. Ask them if they are done then next time and move on. Don’t get mad, get even and they will quit, till the next dumb account manager takes over the list.

  39. Tyler Warren

    Just had an invoice for $769 from Canada business pages online. As if that wasn’t bad enough I had a call today from image online to try and collect a years worth of overdue payments. I’ve only been in business since April and have never heard of this “company”. I had a nearly identical call last week from some other fake outfit whose name I can’t even recall now. This is really getting out of hand.

  40. Martin

    Just got an invoice from ONLINEBUSINESSPUBLICATION for $850.78 with similar scenario but they don’t even leave a phone number just a notation that “if you have any questions in regards to this invoice contact us by email No phone number on invoice. Adress CP57544 Montreal Quebec Canada HBN 3A4
    I am going to ignore this of course.

  41. Same scenario here from ONLINE BUSINESS PUBLICATION in Montreal, QC. False invoice for $850.78. According to the HST# used on the invoice the registered company is SERVICES DIRECT 411 INC.

  42. Anthony Braithwaite

    ONLINEBUSINESSPUBLICATION … I just received an $ 850.00 invoice from this company, I’d never heard of before… For “Featured Listing Publication” $454,89 + “Keyword Research, Analysis & Selection Publication” $ 289.01 + 13% HST $ 97.88… No Phone number, address: Online Business Publication Inc., CP 57544, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, H8N 3A4…HST# 1221108660TQ001… contact given:… I’m sure that this is a scam… Anyone else heard of them?

  43. Kim

    Local Keyword Directory is another one, they try to say they are associated with Google. I was told by our CC company to tell them when they phone for payment, etc to “CEASE AND ASSIST”, you know they record everything to try to snag you……… saying this they cannot come after you for payment

  44. All Purpse Business Communications. Web site number is invalid. Will not send any paper work that shows validation.

  45. jean

    We just received one from ONLINE BUSINESS PUBLICATION, CP 57544
    Montreal, QC H8N 3A4
    They are also supplying an HST# & PST#
    Please beware

  46. Agi Conn

    Add: Business Pages Online Inc. They billed us for $779.95, located in Ste.Dorothy Laval, P.Q. I have never talked to that company before or ordered any of their services.

  47. Sheila

    Please also add 411Directory Assistance ( payments being taken by Sterling Business Solutions. These guys have very shady business practices even though they do have a phone number to contact them at and there are people you can speak to. They use tricky questions in a recording that they say proves you ordered the service. In my case, I told them that they had to send me paperwork before I/we would approve the use of the service. On the second phone call I told them that we did not approve the service and would not be advertising with them. When they tried to collect on the third phone call, I reminded them that I had not approved the use of their service. They played the recording of my first call and said that confirming my contact information was all they needed to prove that we owed them the money. Conveniently the part where I said that I needed paperwork to approve it and the recording of my second phone call were not available therefore they did not exist.

    DirectServices411 Inc, 411 Assistance Services and Canadian Online Business pages Inc. I have received invoices from all of these companies trying to collect for a service that was never ordered for a business that no longer exists.

  48. Larry

    Good advice on how to deal with them, but I enjoy going “tourettes syndrome” on them with a string of profanity.

  49. Jasmine

    Also got one from Direct online services 411 inc. for $827.49 It also says “Final Invoice. Account closed upon reception of payment”. They’re based in Montreal. Only have a PO Box and no phone number. Is this a scam? They have a QST and HST Number.

  50. Susan Bentley

    Received an invoice from 411CanPages
    for $847.49 this am for
    ‘411 CanPages Business Listing – 12 month package’, which I never ordered.
    The return envelope was addressed to
    411 CanPages Inc
    pO Box 47065
    Montreal QC

    This is a fraud…hopefully justice will prevail

  51. Buffy

    I just received an invoice from a company called Direct Services 411 based in Montreal. An invoice for $847.49 for a service I never used. Not only that, but there is no phone number on the bill for me to contact them and tell them to sit on it and rotate. What a bunch of jack asses.

  52. Bob

    I’ve been getting calls with odd phone numbers which I always let go to my answering machine. The message goes along the lines of “press 7 to confirm your listing…”. Today I received two copies of the same “invoice” from Canadian Online Business Directory Inc. (which a google search ties to the annoying phone calls). It almost looks real but of course, I did not contract their services. I highly doubt I could have as the invoice is not credible. While it has an invoice number, date and sales rep name, it only asks that I give them money (by cheque) and send it to their P.O. Box in Montreal. They even go so far as to list their QST and HST registration numbers. How convenient that they list what I “owe” them, ($960,49) but there is no business address or phone number on it whatsoever. I will definitely NOT be sending Jessica Elliot (the sales rep listed) my money. If this company follows up with harassing calls and/or correspondence, I’ll be referring this to the RCMP.

    • Bob

      I left off something that may be important. The “invoice” has the name “Canadian Online Business Pages Inc.”, while the included addressed return envelopes have the name “Canadian Online Business Directory Inc.”. Almost seems as though they can’t get their scam straight and settle on one name.

  53. Phyllis

    Just received an invoice from 411 CanPages of Montreal for $847.49. It is fraudulent since we did not order this and do not intend to pay.

  54. Gary

    Just got a bill from Canadian Online Business Pages Inc. They want us to send them a cheque for $960.49. I have reported them to the FTC 1 877 382 4357. I mailed the scam invoice back to them with a message that I had reported them to the FTC.

  55. Jimmy

    Direct services 411- scam
    Trust bloom- scam
    Canadian media pages-scam

    Those are some of the ones that I know of. Normally, if the company doesn’t meet you in person, it’s a scam, and even there.

  56. e

    Our organization received an invoIce also for $847.49 FROM “411 – Web Listing” (PO BOX 28513 MTL, QC H4G 3L7). No phone number either. Not paying it.

  57. Langley, BC

    The Office I work at received an invoice for $847.49 from Direct Services 411 Inc a week before the payment due date. Good thing it has to be approved before sent to accounting or we would have paid it.

    We found it super fishy that there is no contact info and that it came with a return envelope.

    -Langley, BC

  58. Dawson

    Alberta! I got this scam aswell! I didn’t send them anything!

  59. I also just received an Invoice from Direct Services 411 Inc., from Montreal, Quebec, for $847.49. I’ve never heard of this company, nor did I agree to put a “Web Listing”, “Banner Rotation” and/or “411 Detailed Web Profile” through them.

    I will NOT be paying this Invoice! It is a total SCAM!


  60. Lucy

    I would like to know if canadian online buseness pages inc. is a real company or if the invoice I received is a scam? Please help

  61. Kim

    Hello can you tell me if
    Canada online business pages is a scam?

    • Gary

      Yes its a scam Report them to the FTC @ 1 877 382 4357.

    • Sylvia

      Im in the same boat as Darcee and Dale Dean.
      I also noticed no phone number and when I sent an email to CanPages, I got no reply back.
      I’m not paying them…. it’s a scam

    • Sue

      Hi, yes it is! I just reported them as well. Who sends invoices out when they have incorrect spelling, and incorrect information about a company, and a map attached to the company (for a country 1/2 way across the world). What a joke!

    • Jessie

      Yes, I got a called from one of the sale person. First, she stated that she have sent the invoice wiith amount so and so to this address. I told them that we change the location. They she transfer me to other representative to verify the address. In that way, it leads to you agreeing with the payment. DO not fall for this.


      Yes it is

    • Fail Safe

      Yes it is, I just laughed at the guy who continually called and insulted me from Canada Business pages online. If you stick to your guns eventually he’ll leave you alone. do not send him money.

    • Jody

      Canadian Business Pages Online is an actual business. My company has been advertising with them for several years… They also go by CBPO. I sure hope they are legit. LOL

  62. Darcee

    As commented above, we just received an invoice from 411 CanPages for $847.49 as a scam for some account that does not exist with them. Same information as commented below with the Direct Services411.

  63. Dale Dean

    Just got a bill from Direct Services 411 for 847.49. Did not use this company nor ever heard of them. NO phone number on invoice to call them. NOT paying this bill.
    It is a scam.

  64. Dave

    Got a call from Datanet Biz Solutions. There saying we agreed sometime back to put our company on the net. Now sent an invoice and expect us to pay it. My research showed its a scam. Blocked call. The phone number on the invoice; 877-327-9919 is bogus.

  65. Joan

    got an invoice from Canadian Online Business Pages Inc. from Montreal.
    Only a box number- no phone number or fax number for $ 960.49!
    Anyone here of this company?

    • Jared

      We just received the same invoice. 100% a scam. We got these a few years ago but then they dropped off. I guess they are starting back up again. Its even a sloppy invoice! Their HST and QST numbers are backwards and fake. Its not even a good scam!

    • Gary

      Yes its a scam outfit. Report them to the FTC 1 877 382 4357.

    • Lorraine

      I received a bill for the exact same amount from the company last week, no phone number only the address and the name Jennifer Elliott on the bill. For sure this is a scam.

    • Smith

      I just received the same invoice as well. $960.49 from Canadian Online Business Pages Inc. Total scam!

    • Debbie

      we just received one from this company as well

    • Linda

      Received an invoice from Canadian Online Business Pages Inc. also.
      PO Box only in Montreal, no phone # either. Bill for $960.49.
      NOT PAYING!!!

    • Pete

      Good day Joan
      We just received the very same letter from the same company. This one also has no phone number. Invoice is for $849.99
      What happened with your invoice and tell me you did not have to pay it. Looking for some feedback and advice

    • Jessie

      Canadian Business Pages is a SCAM.

  66. Adriana – we’ve also received an Invoice from 411 at our Head office EO and somehow had never seen nor approved this invoice before. Funny how no phone number listed on the “final invoice” – DEFINITELY A SCAM!!!

  67. Minh8888

    411 it’s a scam business too! I got a called to try for a month but when they bill stated: “Monthly” I called to cancel my Visa and now I got the demand cancellation fee and threaten my credit, wtf! I wish the “Stone to death” is allow so we can clean up the crooks in Canada!

  68. We just received one from Direct Services 411 Inc for $847.49 We did not commit to these services, did not sign anything. There is no phone number where you can reach them on the invoice. This was for a web listing; clearly a fraud and scam. We will just ignore this and move on. Just annoying. Not sure how one can stop this kind of illegal activity.

  69. Frustrating

    Just received a bill from 411 Can Pages Inc. as we just closed all marketing down in June due to repetitive scams I am confident that this is a scam as it is dated for August. We have also dealt with the Premier Alert PC Inc scam, which is tagging yellow pages clients. They are taking them to court, but we just got into another round with them. The other one to avoid is IMI, as far as I am concerned IMI and Premiere are connected as the day one stops the other one takes up the harassment. Tell them to send it to collections and stop calling, it isn’t perfect but it stops some, and gives a bit of a break from others.

  70. Received an invoice today from DirectSrevices Inc. for a business web listing for $ 847.49 which I never ordered.
    Actually the business was closed about 20 years ago (that’s before Web sites were very popular).
    Don’t understand that if we know that this is a scam – that these people are not shut down, fined, and locked up for a little while anyway !

  71. Carrie

    Add J White Publications Inc
    CP 44571 Barclay PO
    Montreal QC
    514 482 9364

    • Marie Soprovich

      We’ve been scammed by J. White Publications Inc of the same address – they have some how found our Credit Card and put a billing through for 725.95 Will be investigating this with credit card company as well.

  72. Toni

    Does anyone have information on a Dex Communications? They have started to harass me about a $1,700.00 invoice. Finally hung up on the rep.

    • I am also getting harassing phone calls from this Dex Communications! His name is Malcolm Johnson and apparently they have a verbal agreement with me. Only I have never heard of them and have no contact info or any proof of this supposed contract. OMG Calgon take me away!

      • Dex was a real company when they had phone books in Oregon, and now they have gone online mostly. But there are many companies (real and fake) using the logo and part of the name.
        When we bought Barbo Machinery from the previous owner along with the phone number and had to pay off the rest of the phone listing because it is in the advertising contract; that the contract is with the number. We had to give them so much warning that we wanted to cancel and then they have an automatic renewal. Be careful what you sign even with a real company. Almost any advertising is purchasing air from your profits with no guarantee that you will make any profit to pay for the advertising. Like any of us can afford to give a cut of our profit away.

  73. DirectServices411 Inc . Is yet an other scam. Sent me a bill of $ 847.49… I researched them all over the net, and NOTHING… Billing address a P.O Box…. NON Existing… they called me in the past stating that they have a verbal consent…. NOT. No paperwork. i told them that ANYBODY who has half a brain can trump up some invoice. They still send me a bill…

    I read over all current comments and noticed several times of a BOGUS company with a SIMILAR name DirectPages411 (Quebec address)


  74. Got an invoice for $847.49 from DirectServices411 Inc.
    It is fraudulent. Did not order this. Apparently it is not It is a copycat scam. Beware. If one has a listing with you might send the frauds the money rather than the proper recipient.

  75. Pat

    DirectServices411 Inc.

  76. Annoyed

    Globex harassed the office I work for for 2 years. The phone calls finally stopped a year or so ago. At this time a company who says they’re affiliated with Globex started harassing us and has been doing so for a year. They go by the name Datanet Biz Solutions. The phone numbers given are 877-327-9919 and 888-960-5514.
    Last week another company started harassing us… It never ends. This one refers to themselves as IMI. We have never heard of this company that claims we owe them money for our yearly business directory renewal. The phone number that appears on our display is 647-479-8624 and the call back number they provided was 888-984-4464.
    So tired of these scammers calling…

    • Nexis Media

      Careful, Globex located in downtown montreal is also operating as Nexis Media Group… they call random businesses claiming they have reached the end of their 2 year agreement and now are sending an invoice.
      Tired of these scammers? Get a purchase order system if you can, or say that you do. Ask for the original contract. Ask for the site where your listing is… you will see chances are your business isn’t even on there so how can they ask you to pay for having used their listing service? Train your Office Manager and Reception to never talk to these people, and educate your staff how your organization’s advertising is done.

    • Jim

      Same here ,
      IMI was calling me 3-4 times a day , I change my tel # could not take it any more , now they started e mail me all theirs bs ….

  77. sammy

    Just got one from “Direct Services 411 inc” from Montreal for $749.99+taxes Beware!

  78. John

    Just got a call from 411YP,
    we’ve been scammed once before, so now I’m very clear about finding out who the person is on the other side of the line. I asked him if he was calling about our listing with AT&T YP. He said yes, he represented them. I clarified again “You work for AT&T Yellow pages.” He lied and said yes.

    That’s when I asked him “And your company name is 411YP?”

    He hung up. So they are willing to lie about who they represent, just to get you saying “yes” in a recording.

  79. I just received a phone call from American Business Index saying I owe $669.00. Is this one a scam also?

  80. Kari A

    I recalled them calling me last year, trying to tell me that I had signed up a year before and now they were going to bill me for a continuing year. I was suspicious immediately, as I was only in business 2 months tops, and did not sign up to their website. I told them to remove me from the “free listing” and I was not paying $500 + for any website directory listing. I received no invoice, and no other phone calls.

    Fast forward to this year, I just received a phone call from the same lady asking if my information was up to date, and if I wanted to add more information to the listing. I remembered the conversation last year and was immediately suspicious. Again I asked how much it will cost me to be updated in their system. She again told me $500 dollars, and that I signed up for the free listing. I know for a fact I didn’t sign up to this website, free or otherwise. I have kept track of each and every free web directory I signed into. The directories send you an email to the address that you sign up with to confirm the email address. I have NOTHING from this company because I didn’t sign up.

    They are trying to trick you with their words. They hook you when you agree to update your information and then bill you to be on their website directory. They are soliciting your business, like every other supposed SEO company out their, but they bill you for saying yes.

    I told the lady to remove my “free” listing from their website. I don’t need their crooked business.

  81. Nick

    Just got a invoice from DirectPages411 Likely my dad is a cop he found out where there company is and where they change there stuff now we are just waiting for the okay from the Montreal police

  82. Eric

    Here is a new one.
    411YP. I told them that I did not order anything. They argued that I did.
    I have been scammed in the past and told them this. They argued that They are not that company.
    I appreciate the clear direction given here. I will be sure to follow steps 3 and 4 and let them know how clear I am about this.

  83. Kathy S

    Have received a couple of calls from Brian Anderson at American BusinessLink Online. He faxed me a bill for $599. Our accountant told us this was a scam. When he called again I told him that we would not be paying this bill as it was a scam and he told me that that was ridiculous but would make a note on our account and someone would call. That was today so we will see if anyone else calls.

  84. Beware of “Brian Anderson” who will call your place of employment claiming he has a recording of you agreeing to pay for a bogus fee and invoice that is owed on that isnt even real. This is a scam and the people that call are there to put you in fear of obligating your company to pay don’t do it!!!!!!

  85. Richard Benchimol

    Richard Benchimol = John Anderson = Richard Beatty

    Address on invoice is Home address

    411 Webconnect = 411 business media = Data Source= Benchmark Industries

    He tells you that he will deal with your invoice so that you pay him, when in fact he does nothing except makes you pay time and time again, for the same listing

    I recognized his voice from all these companies

  86. Annoyed

    Brian Anderson from American Business Link Online called stating we signed up for their service over 14 months ago and when we would be paying the invoice. I asked for a copy of the contract, he wasn’t able to provide one. SCAM SCAM SCAM

  87. Jen Lewis

    DirectPages411 (Quebec address) just invoiced our company for a “Premium Web Listing”. Really funny – their website has been “suspended” and they spelled our company name wrong on the invoice! Even the HST/QST numbers on the invoice are bogus. $699.99 plus 13% tax for this Premium Listing if you are taken in!

    • Dee

      DirectPages411(Quebec address) just did the same thing to us. Thank goodness for this site. I Typed in on the internet “Directpages411” and it bought me right to this site. Same thing, $699.99 plus taxes for a premium listing. Funny thing was, there is not even a phone number to contact a Cynthia Perry at the company on the invoice and spelling errors on our invoice also.

    • natalie

      I just received the same invoice for my business! there isn’t even a phone number to call them and complain. what did you do?

    • joanne

      our company just got the same invoice from DirectPages411. We are well aware of these scams. We use to get them from, this is also a scam.

    • Johanna

      Our company received the exact same invoice today, DirectPages411…. ‘our account will be closed upon reception of payment $699.99 plus tax’ Another scam, getting tired of it after being harassed for a whole year by Globex na

    • Deborah

      Just received a bill from them and sent them a letter saying I would not pay and never asked for this listing

    • John

      we got the same and it’s not the first time…We got charged on our credit card from another company claiming we listed with them for $584. now I got that bullshit to deal with!!!

  88. Carol

    American Business Link Online called us – just sent them a letter informing them if they did not leave us alone I would contact FTC, Attorney General offices, as well as civil action. Then contacted the BBB filed a complaint and they agreed to take us off their call list.

    • Valentina

      How did you get rid of them? They kept on calling my office and now they send faxes and letters. I never had any business with American Business Link Online and my webside provider said they have nothing to do with them.

    • Brenda

      We have had them faxing and calling us as well. I threatened to contact an atty and that I was calling the Federal Trade Commission, Atty General and the BBB and that they were a scam. She didn’t seem to be concerned and told me to go ahead so I told her that was the plan. So I did and we’ll see what happens.

  89. Great web site you have got here.. It’s difficult to find high-quality writing like yours nowadays. I seriously appreciate people like you! Take care!!

  90. Scott

    We have been harassed by the Canadian Business Directory as well. They claim a verbal approval in 2011! We have nothing signed, no copies of anything legitimate, but continual harassment.

  91. Just got a Call from a Jim Nelson tel# 877-855-5720 Claiming I ordered a two year Service Advertising with .Said He was going to send a Bill for the Past year Service , I Never Heard of you or your Company

  92. Alex, S is another one.

  93. Becky Winslow

    American Business Listing called and harassed me about a listing they said my husband okayed verbally a year ago and that we owed $599.00. I told they he did not and I would not pay the invoice. They gave me an 800 number to call and when I tried it is no longer in service.

  94. American busines listing, just called. Their scam is that they signed you up last year and after the free trial period of one month they sent a letter, probably designed to get thrown away. Then you continued their service for a year. They are calling now to renew and send an invoice or close out the account from last year and send an invoice for 500.

  95. We just received a called telling us that we had listed with American Business Listing and I said no we do not want a listing and they said fine we will send you an invoice for the $899.00 that you owe us for the last 14 months. They told me the owner agreed and he does not even have a computer and we are a small business so we do not have a web site. They told me that they will turn it over to their legal department and someone will be in contact with us.

  96. John May

    American Business Link Online, 4000 West 106th Street, Suite 125-331, Carmel, IN 46032. There is such an address, but it’s not listed on their website. Very fishy.

    • Scott

      Our company also received an ‘invoice’ of $599 for ‘web optimization services’ from American Business Link Online, 4000 West 106th Street, Suite 125-331, Carmel, IN 46032. When we asked who authorized the charge, they used my name. I had never heard of the company before in my life. Scam, no question.

    • I have been on the phone a couple of times with American Business Link Online, 4000 106th St. Suite 125-331 Carmel, IN 46032. They told me we owe $599 for an SEO service that we signed up for last year but no one in our building signed up.

  97. mary

    Received invoice and letter stating after payment our account will be closed with a company out of Montreal Quebec called Canbic Inc. I have filed a complaint with (from the FTC website). I have called the company and told them that we will not be paying the invoice. Have also asked that all calls be routed to the Accounting dept to handle.

  98. Just got a call from a Linda Johnson, from American Business Listing. Claiming our owner had agreed to this in Feb of last year. I knew that was a lie because I am the office manager and we never give calls directly to the owner. I asked him anyway and he did not. She said she would give to her legal department. My response, go ahead. We did not agree to do any kind of business with you.

    • Chelsea

      Same company just tried to scam my company as well. I am too the office manager and she said that I verbally signed up.. LOL. UMM, ya right! I asked her to fax me a copy of the contract I signed and she was very rude, only received a fake statement; no contract. What a joke!

  99. Vicki (your website services), yellowbiz, yellowblue,

  100. Semra

    Globex…major scammers. DO NOT PAY THEIR “BILLS”

    • frank

      American Business Link Online is also a scammer
      address is:

      4000 West 106 Street Suite 125-331
      Carmel, IN 46032

    • Lora

      Just letting everyone know, same thing happened here at my company, went to address on invoice, it’s a PO Box at. UPS Store, no physical address and they can’t give out information.

    • Laine

      Globex has been harassing me with phone calls and invoices for months. I said I wasn’t paying them and there a scam. She said if you pay your bill today you will get a 10% discount, I said no, she said it will go to collections

  101. kristy

    All Purpose Bisiness Communications. Claims we booked a listing with them 2010. first year was free (2011) but we have to pay for 2012. As all ads are contracted by me since 2008 and I create each ad personally rather than just send out information so I told him that I knew for a fact that we had not listed with them. He mumbled something about sending us something and hungup

  102. bob golosky

    Have got numerous calls from Globex stating I signed up for a so called Excelarated Index Package, they want 536.48 for a 4 month term. I Never agreed to any such thing, said have voice recording, told Eddie
    the guy who called, will not pay, he offered 50% discount if paid right away, told him will not, still getting invoices and phone calls.
    This is a scam, would not pay.

  103. Two more to watch out for:

    Town Hall Media Inc./ Senior Life Times
    7-9912 109St
    Edmonton AB. T5K 1H5

    Canadian Business Pages Online

    They claim to signed up for their listing even though you didn’t agree to it. Then they send harassing ‘collections’ calls that tries to belittle you over voicemail and tell you that they have contacted your family and how embarassing they must be. Sounded like pro cold callers/sales slime bags, they even send out proof of print for the phony newspaper/

    On hold with the CAFC right now.

    • I have had the same problems. For months the Canadian Business Pages Online kept calling. Now its a so called collection agency and the number is 855-555-4744. The women handling the calls is very rude and pretends to work for a credit dispute company in Montreal…

  104. daniel

    yes Globex North America has been calling us for the last year trying to get monmeyu from us, totally fradulant company and invoicing.

  105. Lindy

    American Media Solution with a Brunswick, Maine address is one. I reported them to the BBB, but somehow it did not affect their rating. We are a small library, so almost $600 for a book was a red flag. If it had been $60, it might have eeked by us. Greedy, aren’t they!

  106. David Timme

    Globex na called me asking if I was satisfied with their service for keyword optimization. I told them I did not have an account with them and had never ordered their service for $979 for two years. They called back later and played a recording purporting to be me ordering their service. I did not order their service and they do not have my signature ordering their service. They have called me five times now asking for money and offering to settle for $500. I rejected their claim again and eventually told them to send it to their collection department.

  107. “Globex” won’t leave us alone. Someone named Natalie called me today and she was so obnoxious. Funny, it used to be “411BusinessLink” and now it’s something else. She played a recording of me “authorizing the listing” but I remember that call and what I was doing was confirming my details so they could send me an invoice — because that was the first communication and I was truly confused. We got into it for a while with me saying over and over again, “I am not paying this invoice”, and she finally offered to accept $250 half of what we supposedly owe to close out the account. The invoice we received has a NYC address. This sort of calculated scamming makes me furious.

  108. Susanne Hale

    I too have a complaint against Canadian Media Pages (Montreal). For the past 2 years they have been sending me invoices and threatening me with legal action for a product I never ordered and never received.

    On searching the Net I found out that this appears to be their modus operandi. In my opinion they are engaging in a predatory marketing scam.

    I have written my MP and filed a complaint with the Quebec consummer protection agency.

  109. Fighting Back

    This is great info, and I have had the same experience, but with Sterling Business Solution. No real name of the company, so it’s clear they are hiding it. They charged $595 for 1 year of 411 directory assistance and it was an unwitting employee who agreed, thinking it was the usual 411. Also, they recorded her and sent that as “proof”. Wow, the sophistication in doing evil. Now they have sent the invoice to a collections company called Aro. I am submitting all this info to the competition bureau of Canada. Unfortunately, it seems they are in Quebec for a reason, as it is harder to file complaints there.

    Anyway, the address is 411 Directory Assistance
    400-1400 Metcalfe Street
    Montreal, QC H3A 1X2

    Or Sterling Business Solutions
    1400 Metcalfe Street, 4th Floor
    Montreal, QC
    H3A 1X2

    I also found another listing for them here;
    1184 Ste Catherine
    Montreal, QC
    Phone: 514-482-7474

  110. Andrew

    Just received an invoice (Nov 7 2012) from Globex na for $1027.95. 845 Cure-Labelle, Suite #208 Laval, QC H7V 2V2
    Statement says “product ID – GNA-511” description “Excelerated Index Package Keyword Optimization (Up to 5 Keywords)”
    —- WTF? I have never heard of these clowns until I found this site. I’m going to supply the RCMP and the Industry Canada Competition Bureau as recommended above. + I’m going to return a copy back to Globex na with nice big “Go F your hat – scammers” wrote across it!
    Thanks to all who posted here, your courage to alert others is greatly appreciated.

  111. DOM

    Got one from 411 Business dealing with them right now…

  112. 4rePhil

    I am getting the same runaround from They even had a bogus recording of my old receptionist agreeing to a $500 useless business listing. I know there is no way she would do that! The recording was suspicious in that there were strange pauses in the conversation as though the person who doctored it didn’t do a very good job! Beware!!

  113. Shannon

    Telstar Intl. is now what used to be Canora Pages. The address is 4400 Cote De Liesse Suite 111 Montreal Quebec and the number is 1-866-266-3118. They called and wanted to verify my address I told them it was a scam and I wouldnt do it. They still sent an invoice for 501.34, when I received it I tried calling the number and had to leave a msg to which no one called me back. They then called and stated my invoice was past due and when I asked who ordered it they gave me the name of a former employee whom hasnt worked here in 5 years. Then I told them I would have my lawyer contact them to which they became very beligerent. I will be reporting this.

  114. Doc

    Crawl Guide Online Advertising from Quebec. Same scenario. They threatened us for 3 years. Claimed in one of their letters that they had a recording of the verbal authorization. When I asked to hear it they refused!!
    Called BBB and RCMP!
    Today I got a call from Canadian Biz Online…same call every year!! Feel badly that people pay these scammers!!

  115. exact scenario you spelled out above. “Business” name was Liberty Media Marketing, so called website was which doesn’t exist. $569.99 for “online premium listing” was the charge. She threatened to report us to Dun&Bradstreet. I will be filing a claim with Better Business Bureau because she was rude (I told her I would if she tries further to collect payment).

  116. Jeanie

    I just received a call for Horizon, nice guy, same story line, I told him it was a scam, he just kept talking and trying to tell me we would be invoiced, I kept telling him it is a scam, go ahead and try. We were just having a conversation, no yelling. He said we would be getting an Invoice faxed to us, I said you are a scam. To date no Invoice has ever arrived, never has never will, it is just a scam, do not pay them anything, they can not do anything, they would have to come to your state to process any paperwork. If you never ordered it, it is a scam.

  117. Michelle

    Got one from “American Business Link”. I said we were not going to pay the invoice and they hung up!

    • Catherine

      We have received calls from this company and one just today. I would not verify our company info and the guy on the phone was very insistent. I told him I would not verify any information pertaining to advertising as it had to be approved first by the owner of the company. He went on to say that this was not a sales call, etc., etc. I told him to call me back next week, and if he does, he eill received a big fat NO.

    • I have also recieved a call from “American Business Link” this is a scam do not pay

  118. Another globex scam victim

    Globex pulled this same stunt on my company. In Canada, the place to complain is the Industry Canada Competition Bureau at 1-800-348-5358. They were very interested in looking in to this. So if you have heard from Globex, you should call to complain!

    • k

      Globex na also working in British Columbia saying they are a Provincial Business Listing Online. the address on the bill is 845 Cure-Labelle, suite # 208 Laval, QC H7V 2V2. They called our company saying they were an online business listing. Definitely a scam could not find my listing anywhere, Do not pay this Bill!!!!

    • Phil

      Got a globex scam from Jan/2012. Its still ongoing and really getting on my nerves. He keeps consistently calling because I don’t pick up to yell at him. I have just filed a complaint. Has anyone had any luck in dealing with this scum?

    • Globex did the same thing to me! They even used a partial voice recording of me giving some information – but conveniently NOT authorizing any purchase. thanks so much for the number I am calling the competition bureau now!

  119. Garland

    Hi there, after reading this remarkable article i am also cheerful to share my know-how here with mates.

  120. Jill Newbury

    I just had one claiming to be from the British Columbia Business Directory. His last question when i told him I would be checking for a payment from last year was “what colour panties are you wearing” – very creepy!

  121. Arshad

    Canora Pages, Montreal is a big internet business directory scam. I am going to complain to the goverment authorities against this fraud.

  122. Hooped

    High pressure misleading/lying cold call for online advertising. Globex na claims to be affiliated with Canada Directory Assistance Listings Online. Website appears to be a dummy site. They charged $495 plus tax for one year online listing somewhere I cannot find. I argued with the people and refused to pay their invoice. Their business ethic and lack of professionalism supports that they are scammers (and the fact they cannot support this “commitment” that our company had with them. Address on invoice is BOX/CP #1 Succ. St Jacques Montreal, QC H3C 1C5 1-877-281-3725 E:

  123. Janet Sawatzky

    Just got an Invoice from Canbic Inc.out of Montreal, Quebec.
    The letter accompanying the Invoice states that “upon payment of this invoice, out account with them will be closed.”
    I never ordered or agreed to this service…this only about # 10 or 12 trying to get money out of us for something they claim I ordered.

  124. Ravi Cheema

    Globex business directory assistant, they are doing same, please be carefull

  125. Cheryl

    They call all of the time and are extremely rude when you ask what they are calling for. I have told them several times to stop calling and there answer is always that we owe them money. I kindly remind them that we cannot owe them money for a service we never ordered.
    Have all my staff trained not to give them any info or forward their calls.

  126. hate scammers

    “Globex & U” is definitely a scam! They called a few months ago saying they will be sending an invoice for payments of the 2nd year of services on a 2 year contract authorized by the president of the company. However, we do not have any record of their information in our database. The invoice arrived and I sent it back to them with a letter advising them we will not pay since their services were never authorized and the information they provided was false and misleading. They called again today demanding for payments but hung up when put on hold to speak with the president. I have been filing complaints in as many places as possible to hopefully get the word out and stop these scammers!

    • Clifford

      I’m in exact same position! any luck with the complaints? I am still getting phone calls and its driving me insane.

    • Angry

      At our small business we had the same scenario – some Globex representative calls saying that the manager of our business signed up to have us put on their on line business directory so we can advertise our name on line. The guy on the phone was very hard to understand (not the best English). Says that our manager authorized it. They will go through a list of questions regarding this and record your voice on the telephone (beware – this is what they do and they will use your recorded voice as backup later when they call to try and make you pay for the invoice. They will say that they have evidence that you agreed to have this invoice sent to you for payment by using your recorded voice and will actually play it back for you.) that you had agreed that they were allowed to send the invoice to your company for payment. The invoice will come for around $700 for absolutely no service given to you. They will have a website that you can go to and log in to see your “profile”. The website tells you nothing much about them and kind of talks around in circles. The profile you get – that we got put on their from them – didn’t even spell our company name right – not even close. Our name wasn’t even our company at all. Stupid. Our manager even verified that he had never even heard of these people. Strange… can you sign up for a service from a company that you have never even heard of…….that should put off some red flags!!! Next, they will harass you by phone calls. And I mean harass! They pretend to be a collection agency demanding the money and the evidence of your recorded voice they will try to use legally against you. They will call every day and say that they need to wrap up this invoice now. I told them if they want their money they can go either to collections or go and get a lawyer and take it to court. That didn’t stop their harassing phone calls. Finally we threatened them that we were going to call the police. They never called back.

  127. Andy

    Globex and U is a total scam and just rude!! They call and suggest that someone approved the invoice. Never give into these people don’t supply your name or anything else. They will call back and use your name if you give them your name. They will eventually move on or just find real jobs if you are extremely rude back to them. Other scams that have called us but have gotten the point after letting them know that their invoices have been sent to the RCMP and blogged about. These include and to name a couple.

  128. JH

    Just got a call from ‘Globex’ phone # 514-447-0295 claiming to be connected to Google.
    The caller went on to assure me that the owner of our business had authorized a ‘free’ one year listing with them which has expired.
    I got him to cut to the chase, in short pay them $499 to keep our listing online. He recited our business address and then asked IF we have a website to add to this listing!!!
    I assured him, IF indeed anyone here had agreed to a listing – which no one did, AND IF he was truly connected to Google, he’d know whether or not we have a website. He tried to tell me that we didn’t have a website in 2011 when we ‘agreed’ to the listing….I didn’t tell him, but we’ve had a website online for years!
    He continued to say payment is required and that he needed to speak to someone in Accts Payable.
    I assured him that NO ONE here in any department, no, not even the owner is going to pay him $499 for an online listing we didn’t ask for, nor do we wish to keep, if it even exists.
    The biggest mistake I made was giving him my first name!!! duh…I know he’ll phone back and this time use MY name as the person who authorized the listing rather than my husbands name!

  129. OH REALLY

    add Online America Business Listing to scammers- just got a phone callfrom themtelling me someone from our company called them to unsubscribe and how we would be put on a strict do not call list. He asked if we would be able to pay the statement I asked “When was the last time we were charged?” and he said this would be the first time for a service we were enrolled in for a year supposedly. I knew it was a scam by then and its true how someone stated that they have a lot of call center mumbling in the back ground,. BEWARE

    • We are in the very same situation with this company. Certainly a scam praying on the unsuspecting.

    • Spunky

      I just had the same thing happen to me. She told me that we had signed up for 14 months in March of ’12 and that we now owe them 599.00. I appreciate people leaving feed back on these peeps! She also said that we could renew lol

    • Curt

      I just got a fax from them for the same amount of 599 and told me we had signed up with them over a yr ago and that since we want to cancel the service we are gettign billed for this now, since Im the owner I knew I didnt order such service and who bills after the service and not at the start of or monthly with a service? What a scam!!

  130. Diane, Seattle

    Same as Shauna on April 4, 2012. Received a call May 23, 2012 from John Smith, Manager, at Your Website Services, requesting payment ($899.95) for 2 years of “Basic website and Optimization and Online business listing”. When I told him to send us to collections the price came down to $500 and he didn’t want to send us to collections.He also faxed and e-mailed a bill.

  131. Maggie

    We are getting calls from Exchange Pages and before that it was Yellow Pages. I called the FTC registered a complaint and got a reference number. When they called back I let them know I called the FTC and that I knew this was a scam. I didn’t hear from them for about two months. I am home sick today and my boss just called to tell me Exchange Pages called and said we owed them money. He knew it was a scam so he told them no and hung up. They will call again and I will call the FTC again with my reference number and tell them that we are being harassed again.

  132. RoseMacDonald

    PhonePages, 1410 Stanley, Suite 400, Montreal Quebec H3A 1P8. I believe these people claiming to provide superior service to their clients should be shut down also, They claim to do online advertising for you but it is nothing more than a 411 repeat

  133. Jmp

    Another one is Artemis business locator, in Canada.

    • Karen

      Yes, they are currently trying to scam me out of $350.00 for a listing they say I agreed to but I did not. They have nothing in writing just a recording of a call in which the rep confirms my business information then ends with stating “you’ll be recieving your packet in a few days”. I was perplexed about that but busy with a client. Then I got a bill in 3 weeks, without the package they promised. The invoice stated that I needed to cancel within 2 days of the call or I would be charged. Since the packet had not arrived it was impossible to contact them They are currently calling me weekly for payment of this phoney account. I have already filed a complaint with the FTC. Will do so with my Attorney General as soon as I can figure out how to navigate the rather complicated website!

  134. Shauna

    I had one from 411 info pages. Got the bill and it had nothing on it saying 411 info pages it was from Your website Services. Address is Box/CP SUCC ST.JACQUES Montreal, Quebec, H3C 1C5 Phone# 1-877-859-0128. Called this number it was disconnected.

    • Jessica

      I recently received an invoice from Globex & U, and surprise surprise, same address as yours Shauna. When I called the phone number on the invoice…..out of service.

    • Hooped

      Shauna, I’m so glad you posted this. When I saw the address you listed and that it matched an address on an invoice I received, I knew my gut feeling was right that I was being scammed!

  135. Jeanie

    They call, I can tell it is them because of all of the noise in the background, I act like I cannot hear them, make them say their name over and over again. Never trust anyone anymore. Write down all of the information I can get on them. ” What is the name of your company, what is your name, what does your business do. If they are a ligit company they would give you their phone number. I tell them I think they are a scam.” They are looking for the owner, I will not tell them if I am the owner. Never say yes to anything, say correct if they are asking questions. Do not make it worth their time. I tell them, “do you know you are working for a scam company.” One guy actually said yea before he hung up.

  136. Lee Patterson

    Add Exchage Pages and Public Yellow Pages

    • Stuart Burgess

      Just got my first “invoice” from Exchange Pages’ “mediator” company called Frontland Park Corp. I called and stated that I was disputing all charges but was of course told it was being turned over to their legal dept.

  137. Jo-Anne Bohle

    What about Data Click i keep getting calls from them and globex and for the life of me i cant remember even talking to them yet they playback a conversation i had with them and i never even knew they existed,I would never get an internet listing for 600 dollars.

    • Bookkeepper

      Hi Jo-Anne Bohle, I’ve had the same experience. They insist that I talked with them but I also for the life of me can’t remember talking to them. I have never heard of them until they started calling. It really sounds like a high end scam. We also would never get an internet listing for 600 dollars!
      I am so happy in a way to know that I’m not the only one. Sounds very suspisious.

  138. Diane

    I was advised today that Can Media Pages now working as Data Click, called my client and used my name to renew their subscription. They thought it was me. They got the invoice realized it was not and contacted appropriate authorities.
    When they received the second call that was recorded, they are in a collection stage, noone by the name that had them agree in the first place works there. Of course it is the customer’s fault.
    Secondly the invoice name was different yet again.
    My concern is that I own a legitimate business and my customers are saying whomever these persons are contacting them under my guise.

  139. slwjaw

    Add Universal Business Publishing, Yellow Business Ads, Blue Yellow Book, Yellow Blue Media, USBR Online, Kilobyte, Mega Byte, and On Line Business Solutions to this list. I can give you the phone numbers and addresses of these criminals also

  140. They say that they are calling to confirm a cancellation request and then try to collect 649.95 for the past years services rendered.

  141. A company called Exchange Pages has been harassing me to pay an invoice that I never heard of. I told them to send me the invoice, and they never did. I own a PC Repair business out of my house, and as a businessman, I refuse to pay for something unless I get an invoice for it.

  142. shane

    add direct market link,, they been trying to scam us for 2 months

  143. Don J

    Most of you need to realize that none of these scams would exist if there weren’t people AGREEING to purchase their products.

    You people should be smart enough to say NO when someone calls you to sell something.

    I know how these companies work because they calling my business.

    1. A sales person calls saying we’ve been listed before and wants us to sign up again.
    2. The sales person quotes a price for the order.
    3. A quality assurance person calls back later to confirm the order.
    4. Quality assurance tells me that the call is recorded
    5. They tell me what I’m ordering and quote a price again.
    6. A few days later, we receive the product and invoice.

    Someone has to be pretty clueless to agree to this on RECORDING.

    These companies don’t doctor the tapes or anything. It is actually the real conversation from beginning to end, but you were too dumb at the time to realize you were authorizing something.

    So naturally, you’re gonna file a complaint because that’s what you do when something doesn’t go your way. It’s never YOUR fault, it’s always someone else’s fault. God forbid you take the blame for being retarded and agreeing to buy something sight unseen, over the phone.

    Who cares what the sales person tells you. It’s up to you to perform due diligence and verify whatever anyone tells you.

    If the sales person tells you that you’ve been doing business with them for 100 years, it’s your responsibility to verify that it’s true. Don’t just take their word for it.

    If you’re not an owner of the company, chances are you’re NOT AUTHORIZED to accept anything, no matter what you are told over the phone. So don’t do it! Tell the sales people to call your boss.

    If you’re accepting an order on behalf of your boss or owner of your company, then you are an idiot and don’t deserve to have a job, plain and simple.

    Remember people, scammers wouldn’t exist if there were people around that are easily scammed.

    They are making money relying on human stupidity.

    Don’t file complaints, nothing will be done except you will have wasted your time. These companies will simply close down and re-open at a different address, under a different name and different ownership.

    Learn to say NO. Educate your employees and you will never have problems with scammers.

  144. Beth

    United Business Solutions can be added to the list as well.

  145. van

    add exchangepages to the list, they’re located in new york city. They supposedly run your ad for a year then try to collect. Don’t let them record your conversation, they fake a tape of you approving the ad.

  146. michelle


  147. deane

    Direct Markets Link is another scam. There is a Direct Market Link, but not a Direct Markets with an s link

  148. lisa

    add UBS Inc and American Credit & Debt Recovery Corp

  149. Nicole

    Nicole, please add to the list Direct Market Ling @ 1405 rue Bishop, Montreal and Globex & U @ Box/CP #1 Succ. St. Jacques, Montreal.

  150. amanda

    STERLING BUSINESS SOLUTION, hugeeeee scammmm, downtown montreal on st catherines street on google maps but actually on metcalfe, a street over. how do these people even go to work

  151. Dixie Desilets

    Also another one is Data Direct in Montreal, also known as Megabyte info, When I did exactly as the outline said whne dealing with them, the guy started threatening me and saying everytime he calls it is the same thing. Hung up on him and he kept calling back. After that told him my next call was to the authorities. So add them as well.

  152. Shawn McFadden

    A company called 411 Online Search has been calling me . They have a recording of me saying yes to questions i dont remember ever being asked. Helppppppppppppppppppp. Is anybody going threw the same thing with this company. Are they scammers?

    • S

      ISSUE RESOLVED: Once i threatened to speak with a lawyer they quickly cancelled my account. Add 411 Online Search to the list.

  153. Dixie Desilets

    Here are a couple more : Your business needs, I gave this company my personal address to see which other scams would come. This company I gave the address to is calledFirst Choice Data and next thing I know I am receieveing an invoice from Your business needs and when I told them I knew it was a scam they actually argued and demanded to know which website said theis, told them to do their own research and hung up.

  154. Kelly

    Do you know if On-line Business Solutions out of Atlanta, GA is a scam also. I got an invoice form them in the amount of $488.00

  155. Cheryl

    Add All Purpose Business Communications Inc. (they have a p.o. box address in Montreal)

    • Shelley

      This company is still active as I just received a phone call from the this morning. He hung up on me after I insisted on seeing the “signed agreement” they supposedly had.

  156. Add a company that refers to itself as the “Exchange Pages” a B2B listing service that I sure as heck can’t find in a google search. The called me today to cancel my listing… said I’d signed up for a trial listing in 2009 and now they want $495 for service during 2010… I’ve sent the little bit of info I garnered to the FTC (a phone number from my caller ID) and will follow through should they try to bill me in paper form… I operate a cage-free dog boarding and training facility. I don’t do B2B marketing and I don’t pay for listings… this is BS and if effects my credit rating I’ll go ballistic.

  157. omi

    US Yellow Page is another one (Nanuet, NY)

  158. Karen

    Add to the list: Local Business Guide, 18495 S. Dixie Hwy Suite 136, Miami, FL 33157

  159. yvan lacroix

    add to this list as well

  160. Ann

    I also got a call from Kelly at Tradeshow Markets 866-282-0492 (the same phone number as Tradeshow data center). They sent us an invoice a couple of months ago that we didn’t recognize. When asked for proof that we placed the order, she left a message with a “recorded authorization”. The phone call was doctored to appear that we placed the order. We didn’t, we do not make any purchases without issuing a PO number. I’m having all her calls just go to voice mail.

  161. Denna

    Add On-line-Business Solutions (amusingly, their letterhead is OBS)!

  162. alice

    iNFO LiNKS USA, Two Penn Center Plaza Suite 200, Philadelphia, PA 19102

  163. D. McPhee

    I’ve had three cases of suspected scams…one recently with Canadian Media Pages. They had a tape recorded message of me…I listened to it. I told them we didn’t want their service. They sent us a “disc” with our business listed in their company listings. We’re a one person show here. “why would I want to advertise across Canada?” They wanted over $600.00 for our so-called listing that we didn’t know we signed up for. Since we were worried about legal action, we settled with them for $159.00. This week, I had two calls two days apart…same intro as mentioned above. They call to verify our business info. Then they tell us we owe them money. I’m done paying money to people whom I have no record of ever speaking with prior to that day’s call. One company is Canadian Business Index, and the other is Canadian Business Directory. I’m wondering if anyone else has had experience with these companies?

  164. dan

    Add Golbex directory to your list,
    they just called today and repteted the above bulshit to me.

  165. Emily

    Canbic, Inc.- Montreal, QC- probably a division/spin off of Canadian BizOnline

  166. add globex directory and data source please

  167. alice

    Add to the list Tradeshow Markets, supposedly in Plattsburgh NY.

  168. Erica

    you can add Executive Business Listing to the list. for almost 2 years they would send my business invoices, i’d call them saying we never requested service, they’d void out the invoice and send me a zeroed out invoice via fax , then a few weeks/months later send a new one with a different amount and different invoice number. after the 5th time, i filed a complaint with the better business bureau, and they finally stopped.
    i still get calls from other companies trying this scam every few months, but i just tell the person on the phone i’m filing complaints with the BBB and my local police if they call me again, and it usually stops them for a while. unfortunately the first time we didn’t know better and paid the invoice, i think that’s why they keep trying. to see if we’ll fall for it again and send them more money.

  169. Rebecca

    I have a long list:
    Merchant 411 Listings
    National Advertising and Publishing
    Electronic Media Marketing Group Inc.
    US-Yellow Pages
    Yellow Page USA
    National Online Pages
    411 Yellow Book
    411 Business Book
    Global Publications Inc.

    Ever notice that whatever the telemarketer says his name is, from whatever company, it is always the same white American male voice on the line?

    I’m so glad to have found this site! Now I see that I’m not the only one who is annoyed to death by these predators. It seems to be only small businesses and non-profits that they target.

  170. Pamela

    Is anyone having or have had Allen Albright from 411 Online call them? They have a recording of me saying yes (and just yes) to questions I was never asked. Now that want me to pay some ridiculous amount of $$ for an ad I never ordered ….. I am SOOOOOOOOOO sick of these idiots!!

    • Shawn McFadden

      Im actually in the same situation, How did it work out for you. im currently receiving calls from Allen Albright. He has a recording of me saying yes as well. To questions i do not remember ever being asked. i probably wouldve paid it already if i hadnt stumbled on this website.

  171. Sam

    You can add United States Directory to the list. They called our business made contact and when my wife was asked to verify the address to take us off their “list” they sent us a bill for $495.00 for “listings” we didn’t want. Now they harass us with faxes and threatening phone calls.


    United States Directory keeps calling and bothering us. They try and fax us bills for services we didn’t agree to. Who would want an internet business listing for what is local client-type business? They are basically harassing us now.

  173. kevin

    another scammer currently working its way through Texas – – posting this info that others may become aware and not fall for thier trap. They are supposedly offering services as an “online business to business directory” for up to $400

    Business Info Source
    phone (877) 213-8370
    fax (866) 422-5134

    • glassgal

      Yes, this one is definitely a scam! They edited the recording of my voice! I reported them to the FTC. Hopefully others will follow to get these crooks where they belong.

  174. Ashley

    WARNING: canadian media pages is now posting them selves as SEOCAN!!

  175. Jean Stewart

    We have been harassed since 2006.
    It started with Grant Publications, then they changed their name to Canadian Biz OnLine, then they changed their name to Access Publications – their address changed, including phone # and fax # listed on the invoice, however the fax # where the invoice was sent remained the same along with the invoice #. In 2009 we started getting harassed by Canadian Media Pages. Now we are getting harassed by SEOCAN, Canada and Direct Market Link.
    Please add these names to the list. All are located in Montreal.

  176. Karen

    Add these ones: Pub en Ligne, IT Data Direct and Media IT Data Direct is the most persistent. I have been getting, at least, 5 calls a month for the past 3 years. At first, the woman – Marie-Therese annoyed me, then I started to just have some fun with her. I am happy to announce that I can, actually, drive her to swear at me, without one single rude comment or action from me. All the above companies are based in Montreal; Quebec really has to do something pro-active and shut these people down.

  177. Dorothy Raynor

    J White Publications Inc, PO Box 24516 West Hill, Montreal, Quebec, Canada – we have been receiving invoices for something we never ordered for over a year, and they won’t go away.

  178. Kate

    Add to this list… they are attempting to scam me for almost $750 right now! Avoid them like the plague!

  179. Katie

    We’ve received invoices from Canadian Media Pages and National Online Directory. Thankfully, I don’t think anyone has ever paid these, that I’m aware of. I recently came back from a maternity leave, and started receiving calls from “Sask Business Listings Online” to renew our listing that I wasn’t even aware we had. Seemed suspicious, so I asked them the last time they called for a web URL (since it’s an ONLINE listing, there must be one?) and they gave me… and said they provide links through google and yahoo. so I”m pretty sure this one is a scam as well.

    Just wanted to put those names out there, as I didn’t see anything about them, but they gave me a bad vibe like it’s a scam.

  180. BETTY


  181. KP

    Add Business Solutions Online in Derby Line VT, Comm-ad Media Corp in Lake Placid NY, Info-Data Pages in Seattle WA, Super Business Yellow Pages in Cleveland OH, and 411 Superpages in Lake Success, NY. Same thing with all of these as what you all are saying. I’ve filed complaints with the FTC, FBI, Attorney Generals’ office and the BBB. The BBB seems to be the way to go – we’ve had most success with this avenue. These scammers need to be shut down!

  182. jim

    I too am a victim of these scumbags…I am on tape saying I would send them a check, because I thought it was something that my company had signed up for. Never have they produced a recording of the actual agreement (because it doesn’t exist.)Has anyone ever actuallyHAD to pay these invoice because of legal action? Please advise, I’d like to stop worrying about this…

    • Rebecca

      They told me the same thing – that they have me on tape agreeing to pay them. They will tell you anyting to get your money. Don’t give in to the threats. I made that mistake and now they have my checking account number and are now debiting the account each month. I’m working with my bank to try to get them to refund the money they have taken, but I may have to change the account number to prevent them from taking more money in the future. The name of the company is Merchant 411 Listings. I have a long list of other companies that also harrass me regularly. It is very annoying. I have work to do. No time for this nonsense.

  183. Rob

    Wow I’m glad I wasn’t the only one. Last year some bozo called me on my cell at work and told me that I ordered some business listing and blah blah blah. I get an invoice from Canadian Media pages for $479.00. I threw it out. These clowns harassed me constantly to the point of involving my attorney. This whole thing is a scam is what he told me because in general without a signature nothing is binding.
    The clowns then called me from “debt recovery” trying to scare me with regard to my credit rating.
    Long story short I told them to F off and that was that or so I thought, recently they tried again but now they call themselves SEOCAN. I took this one to the BBB and they put a stop to it.
    Finally thinking Id have some peace, they changed their name again to C.C.I and phoned last week to try again………pathetic!

  184. Robert Bradley Duskes


    Scam Stoppers is a scam the BBB has issued and warning about this company.
    Mis-use of BBB Name
    This firm has illegally used the Better Business Bureau’s name on its Web site at On November 18, 2010, the BBB requested that this firm cease and desist all unauthorized use of the BBB name and logo on its website. The BBB is awaiting the firm’s response.
    THIS FIRM IS NOT AFFILIATED WITH AND IS NOT ENDORSED by the Better Business Bureau Serving Metropolitan New York, the service area in which it is headquartered.
    This is an update to the latest tactics that Robert Duskes from has been involved with.
    He has for the last couple of months been posting complaints through Better Business Bureau but using other clients names and businesses as the ones who are posting the complaint. However, if one looks at the actual complaints, the email and phone numbers posted belong to scamstoppers. Furthermore, if a reply is posted to the complaint, bbb is not the one who answers back, in fact, it is scamstoppers pretending to be a representative of bbb that answers back. The way to go around it is to actually go directly to bbb website itself and post a reply. Our response was to first acknowledge that any customer complaints would be dealt with directly with the customer and/or an actual true representative of bbb. Furthermore, we stated that we would not deal with any complaints made from scamstoppers as they are a scam themselves and we provided all the links where bbb could view all comments made about scamstoppers. As well we have informed bbb that is has on their webstite a statement that they are affiliated with bbb, which of course they are not, that is a total lie on their part. Since then, we have received numerous responses from bbb claiming they were unaware of some of the complaints sent by scamstoppers and they would investigate the situation. Also, there have been instance where we gather bbb contacted scamstoppers themselves and told them to remove and stop their complaints. How do we know this, well, shortly after we replied directly to bbb, some of the the actual complaints posted through scamstoppers were suddenly resolved without us having to actualy deal with the so called customer complaint. For all you businesses and people out there who are either dealing with scamstoppers’ harrasing phone calls, letters, faxes, and emails, make sure to go over any bbb complaint thoroughly. Make sure the complaint is actually from bbb. In some instances they are not, they are from scamstoppers who are using bbb complaints web page without bbb’s knowledge. Yup, they have gone that far. For all the businesses that have put faith in scamstoppers’ help to void any fees they owe to other companies, you best check out all of the posts about them. More than likely, you are being scammed yourselves. If you want to resolve your bills, we suggest you deal with the companies you owe money to directly.More than likely, an agreement can be made directly with them. Paying scamstoppers to do that is not only costing you money, but, also, you risk having your credit rating damaged by the actual companies you owe money to.

    This company charges so much to so called helping me with my invoices, but he has so many complains with the NY attorney general, his listesd as a scam himself, his not the scamstopper, his the scamstarter, i already reported him to the RCMP and Phonebusters in canada and FTC in USA, He is the owner of the company and he has other directory companies ralated to the fake yellow pages and several. He also has a coloreful resume on and all over the internet! SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM WATCH OUT PEOPLE DON’T FALL FOR THIS GUY!!!
    the list of complaints on this company is long just google Robert Bradley Duskes

    Robert Duskes –

    4570 Saint Kevin, apt.11, Montreal, Quebec
    1324 Lexington Avenue, #286 New York 10128
    United States of America
    Phone: 888-315-5770
    Web Address:

    Category: Questionable Activities

    Submitted: Friday, October 01, 2010

    Posted: Friday, October 01, 2010
    I am so happy I found all these warnings on Robert Duskes…if only I had seen them before he hired me!

    Let me give you a first hand account! I worked with Robert in his crummy little office…by the way…he says he’s surrounded by important lawyers…more like pimps and other telemarketing rooms…there are at least 2 other scam telemarketing companies that work in the same building…I friends work in them!

    I worked for Robert’s main business

    Right beside me was another telemarketer, he would call all the important businesses that weren’t paying on the behalf of Robert’s other company…what a joke…just like Robert is. Robert didn’t dress to well actually…so I guess he’s not making that much money…and yes I can confirm…the office is trash dump…it’s cheap..just like Robert. Robert owes me $546.31 Canadian dollars…I don’t think I’ll ever get it…so you know what…I am going to post 546 comments on Robert and how cheap and scammy he is…that’s called Karma…works both ways!

    I sold on average 5 directories per day…other telemarketers sold up to 20 per day!

    By the way…I read his comments…his name is not Robert Bradlely…Bradley is his middle name, his real last name is DUSKES…why do you think he would lie on that point? I know…he’s a scammer that’s why. It was a crappy experience working there…I think I’ll be taking another profession! Telemarketing

    Anyways…I am happy that I can give my unique point of view…I hope he gets stopped, arrested…he deserves it…all day long his company just scams people! I am sure he will get what he deserves! $546! Man! What a waste of my time! I should have a picture of him soon…this way you all can see the face of the con man himself!

    Remember one thing Robert if you read this… you won’t last long..all scams come to an end…and if you rip both your own employees and customers off…that’s bad news for you!

    Nationwide Business Directory. My job was to call Canadian and American businesses to sell them a bogus directory between $399 to $499…whatever I could sell. This was my first telemarketing job…and guess what…it was a total scam…and in the end I got scammed…Robert didn’t pay my last paycheck!

  185. Rita Mackenzie

    Hi all, I have been suffering from the same problems. Countless companies invoicing me for products or services I’ve never subscribed to! Recently I was online searching what’s real and what isn’t and I found a company who claimed they could help. was the site and at first I was worried they might be someone else trying to steal my money. I gave them information but didn’t pay a dime. Since, we’ve been communicating almost daily and I’ve found them to be quite helpful. So far they’ve had a couple of the fraud accounts closed on my behalf and continue to fight to save my money, I’m quite pleased so far, will come back and update all as we continue!!

    • Your being scammed, do not agree to pay anyone and they can’t do anything about it.

    • Colin

      Rita,I find your statement very hard to believe..that it didn’t cost you a dime.

      Scamstoppers is well known for posting false testimonials all over the place to try and make themselves look like a legitimate company. Are you one of them????

      I suppose if anyone really wants to try , they could treat this organization like any other scammer and simply refuse to pay anything. After all , they are just as powerless as any other scammer to collect anything.

      Read the above post about them posting on the BBB web site.

  186. Buckeye

    Add – Direct Market Link, ROMAC Publishing and Direct B2B as scammers. I made the mistake of getting caught with a voice recording telling them to send me an invoice, but it sounded fishy afterwards. I contested the invoice afterwards, and after numerous calls from them to collect and after much harsh words, I ended up sending them half of the invoice. Since doing research on these scammers and this website I WILL NOT BE SENDING ANYMORE CASH!!! What makes it funny is that after that, I started recieving 3 different companies claiming they had voice recordings of me agreeing to their service! Bunch of bull….!!! Thanks for a great online community to vent this stuff. I will keep you updated as it happens.

  187. Online Data Consulting, same senario, called back in 2008, offering a free listing. Now calling for payment. Our owner authorized the caller to talk to me instead of our owner who was trying to leave the building. The Operator tried to say the owner authorized her to be paid. They were to take us off their list and to never call again, that is all the owner authorized them to do. I told her she is on the scam list and I told her no way, she can just take me to collections. She said I was being rude, I told her she is a scammer, she hung up on me.

  188. rob

    I’m pretty sure these scam attempts have a second motive. A couple years ago I notices 2 new charges appearing on my business phone bill.

    I called my phone service provider, Verizon, and complained. Immediately, with no hesitation, offered to reverse the charges and connected me to a rep from the offending company. In both cases the rep played the verification recording. Each was of a different employee answering the list of verification questions. I soon realized these answers to “verification questions” were the same answers given in response to the verification of my free online business listing from ABC Online Yellow Pages.

    So, not only may these groups try to bill you for an ad you never placed, they may also try to slip in fraudulent charges on your phone bill. The Verizon rep told me that they were obliged by law to act as a third party billing partner. They also collect a large fee for doing so so their motivation is in the direction of allowing the fraud to perpetuate.

  189. Colin

    Don’t pay Scam Stoppers anything. They are simply trying to collect for the scam artists and/or line their own pockets.They don;t do anything you couldn’t do yourself only a hell of a lot cheaper.

    The scammers are virtually powerless to enforce any of their threats such as small claims , credit reporting etc. etc. They prey on the naive and gullible with these threats.

    Get on their case , charge them for time wasted on the phone , faxes , mails etc. Invoice THEM and threaten court action.

    Did that with ABI and when they realized they weren’t getting any money they went away and haven’t had any scammers contact me since.

    • lucie


      Actually scam stoppers doesnt collect for the companies.
      But you are right you should not pay them.
      The owner formally worked and owned numerous b2b directory sites.

  190. Teresa

    ABI Publication is a SCAM!!!

    They tried to fraud my work – a non for profit childcare… after a lot of research. I let them call us and I ranted to them:
    1) that if they continue to call this is considered harrassment and that you can press charges.
    2) if and as long as you do not live in Quebec – which is where they are located – you can tell them that you will be calling the RCMP for harassment
    3) They will tell that they will send you to small claims court – but you can only send someone or a company to smalls claims court when you are in the same provience
    4) Lastly, they will tell you that they will call the better business bureau-
    They could call but if your company is not regeisted with the better business bureau then it wouldn’t matter, however, when I looked them up ABI Publication is regeisted and they were in a negative standing which means you can use the same threat against them.

    After ranting at them and using all this information against them – they have never called my childcare back.

  191. Alan

    Add Scam Stoppers. They called me to help out with bogus invoices for a fee. The thing is they are same people calling me for the bogus invoices with a different company name. So they try to help you with there own invoices.

    Scam Stoppers
    1324 Lexington Avenue #286
    New York, NY 10128
    Phone: 888-315-5770
    Fax: 888-315-5320

  192. Jeff

    Globex & U tried to bilk me out of 500$ for some garbage listing with a wrong map location… They are the scam!

    • Same here! I’m now fighting not to pay the invoice. There is a mistake in our company name and the map is not right. Did you had to pay for it?

  193. Add Info yellow pages to your list.
    It was nice to know how to handle these guys, I just kept telling him he was a scam and I was going to add him to the scam list. He insisted we ordered this product, I told him there is no way, we are on to this kind of scam. He asked for my fax number so he could fax me an invoice with proof we order the listing for $450.00. I finally gave him the fax number but ya know, no invoice or proof ever showed up.

  194. Jeremy

    Add Direct Market Link to the list of scams.
    I have been called several times in regards to there “online Listing” scam.

  195. Nico Toscani

    You can add Manufacturers News, Inc. to your list. They are based in Evanston, IL. They strong arm small businesses into paying for ads they never wanted by threatening outside collections. Plus, all the “registries” they publish are nothing more than lead generators sold to other businesses for a large sum. Now you just paid them to sell your company info to a bunch more telemarketers.

  196. IP Man

    I got a letter from “”, the address is 75 South Broadway, 4th Floor, White Plains, NY 10061.

    The first time they billed me, they even give me an computer generated login/password. The amount is $439. They billed like this:
    “Business premium” $439
    “Online scroll Ad” $29
    “Online search ranking” $9.99
    “credit” (for being scammed?) -$39.98

    3 months later, they billed me the second time.

  197. Donna

    Add Sterling Business Solutions dba 411 Directory Assistance to your list. Address:
    1184 St. Catherine Street West
    Suite 400
    Montreal QC
    H3B 1K1
    phone 1-866-482-7474
    fax 1-166-482-6673

    • Robyn Romig

      I have been a victim to ABI, Data Source, Horizon Data, Info US411, Infotel Pub. and I thought all of this was due to a past employee. I now have United States Business Pages calling me and saying I owe them. I just got off the phone with one of their collectors, and when I asked hime for his email address he hung up on me. I am so sick about all the money I have given these lossers over the past few years. If I can save anyone else from these type of pretitors I will do so.

  198. Colin

    From what I can garner SPG Consulatants will put you on a do not call list etc. for about the same amount of money the other scammers are trying to weasel out of you.

    Cheapest and best way is to simply hang up and ignore them. They do eventfully go away.

    Carl over at ABI gave up.

  199. Tori

    What about JW Publications? Anyone heard of them?

  200. SPG Consultants is a SCAM. SPG Consultants promised me that if I paid them they would cancel all my existing invoices from telemarketing companies that sell advertising. I had a total of five outstanding invoices, all for directory advertising. I received a letter from only one company stating that they would cancel the invoice. Another company told me that SPG Consultants was actually affiliated with some of these scam telemarketing companies based out of Montreal, Canada. I looked them up on their website and I noticed that they were based out of Montreal. I tried calling them using the phone number listed on their website and I would always get a voice mail and then I would get a call back. After doing some research I found out that the phone number listed on their website is actually a cellular phone with Telus Mobility. I Have reported SPG Consultant to the RCMP and they have told be they are currently in the process of investigating this company. They have advised me not to pay any invoices and to not accept any calls from SPG Consultants.

  201. Woody

    The post from “me:)” below is the most obserd attempt to rationalize this type of scam, that i’ve ever read. Using his reasoning, if I were a new car dealer, I could just wait until I see a resident go to the backyard, quickly park a new car in their driveway and stuff an invoice in their mailbox. After all, isn’t it the resident’s fault for not watching the front of their house, guarding it against all tresspassers? It’s rediculous to assert that somehow it’s the victim’s fault. The mere fact that this scam was designed to slip an invoice passed an inattentive employee, rather than using a legitimate sales process to include a signed contract, should clue you in.

    • me:)

      Well it isnt the victims fault but they are partly to blame. the victim is on audio recording saying the mode of payment they are going to use to pay invoices..then saying they never authorized anything. or they were busy and werent paying attention. phone companies dont use signed contract its overr the phone.. just saying im not defending them but dont come after me i was just helping you guys out.:)

  202. Dr office

    Here is another one:
    75 S. Broadway, 4th floor
    White Plains, NY 10601
    I called some of the “business” phone #’s listed. All were cell phones and all went to voicemail. Called the their customer service # and went to voicemail there to. The bill is for $439.99.

  203. ANNOYED

    I wanted to let you know that CANADIAN MEDA PAGES is a complete scam. We got the phone call saying they were updating their records. Then the next thing we got the bill. When we didn’t pay it we got a call from their AR department from Andrea who was very rude and demanding saying they have a recording of us approving the ad. When I questioned her on what the company was she rambled on about on line listing and CD listing and whatever else. She even went as far as saying we received the list and CD which we did not. I told her we were a local business and were not interested. She said that everything had been done and we were liable for the amount. I said we are not paying and she said we would be sent to collection. After I hung up I was told about this website and read everything everyone said. I then phoned her back at the number on the invoice which by the way seems to be a switchboard for many companies. When I got through to her I told her that this was a scam and that I was reporting her company to the Federal Trade Commision and the RCMP. She immediatly backed down and said they would write off our bill. She asked what the website was and claims she never heard of any problems like this. If this wasn’t a scam why was she so willing to writeoff the phony bill if she wasn’t scared of being reported. DO NOT EVEN TALK TO TELEMARKETERS CALLING ABOUT UPDATING YOUR INFORMATION. GET THEIR COMPANY NAME AND HANG UP IF YOU GET A BILL DO NOT PAY IT CALL THE FEDERAL TRADE COMMISION AND THE RCMP AND BETTER BUSINESS BUREU.

  204. me:)

    Ok here is some free advice.
    this is not me defending telemarketing companies this is me helping you.

    when most directory companies call you and ask to update your listing you were indeed most likely listed for free. when they call you in the end they send you to a quality control departement where they specifically ask you if you are authorized. they normally say that you are going to receive and invoice.

    if this is is the case you had the chance to say no but you were either busy or werent paying attention and you said yes.. which im sorry is your fault. did they mabee mislead you yes. but in the end you are on recording authorizing an invoice to be sent out to your attention.And thats how they catch you because that is considered a verbal contract.

    so best advice is pay attention dont get recorded. some of you actually let yourself get recorded authorizing something 7 or 8 times! Pay attention!! tell your staff not to authorize anything! be smarter, pay better attention and you wont get scammed. Dont take it out on the sales rep. some people dont have any other options but to do telemarketing. they are people to just say no thanks.

    if they dont have a recording or signed contract throw out the invoice:)

    • Bloviatus Rex

      If this “verbal contract” is not clear and voluntary, it wont hold up for 5 seconds.

      their recourse is to sue you, scammers won’t sue as it costs time and money and they know it won’t hold up in court. (and legit businesses won’t scam you). They can threaten to turn you over to a collection agency, but you can shut those folks down too, see FDCPA rules and advice online about getting them off your back.

      Bottom line, if you didn’t order something with full awareness of what it is and what the cost is, just don’t pay it.

  205. hi , this is very attractive information for all and thanks to you for telling us about this type of case.

    • Buckeye

      Thanks for the great advice! Got caught with my recording; unfortuately sent half of the invoice to them, but after viewing this site and others, I won’t be sending anymore money!

      Thanks again!

  206. brock

    the latest for us is Global Direct communications Laval Quebec – which has somehow got our credit card information and charged us 499.00. We’ve been harassed for weeks now by Crawl Guide online who have been running the same scam. I’m looking for information on Global Direct communications.

  207. Cheryl Duncan

    For everyone here that complains, why haven’t any of you put a complaint on the Better Business Bureau website. When we had to deal with Canadian Media Pages, I looked them up and there was nothing on there. They very quickly dropped the invoice when I said take me to court and explain to the judge how you misrepresent information.

    Please we all need to do our part, and it must go to the BBB for future victims!

    • BBB is a somewhat of a scam in itself, and the small business community is just starting to pick up on this. It is no different that that scam investigation service some mentioned earlier.

      Regardless of the complaints people have filed, the business only has to pay a fee per complaint and they clear the business’ name stating that the claim has been resolved. Resolved claims just means they either shut up or paid up. Even companies with no complaints only recieve a maximum of A- rating, you only get A+ if you pay them mucho denero.

  208. Diane

    here’s another scam service for you. Directory Service They follow the same ajenda as with all the other directy scams out there. We just received this one a couple of weeks ago, and I immediatly reported them to the Ontario BBB, Candian compitition bureau and phonebusters (RCMP). I have yet to hear back from them, but what I usually do is place a call block on these people. As well, we were scammed about 8 years ago by 2 of these dirctory scams, that’s how I caught on to this one so fast. If you do get caught with one, you are not obligated to talk with them at all, hang up phone, yell at them, but be extremly firm that you are not their scam invoice. It finally worked that last time and they stopped calling here until now, anyway.

  209. I’ve received numerous calls from suspicious-sounding directory companies over the past several months.

    One in particular (sorry, I did not record the name) calls repeatedly, even after I tell them I’m not interested. They also seem to be spoofing the caller ID. A very fast talking lady called me this just this morning from a company she identified as “EEE,” asking me to hold for a “quality assurance” supervisor who would verify my business information. She transferred my call and I pressed “end,” but I suppose that won’t stop her from calling me again.

    As I understand it, some of these companies record you when you say “yes” to confirm the accuracy of their so-called directory information. They then edit the transcript to show that you have agreed to pay for their service. They then bill you through your phone company, with the well-founded expectation that you will not notice the charge.

    To ensure that I’m not scammed, I called my business telephone company and my cell phone service provider to request that they block third party billing from my phone accounts.

    As for invoices for services I haven’t ordered, my response is simple: I do not pay them and I hang up the phone when people call me to demand that I pay them.

    As standard practice, I simply refuse to provide any personal or business information over the phone to people I do not know or whose identity I cannot immediately verify. Legitimate callers understand the reasons for this.

    • Wow, Do you really think that these companies trick you into saying yes and then doctor the recording? Wake up people you are the ones who are too dumb to notice you are being scammed. Ever hear of the word no?

    • Charles O'Neill

      Note to “Never Been Scammed”–

      See the comments posted below. Note that Momo reports, “said he has a taped agreement by me .” They may not all bother to edit phone recordings but they can easily create a written transcript and edit it to their evil heart’s content.

      People who are scammed are not necessarily “dumb.” Blaming the victims does not address the real problem–which is that the scammers are one step ahead of law enforcement and know there is little chance they will be caught. Many of these scammers are located off shore in dark hovels. Callers themselves do not even always know they are part of a scam–for all they know, they are really offering directory listings! Nevertheless, I agree that “No” is a powerful word and if used more often would prevent lots of grief and confusion.

  210. Diane

    Here’s another one: Directory Online in Montreal, QC. It’s the exact same scam. I even went so far as to inform them under no uncertain terms, that any Listing they are claiming on has never been made or ordered by us or authorized, and no invoice will be paid by this firm. They went on to claim we had made a previous payment in Nov 2009 for the same amount ($450), which is boggus on it’s own. I’m the only person who authorizes anything or writes cheques. I just hung up the phone. I did report the fraud invoice to the Quebec BBB, the Canadian Compentition Bureau and PhoneBusters. I’ll see if they call back.

  211. Natalie

    We have gotten a lot of bills from companies. The last two i have sent certified letters stating we will not pay and copied our letter to our lawyer. Soon after we get a credit notice.

  212. Dan

    We are a small business and had a call from TB Communications stating we had purchased an advertising kit in Feb 2009?? This place is a scam I asked for his number when i called it back it couldn’t be connected. The number is 1 866 444 3000.

  213. MARK


    • We all know that the person who wrote this is a scammer themselves. You know who you are and you know that the company does not threaten.

    • Susan H

      I have also been contacted by these people back in November 2009. They call on a monthly basis to try and get a payment but i have been brushing them off and hanging up on them.

      The address i have for them is 2 Toronto Street. Suite 490 Toronto Ontario M5C 2B5, which i have tried mapquesting and canada411-ing with no results.


    • Ioana

      Hi Mark,

      I have the same problem as your cousin.
      Romac Publishing has sent us an invoice of $500 that I have aprooved over the phone.
      I know I haven’t approve anything because our company has beed called many times in the last 4 months with this type of scams.
      But they have played a recording with me saying yes to sending the invoice to my attention.
      I’m not going to pay them and I will sent my complaint. What happened with your cousin…?

    • Buckeye

      I too have been contacted by Romac Publishing and they too have doctored a recording of me refusing service, but they cunningly ask certain question so that you say `yes` Since then I have had another company Direct B2B calling stating they also have a recording of me authorizing service….bunch of crap! Don`t pay.

      And to `you – `Never been scammed` were do you get off stating that they don`t threaten when you yourself have no knowledge. It sounds like you are the scammer!

      Simply put… A lot of compelling stories in the world aren’t being told, and the fact that people like you don’t know about them compounds the suffering. To me, there is value in bearing witness to what is happening to people who are living their lives with great dignity in the face of horror (such like these worthless scammers).

    • To Never Been Scammed:

      You are obviously acting on behalf of these scam companies as you are defending them and calling posters liars and scammers. If you in fact have ‘never been scammed’ you have no place being on this message board to begin with.

      Stop spreading lies and misinformation.

  214. Mike

    Here are two more scams that came my way…

    Media Distribution Network – 1-866-906-0269
    Lasalle, Quebec

    Romac Publishing – 1-877-519-2714
    Toronto, Ontario

  215. Mark

    My business was contacted about 25 October of 2009 by a telemarketer from the American Business Network. The telemarketer began by asking routine questions like is this Total Repair Specialists, Inc.? Are you at 1228 N Camp St, Uvalde, Texas? Etc… When asked what the call was about the telemarketer stated it was for service for Search Engine placement for marketing purposes. At that time the telemarketer was told that we were not interested and phone call was terminated.
    About a month later a bill for $499.00 was received by us for services provided for the last 12 months. No PO number was ever issued to this company, no services were ever authorized by any of the officers of our company, and as far as we know, no service was ever provided. Every month a new statement arrives with interest attached, and the company has never provided us with any type of signed contract or Purchase Order for their services.
    So add American Business Network in Phoenix, Arizona to your lists

  216. Steve Berube

    I’ve been hit by these idiots. My company is fairly big and the 1st time Canadian Media Pages called and said they were renewing my ad i wasn’t sure if I had one or not. I foolishly paid the 1st invoice thinking that was done with. It wasn’t. They called again 6 months or so later saying that the second portion of my “year” was due. I told them that there was no mention of a second portion when I paid the 1st portion. They have now sent an invoice and a cd with my “ad”. I will not pay this one.
    Today I got a call from Alberta Media Pages or something like that. Same scam. I told them I wanted proof that I have ever bought anything from them. They said they will call back. HAHA.


  217. joyce is the newest one to add on the list. This company has scam written all over it. It’s run by scam artists that want your money. Don’t pay them a cent.

  218. Kim

    These scams are happening more frequently and I’ve been getting these calls monthly from new companies claiming that I ordered these business directories online, or CD versions. I have not as we don’t have a need to list our business online or by CD.

    For your reference, I have attached a full list I’ve compiled over the past 2 years with businesses that are totally bogus or may be real business names but someone has stolen their business identity or is operating illegal billing practices. Keep on hand and add to it if you come across others. Hope this helps you.

     411 Directory Assistance – Montreal, QC
     ABI Publications or American Business Info Center
     Access America Communications
     All Purpose Communications Inc. or All Purpose Business Solutions
     American Business Directory
     Amerinational
     AMS – American Marketing Services – Saugus, MA
     B2B IPages – Chicago, IL
     Business Data Center – Plattsburgh, NY
     Canadian BizOnline
     Canadian Media Pages
     ClearView Corporate Communication, Inc. – Chicago, IL
     Canora Pages – Montreal, QC
     Commutel Marketing – Montreal, QC or Victoria, BC
     Empire Direct Group – Plattsburgh, NY
     EuroPages – Montreal, QC
     Executive Solutions
     Data Direct International
     DataSource411 – Middletown, DE
     Direct Data
     First Publications, Inc.
     Global Access Data (also known as Teledima)
     Global Access Publications
     Global Business Index Pages
     Horizon Data Inc. – Champlain, NY and QC
     IC Commercial Services
     Info US411 – Middletown, DE
     Info Chase
     Infotel Publications – Montreal, QC
     International Business Directory
     I-Pages America
     Liberty Marketing
     MDI
     MDSC Publishing (American Business Directory & American Corporate & Communications Directory)
     Media Distribution Network
     Medical Data Center
     Mentor Media (possibly connected with Teledima)
     MNC Publications
     National Business Information Exchange (NBIE) – Montreal, QC or Chesapeake Beach, MD
     New Corporate America Publishing
     Nexus Solutions (used to be All Purpose Business Solutions)
     Oxford Data Inc.
     Pinacle Publishing
     PrimeStar Publications and Amerinational
     Promedia Resources
     Reed Publishing or Reed Directories
     Target Publications – Ansonia, CT or Champlain, NY
     Teledima – South Plainfield, NJ (Also known as Global Access Data)
     Tradeshow Data Center – Plattsburg, NJ
     UBL
     UKP Limited
     U.S. Marketing Tools a.k.a. American Business Directory
     World Vendor Directory
     (spinoff of NBIE) – Montreal, QC or Chesapeake Beach, MD
     YourYellowURL – Ottawa, ON and Watertown, MA

    • Lynn

      Anybody heard of Globex & U or Globex Acccess? They claim to have taken over Canadian Biz Online and Access Publications…

    • Tammy

      Has anyone heard of Romac Publishing? Looks like they are currently trying to pull this one too… we’re on their list but they won’t get a cent from us. Watch out.

    • frustrated customer

      Global access is run by the excact same people from can biz..they just cchanged their name.. don’t pay them they can;t do anythign anyway.

  219. Morg

    I was called and was told that Canadian Biz On Line had been advertising for me for free, however because I had so many hits I had to pay $399.99. I thought If I paid it would stop. I have had 7 different scammers call and demand money. I have called the RCMP and have a file on all of them now. The RCMP told me to give the file information number to scar them off. They have been calling me every day demanding money and threating to take me to court. I got a lawyer, he said he would love to see them in court and maybe I could get my money back. Don’t pay them a cent’ It is a real scam. If you didn’t order it don’t pay it.

  220. momo

    My story is like all the others I’ve read…Someone phones me to ask if I would like to place an add in their on-line directory (canorapages). I told them I couldn’t say for sure as I have a partner I would have to get the “ok” from. I asked them to call back the following day. They did. I told them not at this time as we had just opened our store on the first of November. I got a bill from them in December. I phoned the number on the bill and told them I did not authorize this ad. I talked to the rude “Administrator”. She said “you want to cancell your account?” I said an account was never opened by anyone in my employ. She thank you and that was that…I thought. November 2009 I get a call from Jim Price telling me that he is a collection agency calling in regards to canorapages. He wants me to pay this bill or legal action will be taken against me. He says he has a taped agreement by me and if this goes to court I will not only have to pay the bill but also the court costs. Now I’ve just found out that this is a scam? How do I know for sure? Can someone help me?

    • Dawne

      Hi Momo,

      I am dealing with these guys right now. What happened with your case?

      I received an invoice on Mar/10 from Oct 2008 saying it was overdue and now in collections, same Jim Price fella. I can’t find anything online about the name of his collection agency either…seems suspicious.

  221. Federal Ombudsman of Canada

    Canadian Media Pages is a telemarketing company situated in Montreal Quebec Canada. They are headed by a joint ownership which run the operation at 6875 Decarie Blvd. Suite 200 Montreal, Quebec, H3W 3E4.

    It seems as if this establishment is a member of the BBB of Canada which is a cover for there fraudulent activities. They have a host of phone reps who relentlessly call companies making assumptive pitches towards the employees. They inform the client that they are calling to update there listing in the business directory for the upcoming year.

    Now it should be known that none of these companies have any prior history with Canadian Media Pages, it’s a unrecorded cold call insinuating that they have prior business history with them. They do indicate a price at the ending of there presentation however they most often do NOT speak with authorized personal nor do they come clean if they were asked if they had an account with them in the past. We get the ” I don’t have that information, but I do see you are in the database” statement. In honesty, the database can be found everywhere, just look on the internet.

    We went along with the false sale and was later followed by a second phone conversation from a lady named “Rose” who informs us the call is being recorded. She then goes over the physical address, and asked me if I am authorized for the purchase… Now when we first had the call we told her NO.

    We were then transferred back to the original account rep Muslima, (Remember to take down their names to file any report!) who then asked us if we had any questions. We told her that we were not authorized to make such a vast purchased $399.99. She then continued to push the overly aggressive pitch unless I made obliged to say yes. I then was told that shipping would call yet again, (this is to make sure they obtain an audio of the client saying yes to authorized. If not said they have no ability to collect on any payment.)

    I further wanted to see just how far the length of the word twisting would go I declined “Rose” shipping again. It was followed by the same lady Muslima who was almost at this point rude over the phone. Keep in mind that these are TSRs asking for your business, they need-not be rude to anyone. Finally we agreed to the sale and awaited the invoice.

    Roughly a month later a $471.71 bill had arrived. I later called (Marlene ext 281)to ask what this is and to have proof of pass history with the company, which was told to me by the lady rep I got in the first unrecorded call. They told us they have the audio phone conversation I had with Rose to play back.

    That basically is the only hook they have, so we paid the amount with a 10% discount. We were also told we would not be getting another phone call from Media Pages. This was a false verbal agreement as only 3 months later our officers received.
    We got a call from a “Tina” who spoke to us in circles on how this is our second quarterly directory of the year. The idea of Canadian Media Pages is to repeatedly charge their clients over a period of a year, some establishments have been hit 4 times in one fiscal year.

    False advertising from an advertising company that states their ad is good for 2 years. The same procedures went through twice over, and in the week our offices just paid the invoice. We received our third call (this yet another cold call from a “Savita”. Basically stating that she was calling to updated our advertising. We then told her we had an ad out with Media Pages. Our officer asked they speak with the manager, a lady by the name of Karen Batten called and apologized, she sounded nervous and did not have many answers to our questions, she affirmed us that no further called to our establishment would be made. Our station never heard back from her or the other two sales ladies afterwords.

    We realize that this is a lot of data to absorb for company owners. However it is a must read to prevent fraud. This company along with others are closely being monitored by phone-busters Canada along side the Competition Bureau. The owner of has his share of run ins with the authority so it would be wise to stay clear of these calls and just call your local police department.

    Keep in mind that this company also goes under the names of Horizon Data, American Media Pages and MNC.

    We have made great progress in our findings. Knowing how the operation works, knowing the names and backgrounds of the owners, managers, and yes even the sales persons. This investigation is on going but requires patience. The department will continue to advise and warn the public upon any further wrong doing of this company. We request you all continue to help us as well by posting, calling phones-busters and contacting your local police department.

    • Tanya Burlington

      I have been repeatedly harrassed by Global Business Index Pages. I too have been searching and requesting some confirmation from them that I requested this service. Just today they played a voice recording for me that acknowledges my receipt of their invoice but no agreement that I wanted their services. I am starting the official complaints proceedings and next time they call. I will let them know that I am on to their scam

    • Pat

      Our store was contacted by Global Business Index Pages. For almost a year and half we were harrassed to pay an invoice for an internet service my mom didnt understand. We kept getting called almost everyday for an invoice of 450$. I reported them to phonebusters, better business Bureau in Quebec, and spoke to my lawyer. I told them to prove the invoice with a purchase order. He tried to tell me that they had us on tape agreeing to their service and that it was binding. I told them that unless they could produce a proper purchase order as backup for the cheque then it would never be paid. the invoice was very vague. There was no information even explaining the service. We only have two employees so there was no departmental problems.

    • D.Carie

      I know about Canadian Media Pages well. Most of the staff that works there also worked at Infotel Publications aka Reed Publishing aka Vericom aka Metropolitain Media. The verifier Rose worked at both companies as verifier for instance, and Muslima Akbar worked for both companies as well.

      If you feel you were scammed, here’s what you do, do NOT pay, that’s it. No telemarketing company ever goes beyond calling you a few times, and they definitely do NOT do anything that can effect your credit. Send a detailed letter in writing to the Competition Bureau, along with the names of the people you dealt with there. Do the same things with the Better Business Bureau.

  222. Sylvia

    I got taken by these scams once, but this time the unprofessional attitude of one of their ‘customer service’ reps was so egregious it clued me that I did a bit of online searching, and learned about the prevalence of this scam. Once I had the information I needed I started the ball rolling – complaints to BBB, FTC and the AG office. Today when they called again, trying to browbeat me, I told them off, and let them know I was on to them, and what I had already done. A few minutes later I got a call telling me that in light of my ‘bad attitude’ they were closing my account without payment and I wouldn’t here from them again. It can be done – know the facts, don’t back down to bluster, and file the appropriate complaints 😉

  223. Hi Guys, wow, didn’t know this was such a huge problem in the US too.. I’ve been blogging about this kind of scam in the UK – have lots of comments from folks in similar situations.

  224. Sylvia

    Liberty Marketing pulled the internet business directory scam on me, and because they caught me on a tired day (I am trying to run a business while caring for a disabled husband) they got me on tape agreeing to a ‘reduced rate’ for their alleged service. Now they harass me weekly by phone and mail demanding payment, yet deny they are required to produce a tape of the original agreement (of course, because it doesn’t exist!), because of the tape of me. I have filed complaints with the FTC, BBB and now am about to send off an official complaint to the NY AG office. Thanks to this site I now know I am not alone, and am taking action I should have back in July.

    Don’t ever agree to payment on tape! The smug ‘customer service rep’ was so pleased with himself for getting that on tape. I am not sending one thin dime to these scammers, but I also want them stopped.



  226. Ragina

    I got scammed by UBL. PLease be aware of these people. They make you think that you service with you that you have to renew and then they harass you and charge you up to $500 for what? I am still not sure. If you scammed and harrases by these guys, report them to the BBB and the FTC.

  227. Sarah

    I suggest everyone having this problem contact this company Bustabill at bustabill dot com. They deal with these scams for you and I mean they call them and have the invoice voided. They also provide you with an information booklet that tells you how to evade telemarketing scams. We used them and after only a week or so the calls have finally stopped.

    • Bret

      Bustabill is just a scam,they are located in Montreal and contact companies to cancel telemarketing bills.Soon after the calls keep coming.

    • john

      Bustabill & SPG Consultants are big scams, they claim they do so much for you, they claim that they do this bigg folow up on your behalf, it’s bullcrap. SCAMS

    • Chrissy

      BustaBill is owned by the same guy Ray who runs half of the scam telemarketing companies that are out there. this is his cleaver way of eliminating his competition. If you have an invoice from one f his companies BustaBill will tell you to pay them but if it is from his competition they will help you dispute it. Some of his companies are Avian Publishing, North American Directory Assistance, Datasource411, webdata, Phonepages and now Bustabill. Dont be fooled. Dont pay any of these companies they are all scams. Contact Phonebusters, the BBB and your attorney general. Put them out of business.

  228. I just got my first call from United Business Listings, and I followed my lawyer friend’s advice. Stay calm and ask them for their contact information. After I got the information I told the caller,”I believe their has been a big mistake and we would like to settle this in the court here in Texas. Can you please send a representive here so that this matter can be resolved.”

    There wasn’t much talking after that.

    This has also worked for a scam called Go Green.

  229. Heather

    I just got a call from a company that told me they were google y pages. Or Google yellow pages. I have been aware of these companies for a few years now and get just as irritated each time. The great part is that they always use myself as the contact person. But for the majority of 2008 I was on maternity so there was no way for me to place these “false listings”. When it was time for me to “renew” my 1 year listing for $495 I go to battle each time. There is never a number they can be reached at- and are always calling from a private caller. Thanks for the info, I know that I can just put them on permanent hold till they go away. It is good to know I am not responsible for the invoices even if they do send.

  230. raylene

    This sounds like exactly what has been happening to our company!! I signed up once for a one year contract to Phone Pages well a year later they call back and say that every year your account is automatically renewed for another year so please pay up!! what a scam! I have been harrassed by phone calls from several different companies, sometimes 5 or 6 a day!!I gave my name out to phone pages slightly different than it actually is and guess what?? They all call me that slightly different name! So who do they get there info from?? Here is a few of the companies that have called-B2B communications, Phone pages, Canadian Media Pages, Glovex, Sky pages, Canadian Bizonline, and many more!! Thanks everyone for sharing, helps to keep everyone on there toes!! Good Luck!!

  231. Richard

    A simple solution to this is just tell them to put us in their do not call list.

  232. KStraker

    Don’t worry about the recordings. Unless it has a time and date stamp that’s written in stone, it’s worthless.

  233. Tracy

    Anyone hear of “Globex & U” – we just got an invoice and it looks strangely similar to one from Canadian BizOnline….

  234. Colin

    Bejeezus guys , haven’t you read the postings??

    Despite all their so called “legal threats” which amount to nothing more the BS baffles brains , these scammers don’t have a legal leg to stand on.

    Of course they’re not afraid of the police , bureaus etc. All they do is close up shop , open up under a new name and carry on.

    Don’t even bother acknowledging their existence. If they call put them on hold (racks up their bill) until they hang up.

    Put “Return to Sender” on any mail and drop it in the mail box.

    After my go around with ABI we must have been taken off their lists because we haven’t had any solicitations at all from any of these scammers.

    If you do get “threatening letters” from a collection agency , make sure it’s a legitimate licensed agency (not a side line business of the scammers) before you contact them explaining why you are refusing to pay the bill.

    These scammers aren’t going to waste time and resources traveling to your area for a small claims hearing for a paltry $300 – $400.

  235. Paul

    I’ve been nailed by Sky Publishing in Canada. They are not afraid of police investigation, nor complaints to the government (who would you complain to?) They threaten to go after you personally, damage your credit, and they have a doctored recording of you agreeing to their terms. They are a very sophisticated scam, with the exception that they have no real website when you google them. I think I’m screwed.

  236. Pat

    I’m the Business Manager for our company, and we were scammed by National Online Directory. They phoned us to supposedly verify our address and got one of our employee’s names. We then got a lengthy letter that looked like junk mail, and way down the letter it said that $39.95 per month would appear on our bill. God knows why I read the whole thing but I did. We reported them to the FTC, the Attorney General and the Direct Marketing Association.

    • Marti


      I am a Property Manager for an real estate company and the same thing just happened to us as well. Exactly as you described above…I have tried calling them and all they say is that they can’t hear me but they say this before I even have time to speak. I have called multiple time with the same result. Did you ever get billed? What was the outcome.

  237. Justine Whitfield

    Please help!! Im not sure if this is a scam or not I received paperwork to list my business under the World Wide Web, I never asked for this information. Under the small tiny print it stated that the cost was EURO 995. Now they are chasing me for this cost and as it was signed state I have no legal leg to stand on.???

  238. Louise

    BEWARE !!!! The scammers at Canadain Biz Online are now sending out invoices under the name Direct Market Link …. Another fraud…

  239. Terry

    This is to inform people that a company calling themselves A.B.I, a so called on-line publications company is at it again. Do not respond to them in anyway, they will tell you that they have recordings of you or your employees placing the order- and they don’t. They are scammers trying to get your information and money. Remember A.B.I is not a true company.

  240. Massive crackdown hits fraudulent telemarketers


    2009-06-02 18:57:00

    Andrea Rosen, deputy commissioner of competition with the Competition Bureau, left, and Eileen Harrington, deputy director, bureau of consumer protection with the Federal Trade Commission, speak at a press conference in Montreal, Tuesday, June 2, 2009, to launch “Operation Mirage”, a campaign to combat fraudulent telemarketing operations in Montreal. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Graham Hughes

    MONTREAL – Calling it the biggest crackdown of its kind in the country, the Competition Bureau of Canada swept down Tuesday on some 50 businesses and individuals believed to be involved in illegal telemarketing schemes.

    While no arrests were made, officials say at least 10 search warrants were executed and that it’s only a matter of time before the fraudsters are rounded up.

    Dubbed Operation Mirage, the initiative was meant to send a warning to scammers that they’re being watched, deputy commissioner Andrea Rosen told a news conference.

    It’s also meant to raise public awareness of their modus operandi and to alert potential employees of these fraudulent businesses that what they are being instructed to do is illegal, she added.

    “Montreal has a lot of students and recent immigrants,” Rosen said. “These people are looking for legitimate jobs and are easy pray for fraudulent telemarketers.”

    Rosen said the scam was related to the sale of bogus phone directories, which she called a particular problem in Montreal and one that costs legitimate businesses in Canada and the United States millions of dollars.

    As part of the scam, businesses are led to believe they have worked with the company before and have previously consented to the sale and need only to confirm pertinent information.

    They are often pressured into the sale with promises of reduced prices and when payment is not received, they are told they will be reported to the credit bureau.

    Rosen said they are led to believe they are buying space in the Yellow Pages but noted these directories are not released to the public or used for marketing.

    “If you buy something from a telemarketer that is deceiving you, then you are likely to be put on a list that will be sold over and over again and you will receive many, many more phone calls for these useless products,” she said.

    “Fraudulent telemarketers create an illusion of legitimacy.”

    While she acknowledged a similar raid two years ago has yet to yield any charges, Rosen said that one was more complicated.

    In the past, she said, the Competition Bureau has taken a number of individual cases through the courts and secured convictions of up to three years jail and fines mounting to $2 million or $3 million.

    She’s also hopeful this investigation will benefit from new amendments to the Competition Act.

    The changes mean penalties for criminal telemarketing offences have nearly tripled to 14 years in prison from five.

    As part of the Canadian investigation, the U.S. Federal Trade Commission filed suit last week to halt the operations of three suspicious Montreal telemarketing companies.

    The agency alleges the telemarketers bilked thousands of small and medium-sized U.S. businesses and non-profits of millions by getting them to pay for listings they never ordered in worthless business directories.

    The complaints were filed in Illinois northern district court against Reed Publishing, National Yellow Pages Online LLC and Integration Media Inc., all of which go by a number of different names.

    “Fraud doesn’t know any boundary or any border,” said Eileen Harrington, deputy director of the Federal Tade Commission’s consumer protection bureau.

    “This is the beginning of this operation. We expect to stand with the Competition Bureau throughout on this.”

    • Kendra

      I am the Office Manager of a company that has been dooped for the last time by these online scammers. There must be a way of informing others to these practices. I have paid out over $2,500 over the past 2 years because I was not aware. All of the companies that have contacted me are from Montreal, and I finally threatened them back today with legal action and they backed down….asking me not to go any further with my accusations. Here is a list of companies that I have dealt with…I hope it can help someone out there not get trapped.
      Canadian Biz Online, Yelloworx, Horizon Data, Canadian Media Pages, Phone Pages and Oispages. I have now started my own file on these scams and have informed my co-workers not to give out any info. Let’s band together to but these scammers out of business!! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!!

  241. GLA

    Has anyone ever heard of Data Link and what do you know about them?

  242. We have had similar experience with at least five (5) firms this spring, including ABI Publications. Others include Tri-Page Data and Marketing (Plattsburg, NY) and YP Business Infor (Boston, MA). We also ran into one firm whose published telephone number did not work and their listed website was bogus. Similar sites contain information that we be secured within seconds from a Google search.

  243. Hi Karantina,

    Thank you for displaying some of the information from my website. The main source of information for business directories is, managed by Jules Woodall.

    Despite what Colin says, there is NO benefit to a ‘free’ listing. The scam companies are only using your listing to legitimise the website and ‘con’vince other companies to become part of the scam.

    The more people that are aware of this type of scam the less success the scammers will have.

  244. Mike

    Canadian BizOnline just moved in the same office building where I work. If anyone is interested in knowing their physical address, it’s 740 St-Maurice, Montreal, suite 101. They are not listed under the name Canadian BizOnline – they use the name 9109-2494 Quebec Inc.

    One of the owners drives a 2009 BMW M6 and the other drives a 2009 Porsche Turbo. They seem to be doing really good on the scamming business in order to afford 200,000$+ cars.

  245. Richard

    (Sigh) Here we go again. There have been so many of these types of scams over the years that I’ve lost count. National Online Yellow Pages, National Advertising & Publishing Inc., etc, etc. They’re all a variation of the same scheme. Calling this practice a “scam” is too kind of a word. These people are nothing more than common thieves, and should be dealt with accordingly. It’s up to the various AG’s to see the damage these thieves are causing the public and use laws that are already on the books to deal with them. Substantial jail time coupled with widespread news coverage will only slow the practice. There’s just too much money to be made by cheating people in this manner to stop it all together …

  246. Katrina

    Just be careful when you are verbally sparring with these people – we believe they doctor their “recorded authorizations” by recording you giving an affirmative response (doesn’t matter what the question was) and plugging it into a sentence in which you are authorizing their services. I have had many calls from yellow page ad people and I am very careful not to say “yes”, “ok”, “sure” etc.; They tell me the name of my company, state my street address or phone number, etc.; then ask if that is correct, sometimes they just ask if I’m having a good day. As soon as they tell me who they are I say “The head office makes these decisions – do you want their number?” Usually they hang up. By the way, it doesn’t matter if you have a head office or not and you don’t have to give them a legit number – if you didn’t search them out for their services then you don’t owe them anything – just hanging up is also a good option. Or, screen your calls if possible – any 800, private or unknown calls can leave a message, if legit you can return it later. The only way they will get control is if we let them – the more people onto this the fewer people they can scam and the quicker they will be on to some new kind of scam so spread the word…

  247. Wonder if anyone has heard of Nationwide Data Solutions or I have received an invoice which they claim is 5 months old. Didn’t order this online directory listing – so wanted to see if anyone had some insight?


  248. Suddenly No Calls?

    Strange? I had a rash of directory online calls from ABI Publishing during a 4 week period, starting from the last 2 weeks of March and suddenly silence.

    I was either telling them off, ignore their unknown number, put them on a lengthy hold (personal favorite) or answer and hang up. Depending on my mood for each call. Just having fun, but it drives them crazy.

    Don’t know how they can live with the guilt with the empty threats. Always the same callers too Carl or some woman. The threats are meaningless and still have not seen an invoice from these fraudsters.

    Thanks to this website and the posters, except “vendetta” (are they a website scam too?) for all the informative information that gave me newfound confidence.

  249. Colin

    You know one upside to all of this is that we at least are getting free advertising (if you can call it advertising) on a number of these scam sites yet no phone calls , invoices etc. since I blew out the ears of Carl over at ABI Publications and refused to pay anything.
    Since they simply cut and past into their data base from legitimate sources and no one bothers to keep it up to date , we’ll probably be there until they shut down and reopen under a new name.
    Frightening thing it that even if revenues are cut by 3/4 that’s still $1B (according to vendetta) they can fight over and try and suck out of unsuspecting companies.
    In an odd way I kind of miss being hassled by ABI as it was almost fun arguing with Carl and listening to his feeble excuses and empty threats.
    Bring it on scammers!! lol

  250. Will Shinners

    National Online Directory, aka My Local Reach scammed me also. They supposedly get you listed higher in online searches. They put a $39.95 monthly service fee on my AT&T phone bill that I never authorized. I didn’t see it for over a year. Then, when I call them, all they’ll let me talk to is a customer service rep who has no authority or desire to help me…won’t give me a corporate office phone number, etc. Can’t these people find an honest way to make a living? We need to put a stop to this.

    • Kristin

      Will, you should call AT&T and have them block third-party billing to your account. This way, they cannot continue to bill you for a service you never requested and they more than likely never provided. And you’re protected from any other of these leeches that will try to attack you through your phone bill.

  251. United We Stand

    ABI Publications (most frequent), Canadian BizOnline, Canadian Media Pages, Reed Publishing, Sky Publishing,, YourYellowURL

    They call constantly and never leave messages. Each call is always the same story (unregistered P# number), stating I’ve been listed for 2 years now and the latest payment for 2008 is past due before they can close account on 5 year contract. Impossible, only been in business since Dec 2008. They threaten to sue, I asked for proof of my contract from 2007 or early 2008. They mention a payment was made last year and question the delay paying this invoice? I asked for a refund of my supposed payment was unauthorized and I will sue to recoup the theft. They always hangup before revealing any details, but they do call back with a different person with the same story.

    Don’t fall for their trap or let this scam bother you. Reading this board, we now know this is a truly unethical scam. Threaten to report them by getting info. for the BBB. I called in the complaint for ABI Publishing, there are more than 250+ on file in less than 12 months. Let’s all unite to work together to report complaints. United we can shut them down!

    • vendetta

      omg…noooo you cannot shut them down you don’t understand how this works..lets say you get enough complaints against them and close that company 5 business days they are up with new owners and new name and back to the same thing…this is why this scam never goes away! are not questioned when you open a business nor when you close one down..there is no limit on how many companies you open .You are simply limited to your financial means..if someone wants to keep doing this scam all they have to do is invest $10,000 to have 3 or 4 “sales reps” and 1 or 2 “collectors” 1 person recording so called “sales” not even if the reps are somewhat compitent and a in the usa!!!..and thats over shooting the amount!Don’t you understand that by simply reporting a company you are putting a band-ade on a cut that needs stiches.Complaints are good but have you seen the statistics?have you done real research??this is a $41 BILLION a year scam.There are certain steps you need to take to close them take much much more than just a couple of you to post on a board…if you really wanna damage this scam this is what you need to do…get all the companies you know of to join a group..maybe on facebook or something…if you have a company and deal with other companies day to day..send them an email to join aswell..get as many companies as you can to be in 1 place..i.e. twitter..facebook etc..and just give us a month..even less is not stupid people that fall for is unaware people..and we are about to raise awareness on a national level..the documentary we are doing is gonna be talked about on the news..if you wanna be proactive(and I admire your efforts..everyone on here) take my advice..make a group and get as many companies as you can on there..or even just regualr people that are sick an tired of scams and telemarketing calls..sick and tired of feeling helpless..and get them on one group..either way we are going to the media with this..this is gonna be big news..ive gone under cover and worked in these places..I know more about this that anyone you will partners and I wanna help..we really do..and WE WILL..I don’t have to post here..but you all seem so fed up..I wanna extend my immidiate help to you before it gets very known on the media because we will be so busy we will not be on here reading posts.

  252. Amy

    Just got a call from someone wanting to verify our business information. I’ve been onto these kinda scams for a couple of years now though so I know better. I didn’t verify anything but instead, asked for his name and contact information. The following is what he gave me, however, after googling the information I realize that it’s all fake (surprise, surprise!!)
    Michael Turner
    Data Link
    69 Century Drive
    Clifton, NJ 07014

    He says someone from their sales department will call me back with a recorded authorization from me. (haha) I promptly informed him that if I received an invoice from them that I would report them to the FTC, BBB and S.A.G. He said there was no need to make threats and quickly ended the call.
    What I wouldn’t give to get my hands on these people!

    • vendetta

      I was reading the posts here..if you really wanna get back at these people or really get to them where it hurts(there pockets) stay tunned…you will witness a revolution unfold and we willat that point place a link on here..all you will have to do is place a testimonial and tell all the businesses you know to watch our video…we are gonna take this scam down once and for all…and we will educate you and inform you of new ones breaking out.The key is knowing the scam before you get suckered…and to know how to really get at them…let me explain something to all of you here..1st off the bbb(better bus. bur.)cannot help,they are a 3rd party mediator..ive seen as much as 890 complaints against one such company and they are still not closed..2nd..the a.g will not do much because they have 50 states in america..if each state gets 2 complaints they will react in the same way..they will get a letter saying(some error) and will let it go..but all the a.g.s need to compare notes if they did it wouldnt be a complaint here and there would be like 100 complaints..the ftc and fcc work on a simaler level..they key here is to get your name out of circulation educate all staff working on phone is 2nd..there is alot more to this scam…we will help..give it a month or so..we will post a link and you will see.

  253. Kristin

    I received a letter from a company called ComTel Communications. The letter states that they spoke with an employee of ours and that arranged a 5 page web profile for a 14 day trial period ending when? You guessed it, today. Of course, there’s nothing on the envelope to indicate when it was actually mailed.
    So, I call them and speak with ‘Migdalia’ and told her that she did not speak with anyone from this company, no one requested, confirmed or authorized any services and furthermore, that the person that they listed does not and never has worked with our company.
    She asked for the company name, and I refused to give it to her. I told her, ‘you already have the phone number and the mailing address- that should be enough.’ She asked me to fax her the letter that we received in the mail and that she would send me the confirmation number for the cancellation. I’m pretty sure that this is just another attempt to get more information from us, so I had her give me the confirmation number in advance.
    I still have not faxed her the letter and do not plan to.

    Has anybody else dealt with them?

  254. vendetta

    stay tuned for more updates…We will also place our website on here .. and we will teach you all you need to will be armed..full of knowlegde and confidence and you will also have someone in your corner.Please keep in mind…these scammers have developed there scam over time..and we have developed our methods over time aswell..We even have an ex-telemarketer working for us.

  255. vendetta

    Hello all…I’m calling myself “V” or “Vendetta”. I’d like to let you all know that not only is there help,not only the public will be made aware,but..this will all be exposed on the media in the U.S.A some time this summer with the help of a very well known public speaker.My partner and I have started the most powerful webside regarding scams and we are going to blow the door off its hinges with the b2b directories scam 1st!,as our break out to the general public.

  256. Colin

    Good lord..I’ve visited a few of the sites I’d never heard about until I started frequenting this site and our company is listed on just about all of them!!!
    Thankfully since our go around with ABI we haven’t heard a peep from any of them (other than the”canorapage” I mentioned.
    There MUST be someway of getting a warning out to the general population.
    I’m going to try our local paper with a link to this site as a “public service”

  257. James

    @Matt: YOURCOMPANYLISTING is another business directory scam! It’s the same animal.
    In fact, they had been issued a cease and desist order by the Attorney General.
    You can read the story here:

  258. This morning I recieved a call from Ronnie Levitt from datasource 411 who was not happy about me making slanderous comments about his business. On closer inspection I realize that I did indeed falsely accuse them of setting the lawyers onto me. It seems that the lawyer is representing yet another scammer, YOURYELLOWURL. If that wasn’t enough for one day, I just received another call from YOURCOMPANYLISTING! I am about to lose my mind.
    Forgive me Ronnie if I don’t get back to you. I am the last person you want to talk to on the phone right now. I will be busy for the rest of the day reporting these companies and hopefully getting them the hell off my back.

  259. Rose

    Please add North American Directory Assistance. Same scenario. A phone call to verify address. The caller said this was the “final” invoice for a two-year aggreement and we owed $784.00. I had never heard of them and “Randal” told me that they had a previous name earlier but he could not recall. No proof whatsoever of having signed up for anything or any previous invoice was ever found in my records. They have not produced anything like this either although I requested it. Anyways, this is a scam. Please pass it on.

    PS. I emailed this article to them.

  260. Rose

    North American Directory Assistance is a scam to be aware of. Called and stated that they were about to send the “final” invoice of $784.00 for a directory listing someone from our company signed up for two years ago. Major pressure from them to verify my company address and after several phone calls to my phone, I caved in and gave it to them. Even after my many calls to their office, no one person could help me determine who or when we had previously signed up for this directory. Of course, the invoice followed as well as a reminder. I will not be paying this. I printed this article out and faxed it to them. Hopefully, they know that they are busted.

  261. Colin

    Not from a lawyer but for a fee you can get a lawyer to write a collection letter to almost anyone on your behalf.
    Whether or not they actually want to go into a court and try to explain to a judge (magistrate) how they got your info in the first place (probably off the net somewhere) , play a fuzzy recording of you as a verbal agreement (if they have one) and unable to produce a signed proof of purchase (authorization) depends on how stupid they really are .. 😀

  262. Thank you so much everyone!!
    I have been trying to work out what the f*%@$ Datasource 411 is and why they think that we owe them $787.45!
    Yesterday we received a letter from a lawyer(George Calaritis) threatening to throw a lawsuit at us if we didn’t make payment in full within 15 days. I was livid! After calling these clowns back and basically being treated like an idiot, I searched around and found this site.

    Thanks again! Now I know this is all a scam.
    Anyone else received a letter from lawyers?

  263. Karen

    Just got a call from Infolink,aka,Reed Publishing and I looked them up on the internet,they are nothing but scams.Never ordered from them.I checked the BBB website and they have lots of complaints,some lady named Patricia Nuntal is the principal contact,when they call,tell them you will notify the BBB and the FTC,I will not pay their stupid bill,let them take me to court…ditto on American Media pages,aka Horizon Data,I dealt with some bimbo named Andrea,she is in customer service aparantly,I will get the word out.

  264. Colin

    Sorry to say yet another one cropped up..
    Grossly overcharging for the same listing that is available free on the Internet by doing a search (company name,address,phone number and a ling to a Google map even though the location shown on the map is incorrect).
    Just a heads up.

  265. Well I’m going through the same crap with this company and cant for the life of me remember any part of sky publishing it sounds just like the rest thay call and say its due 399.99 pay now by phone or send a checkand also thay have one invoice # and talking bout another invoice # BEWARE OF THESE CREEPS

  266. Ramona

    Please add:

    Empire Direct Group
    225 Distribution Way
    Plattsburgh, NY 12901

    I am not paying them.

  267. Mark

    Add to the list:

    Monarch Media Group
    Empiregroup Direct
    National Online Pages

    Everybody, PLEASE: It only takes a few minutes to file a complaint with the United States Federal Trade Commission on line:

    Do NOT pay any of their “invoices,” “past due notices,” etc.

    They CANNOT harm your credit rating.

    Hang up. If they continue, report their harrassing telephone calls to local and/or state police agencies.

  268. It’s sad that I feel better knowing I’m not crazy.

    Add to the list:
    Direct Data
    ABI Publishing (been mentioned)
    Your Yellow URL

    I did call the RCMP and they said they don’t deal with these kinds of frauds. (I’m sure they would if it was TD Bank).

    I have placed at call to the Toronto Police Fraud Squad to see if they are more interested in stopping this.

    My next call is to the media outlets. Maybe THEN someone will care!

  269. HJD

    We are now dealing with Direct Data Pages. Or Alerias (sp.) or whatever they call themselves this week. They did manage to send me a very garbled recording of the “verbal agreement” – totally leading I might add, but that’s to be expected.

    We are not paying. Everytime they call I just say I have no idea what they are talking about and to contact our accounting department. Our accounting department then tells them they have no idea what they are talking about and to contact me.

    And around and around we go.

    It’s actually getting kind of amusing now.

    This has been going on for months. When I get bored I’ll tell them I’m filing a complaint with the Comeptition Bureau (and I actually will, too).

    Then we’ll see what happens. 🙂

  270. Sean

    Just got a scam call from as well. Beware. They told me we already had a listing. I went to the website while I was on the phone and couldn’t find our business. When I asked her she said the “computer pulls it off the website while they ‘update’ our information. These people make me ill- liars, cheaters, scammers. They give a bad name to the online yellow pages industry.

  271. Hanne

    anyone had any dealings with

    Your Online Business Solution…

    to me it looks like the same kind of scam, I have no clue when I signed up for this company or where they got my number from

  272. Dave

    Also another current company going about scamming is InfoLink aka InfoLink411 which is probably the same as the InfoTel family of scammers. Be on the lookout for these people as well!

  273. joe


    I have personally delt with canbiz.
    They call you up to tell you they are updating a listing that i’ve never had.
    They do a fast 2 minute recording and hang up before you can argue.
    when you do call back any no’s or arguments aren’t on the tape.. strange..
    and funny enough for my 2 year listing set at 299 or something along those line we ended up paying them almost 5 times… they called saying it was my second edition.. third edition… finally i told them where they can stick their editions….. They are a complete scam. And if you don’t pay they will call you and try to charge you interest…


  274. John


    dont confirm anything! a complete bunch of scam artists.

  275. Colin

    “How do these people sleep at night!”
    On the piles of $$’s they manage to scam of unsuspecting and honest people who think they are obligated to pay because of threats of legal action.
    If only there were someway to warn the general population of these scams.
    Seems that once you refuse to pay and they end up deleting your name from a list that gets circulated.

  276. James

    We have been having sporadic and ongoing encounters with Can BizOnline and recently (this morning) ABI Publishing. I have reported both these incidents now to the sites suggested and want to REALLY thank whomever is responsible for the origional posting. As many other have stated this made me feel alot better knowing this was a total scam. It always had that weird feeling about it.

    In any case after informing “STACY BECKER” that we would not only not be paying the amount and would also be reporting this scam to the RCMP etc and that I only found THIS web page when searching for ABI publications and then hung up.

    I promptly received a second fax stating while they “do not agree with” my “testimony” (are they already worried about being in court?) and that they have removed our listing(which they havent) and added us to their “do not call list” and then stated “We trust this is sufficient to resolve the complaint” . Sadly for them I emailed them back stating I had already reported them.

    Unreal! How do these people sleep at night!

  277. Hey, everybody.
    Watch out for “Easy Yellow” They just called and wanted to verify some information to send out an invoice for next month’s bill. Of course, I let him know that we only use free advertising and he of course, hung up before I could even finish my sentence.
    Add them to the list too.
    I guess this is their website. It’s actually kind of cute.

  278. Josie

    Thanks for all your stories. Very helpful. Do add Canadian Mediapages to the illegitimate files. I sent them a fax of this blog, with the comments made about their practices and within 2 hrs received a fax which cancelled their bogus invoice that they were aggressively pursuing!!

    They use the same MO as described above: confirm business name & address with receptionist, lead the unwary to agree that an invoice can be sent (they are thinking it is for something the manager ordered or reordered). When the Manager catches wind of an unauthorized purchase, the mediapages rep (who by the way never has a last name on the faxed invoices) uses a CLIP of a taped conversation with your unwary staff to ‘prove’ and intimidate that a purchase was authorized, when in fact all your staff authorized was that yes, an invoice can be mailed to our address. This rep was aggressive and effective in trying to induce guilt ‘we have already done your advertising for you’; ‘I have taped proof that your staff authorized’, etc etc. Do not fall for it. If they seriously wanted to do business, they would ask for a PO, not tape a conversation in which they lead the caller into authorizing the mailing of an invoice.

    Refuse to pay, and the next call you make is to the local Better Business Bureau. They confirmed that there are active issues with Canadian Mediapages, and directed me to report this as an Economic crime to 1 888 495-8501 (Phonebusters, an RCMP initiative). This line was very busy, but instructed that an online report is also available at (report economic crimes on line). The online reporting is simple (need to register first) and so worth it!

    Remember that each invoice may be small, but if we allow them to get away with it they are making a killing at being essentially, criminals.

  279. Tammy

    Thanks to everyone for the info posted on this site. It has been a great help.

    I had a call from DataSource 411 a few days ago, wanting to “update” our organization’s info. I work for a board run non-profit organization and am new, but am also the only employee. When I said we were board run and I couldn’t make any purchasing decisions, I was assured that I was only being sent a proof of our listing and that the board would have final say. Then I got the third-party call asking me to verify the address and was asked if I had purchasing authority. I said no, the board has to approve all of our purchases. The caller said she’d have to transfer the file back to the rep then.

    The next day the same rep called, and again said that I just had to verify the address so the proof could be sent, and that she would be attaching a business card so I could take it to our next board meeting. I once again said I could not make purchasing decisions and clarified the board would be able to make the final decision regarding the actual purchase of the advertising. I was assured that it would be noted in the file that the board had to approve the purchase. However, she said the third party who would call to verify the address had no access to the file and that I just had to say yes to the purchase so the proof could be sent out.

    When the third party called later to verify the address and asked if I was authorized to purchase, I was still hesitant but finally said yes, sort of, that the rep and I had discussed it.

    Of course, when I called the woman who does our bookkeeping, it turns out we’ve never been listed with them before.

    When I did a search on the site, our organization was not listed, so I printed off the web page and took a screen shot showing the date and time. I’ve already emailed, saying I was clearly lied to and tomorrow morning, I’ll be calling them. I have a digital recorder and this time I’LL BE THE ONE RECORDING THE PHONE CALL! 😉

    We’ll see what happens. At least I know if we do get an invoice that I don’t really need to worry about it.

  280. Just to follow up my previous note since I can’t edit it – my client contacted the RCMP’s “Economic Crimes On-Line” unit ( and let each company know that he’d done so. He happily reports that he’s no longer being called, faxed etc. asking for money for any of these online directories. Also, a lawyer for JW Publications contacted me after coming across this web page and suggested that his client runs a legitimate operation; he feels JW shouldn’t be grouped with these directory scams. That’s all the information I have – hopefully others will find it helpful.

  281. I am having the same problem as every business owner. Canadian Bizonline is a member of the BBB. This company uses unethical business practices. I have never heard of them, (they must have got my information from Canada411) and yet they claimed that I agreed to get their service. I sent them a registered letter and they claimed that they did not get it. Guess what I did…I faxed the Company person who signed for the registered cancellation letter. Now they are saying that I cannot cancel and they are the only one that could cancel me. Everyone knows that you have the right to cancel something without a contract. It states on their invoice this is a final sale. The cancellation of any subscription can only be done only after the end of the first term. Remember one thing this is an invoice not a signed contract. I mailed them another registered letter with Canada post. It tells me when they received my cancellation notice. They must have people that work their that cannot read a cancellation letter. The person that works and calls us everyday with a PRIVATE number thinks that it was mailed to a wrong address. Shouldn’t this letter come back to me, are they that silly to believe that Canada Post would not return my registered letter. I asked them to produce a signed contract agreeing to their terms. They claimed that it was a verbal agreement. I refuse to speak with this person that harasses my employee’s everyday. I only respond to their fax so I have it in writing. As many people know companies make you sign a contract, so you understand what kind of services you are getting and terms. I know that they cannot go to a collection agency without a signed contract. We could all get together with a class action suit, so we could stop this fraudulent company. I have so much documentation against this company it is so sickening and yet the BBB has them as a member. I have placed a complaint with BBB. The way to stop this company is to go after them in court, so we get compensated for the entire headache they put on the small business owners.

  282. Hanne

    I think that it would be very nice if there was a list of all those companies that are pulling the scams

  283. Kay

    Found this site by Google-ing the companies in question. Thanks for the confirmation!

    Here are the recent ones:
    “Directory of American Business”
    “American Business Directory” – ABI Publications
    “Saturn Exchange, Inc”
    “National Pages”
    “Info US 411”

  284. add two more to the list, same scenerio as all the others.

    Data Express

    U S Data

  285. Suzanne

    Add two more scam companies:

    Info US411 364 E. Main St. Ste 307, Middletown, DE

    B2B IPages 125 S. Wacker Dr. Ste 300 Chicago, IL 60606

    Both these companies contacted us by phone, using the same line of renewing an online directory website. Info US 411 was stupid enough to send an order confirmation, order cancellation and a past due notice all dated the same date.

    I’m so glad I found this site, because our company has been taken in too many times. No more!!

  286. Jeannette

    We to have been bothered by Data Source 411. I refused to pay them and had a lengthy conversation with a lady. She got so mad and hung up on me. It has been 4 months since I heard from her or them. Do not pay them pr any other company.

  287. Colin

    Think it’s safe to say this is just another incarnation of all the other scams out there.
    No written agreement , proofing of add , come at you from nowhere with vague recordings and no ones ever heard of them.
    Why on earth would you pay $500 for a listing on some obscure web site no one knows about when for much less than that you could get your own Internet domain c/w emails etc.
    Tell them you aren’t paying and REFUSE to pay ANYTHING.
    Ignore their threats and rants. Nothing ever comes of them.

  288. Hanne


    Does anyone know about scams with a company whose names is “B2B IPAGES” located i Quibec
    They are claiming we signed up for 2 years netlisting, apparently this happent 1 year ago and we now got our first bill of 499.95 + GST
    the pattern is the same, they have a recorded order confirmation.
    With all this scam going on (its not the first time that we have been hit and were stupid enough to pay), we are starting to get petrified.

    So please anyone, is this legit or scam?

  289. Colin

    Suzanne , the approach that worked for me was to simply tell them in no uncertain terms you are not going to pay the bill and they will be spending a lot more trying to collect than they will receive from you.
    Then ignore them.Return their invoices,faxes etc and politely hang up if they call instead of wasting time arguing with them. (ie Sorry I’m busy. Bye).
    Talking to a lawyer for the most part would be fruitless as they are ethically bound to advise you to honor a so called contract (though some will see the scam for what it is).
    Their threats of legal action are a bluff as I doubt any legitimate collection agency would take them as a client and any reasonable small claims judge would simply throw it out without signed documents when confronted with the fact that the information is available free elsewhere.
    Good luck.

  290. Yvonne

    We got caught in the Canadian Biz as well as the ABI, they record fake conversations to try and prove you authorized the ad. Even though I stated to them that I could not find us listed anywhere on their site. The girl on the phone said we were listed under “mechanical”…I replied…mechanical what? Then they tried to tell me it was authorized by so and so ….I replied…what day? The girl was getting flustered by now. She threw out a date and I said, impossible…that person wasn’t here that day. She said let me check. And then played me the phony recording.
    I am so glad I found this site today. I put a stop to any and all payments to these people and cannot wait till the next phone call from them, lol.

  291. Helen

    Has anyone dealt with or heard about Direct Datapages?

  292. Suzanne


    I am wondering if anyone knows about scams with company’s whose names are Online Listing Publications for Better Global Business Communications and INSIGHT marketing solutions or The United States Business registry. They called our busy office and asked to confirm address and then billed us. Has anyone been taken by these guys and what can I do since they are harrassing us. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

  293. Davide

    Hey NEO,
    Since your just a satisfied customer of canbiz what company do YOU represent? and where could we reach you/your company? Oh let me guess you live in MONTREAL just the place where canbiz is located and the the website of the webmaster is located as well…

  294. Colin

    I think the crux of the matter , at least for me was..
    Have you ever heard of GM , Chrysler , Coke , Pepsi , LaBatts etc.etc.?
    Of course you have..they advertise and promote their products.
    No one I have talked to ever heard of ABI , Canadian Bizzonline etc.etc. yet they ask over $500 to put basically put your Yellow Page listing on their web site promising greater exposure and more customers across North America.
    How exactly is that going to happen if THEY don’t promote their own sites encouraging potential customers to visit?
    If they can’t afford to advertise their own web site then they are basically promoting their business fraudulently.
    These aren’t exactly “scammers” as they do offer a meager and grossly overprices service , they just work with unethical business practices.
    I have no sympathy for them and the more aware one can make the business community of these types of operations , the fewer of them that will survive.
    As I said before , the exact same information they want $500 for is available FREE simply by typing in the company you are looking for in an internet search engine.

  295. Neo

    Davide, you are so wrong in thinking that the website you linked belongs to me. I don’t even know who that guy is whose name appears on the website and it obviously doesn’t have any link to me.

    Now, however I will be writing to Canadian BizOnline to let them know about the defamation of their name so they can decide what they want to do since I am just a customer.

    Please get your facts straight before making up stories for all I know you could be a disgruntled ex-employee.

  296. Colin

    quick update just FYI…

    ABI Publications have removed us form their web site (YAY!!:D) and given up trying to collect.

    I was successful , hopefully others can follow and get rid of these persistent pests too.

    Don’t get sucked in by their empty collection threats..please!!

    Good luck .

  297. Davide

    Hey NEO,
    Nice job pretending to be a customer. When you are clearly the webmaster for (Canadian Biz Online) People, here is his website which promotes the fact that he has designed and still continues to maintain this company.

  298. Colin

    An 8 year old article on the BBB..interesting … not!
    Facts of the matter are they are charging over $500 to cut and paste your companies info into a data base then posting it on their web site. This exact information is available free on corporate registry sites.
    You can purchase your own domain c/w emails etc. where you can post anything you want about your company for a hell of a lot less if you really want internet traffic.
    They do not advertise nor promote their web sites to so there is virtually no traffic.
    There are companies listed on these sites that have never been invoiced nor heard of these scamming operations.
    Just FYI , I haven’t been pestered nor heard from Karl at ABI Publications on over 2 months now, Guess he finally got the message. 😀
    As they are offering a meager service they don’t , I think , fall into the criminal activity category and aren’t really classed as scammers , simply a grossly overpriced product with unethical business practices that rely on the buyers ignorance.
    Glad to see others taking a stand against these operations. Just wish there was some way of getting this information to the general public and making them aware of the stands they can take instead of falling for the empty , unenforceable threats of these “scammers”.

  299. kristine

    This is too funny. I’ve been going through the exact same thing as everyone else here with DataSource411. I got the guy, Rony Lovitt, to email me a copy of the invoice so I could respond to him that way:

    Hi Rony,

    I thought maybe you might be interested in reading a couple of articles I found. I have already contacted my legal representative, the local RCMP members, and the Better Business Bureau.

    Appreciate your time. Do not contact myself or this office again.

    His response:

    Hi Kristen, as long as we’re checking out websites, here are some you should check out as well….

    this is the owner of ripoff report being investigated by the FBI

    this is the BBB mishandling consumer reports, and causing legitimate businesses such as mine to look bad, as they are NOT GOVERNMENT OPERATED OR EVEN CONTROLLED, as the public so wrongly think

    I understand if you have an issue with the invoice, or the service we offer, but to believe unsubstantiated internet diatribes, perhaps you should do all your research first before accusing people of something they did not do. If you wish to not pay this invoice due to a misunderstanding, I can understand, and something can even be done about it, but first we need to do something about those complaints you have filed. Please contact me so that we may come to an amicable solution. Thanks, Rony

    Wow!!! What a change of tone. I didn’t respond to his email. I’m sure he gets the point, and it doesn’t waste a whole bunch of my time to hang up on him when he calls. I feel sorry for these pathetic people that are just a complete waste of space in this world.

  300. Colin

    So it’s a verbal agreement and considered a contract.Think we know that.
    However , contracts are only enforceable in the courts and since these scammers are offering a grossly overpriced service and very little in return , as well as misrepresenting themselves in a lot of cases, they cannot follow through with legal action for fear of exposing their dubious business practices .
    Refusing to pay and reporting them is recourse enough.

  301. Neo


    I just saw this blog while looking at my listing at Canadian BizOnline. I have dealt with this company recently and have my listing properly listed there and didn’t have problems like that.

    I don’t even think the prices mentioned (599$ – 1200$!!!) are prices that they actually have. I have my listing with them and saw a nice increase in sales after about 3-4 months.

    I think it might be another company trying using Canadian BizOnline’s name for fraudulent purposes. The invoice I paid was not even close to the prices mentioned above. Their toll-free phone number is on their website which is correct and I was able to reach them 4 times out of 5 when I had some questions about my account access.

    Also, they are a member of the BBB and I know that BBB wouldn’t tolerate fraudulent practice, you can see their info here:

    It could be disgruntled employees trying to do that or other companies trying to do that. I can’t say if other companies are also real or fraudulent but Canadian BizOnline definitely isn’t. Since I saw a small but real increase in my business.

    Hopefully this information will help shed some light on your doubts.

  302. Julie

    Pay attention. Sounds like alot of disgruntled ex-employees out there. get a life. You accepted the invoice on the recording and you said send it to your attention. That is a VERBAL agreement.
    Pay more attention , you get scammed when you walk around blid and deaf.

  303. Diana

    Thanks for the great info
    I spoke with Ronnie Lovitt with Datasource4 411.
    about one month ago I received a call from a rep named Nick asking me to verify existing data on file with datasource in order to update our listing. I was under the impression that this was through I asked if we had listed with them in the past and was told that yes an employee had authorized listing with them and this was merely an update to information. I verified the info and gave my information as an authorizing purchaser (which I am not *sigh underexperienced employee!)
    I tried to call the following day to cancel the listing and left a msg with which is legit unlike datasource! I received an invoice from datasource for $749 +gst several weeks later and called immediately to cancel the service.
    I was directed to Ronnie Lovitt who was condescending, rude and coercive on the phone! When I told him I was not unaware I had agreed to purchase services he implied that I was stupid, I told him I had called the following day to cancel and he sounded upset – he told me that their contact information is not posted on any public source and that representatives should not give that info out over the phone (definitely suspicious!) He also did not seem to know a rep named Nick (probably a bogus name anyways)
    He told me that our info had been updated immediately after the initial phone call and therefore I was obligated to pay, however I checked the website and the information is not only incorrect, we are listed twice and in a town which we do not operate out of!!
    Mr. Lovitt told me that his employees had families who needed to eat and they had update the contact info at an expense of $299.95 – the cancellation fee + gst “because the government needs their cut too”!! yea right as if updating a website could ever cost that much… we are a small company who do not have the funds for scams like this!!
    I was feeling really shitty by the time I got off the phone with this guy but thank you for the info! I have filed a complaint with and the BBB of Quebec
    Not only did I not authorize any service by datasource but they did not even provide a service to us as we are not listed correctly with them!!!

  304. Kim

    We too are getting scammed by Canadian Bizonline. I have our lawyer sending out a dispute letter to them. We both have been dealing with a Kristine Miller in Customer Service- supposedly. What a crock of total @#$%. As though we don’t have enough obstacles running a small business with all the governement red tape, permits, remittances, WSIB, TSSA, the list goes on and now we have to deal with fraud artists on a weekly basis. We also are bombarded with fraudulant emails. The emails into our company are mainly from people in a foreign country with inheritence money they need a foreign person to somehow help them receive–about 40 of these emails a week. What is going on with scammers these days? LEAVE US ALONE! Thank you for this website–atleast we aren’t the only ones. Any ideas on how to make them stop calling?

  305. Erik

    Another company that tried to pull one of these stunts on me is Empire Group Direct. I noticed that they haven’t been mentioned on this page. They’re address is in Plattsburgh, New York, where most of these companies are at. I asked them to provide me with some proof of when the order was placed. The rep just said ” let me look for that information and I will call you back when I have it.” I have not gotten a call from them to this day and it has been about 5 months.

  306. Erik

    I received a call today from Al Gardner at datasource 411 to let me know that they hadn’t received the payment yet. I told him that they hadn’t received it because I hadn’t sent it and I wasn’t going to send it. The previous times he had called he sounded more persistent about me sending them the money and telling me the legal process that was going to take place if I didn’t send them the payment. Today was different though, when I told him I had been advised by the FTC and the attorney general to not send them any money. He told me if my intentions were to not pay the bill to send them a letter if I thought it had been an injustice.
    The first time he called I tried to tell him it was an injustice and he seemed not to care. It’s so funny how as soon as I mentioned the FTC and attorney general he turned into such a nice person and didn’t pressure me into sending the payment. I also told him the company he worked for is committing fraud and how often the appeared on the internet as scammers. I’m just glad I did further research and didn’t send them any money. I can’t wait for another phone call from any one of these companies and used my newly acquired knowledge against them.

  307. Just a follow-up to the many messages. My cmpany was subject to attack by ronnie Lovitt at datasource as well. I wrote down the comments from him and filed them with the RCMP at this site. The best way to nip this guy is to build a record with the suthorities. Here is the site:
    Let’s get this company some hard answering for its methods and hopefully fines and jail time

  308. Kristin

    Hey, guys. I can’t tell you how much this website helped. Although, it’s a shame that these horrible people are targeting so many businesses, it’s comforting to know that I’m not the only one.
    Not even 10 minutes ago, I received a call from a guy (didn’t give his name) who claimed to be from Online Yellow Pages.
    I gave the company’s name when I answered (like I always do) and then he asked again to confirm the name. I said yes. Then he said that he wanted to confirm some information to send an invoice for our listing. I told him that we only use free advertising services. It came as no surprise that he hung up.

  309. Colin

    I lit into them one time and made it uncomfortable for them to call me.
    No more calls but they kept sending faxed invoices so I simply scrawled “please stop spamming our fax machine with unwanted advertising” and haven’t heard from them since.
    Trying to be civil , polite and business like just seems to encourage them to continue trying to collect so I gave up with that approach.
    I also invoiced them for time wasted.

  310. Sylvie

    Anyone know the best way to get them to back off and stop calling?

  311. Matt

    Please bear in mind that callers get commissions for any payments they collect so they will use any possible ways to increase their bottom lines.

    Enough is enough! Don’t pay these scammers!!!

  312. Erik

    I was contacted by datasource 411 in march of 2008 and was also told I had a balance of $749.95 for my three year listing of my business. I told them I had only been the owner of the business for less than two years and that I hadn’t ordered anything. They said this was the last year of the listing and that I had to pay immediately. I looked up the website while I had the rep on the phone and I told her my business wasn’t even listed on there. She then said she had to make some corrections and instantly my business information was on. I was trying to tell her I didn’t want anything and I told her again that it wasnt’ my bill. She said she just needed to transfer me to the shippng department to verify my address so that they could send out a bill. I figured since I had never placed any orders for advertising that I would let them send the invoice and wouldn’t pay for it, so I confirmed the information.
    About a week later I got a call from their accounts receivable department saying they were calling to collect the money for the order I had placed and the person said they had me on a recording accepting the order. I asked him I wanted to hear it since it was a three year listing, thinking that he would play an order from 2006. Turns out the address verification to send out the invoice was the actual order.
    I didn’t send them any money, I was about to though. The same person kept calling me everyday to collect the “debt” and I just kept ignoring the calls or telling him I would need more time to look into this matter. I told him I was going to speak to my lawyer and he immediately started negotiating with me on the amount to be paid, the bill went from $749.95 to $199.00, which was the cancellation/closure fee. I did speak to a lawyer and he said I had two choices: Pay his holding fee of $2,000 to take on the case or pay $199.00.
    Looking at the numbers $199.00 sounded a lot better. I was almost about to send the money, but I did some more research and I found this website. I’m glad I did or else I would have contributed $199.00 dollars to this company to continue its dirty operations. I have already reported them to the FTC and the BBB.

  313. Sylvie

    Anyone heard from Canadian Business Guide in this type of scam? A guy named Doug something keeps calling.

  314. Laurie

    Canadian Media Pages … funny, “AWD” did not leave their name, just the same amount of rhetoric and misinformation that their “customer service” gives. Avoid at all costs. Report their unethical behaviour as widely as possible and pass it along your business networks. Remind your staff not to accept their calls.

  315. Susan

    CanBizOnline has been attempting to scam our company. Fortunately we’re small enough (husband and wife) that we realized that it was a scam before paying. On the first phone call demanding $700, we looked at each other and realized neither of us had approved it, so we asked for contact information since we had never even heard of the directory. The person on the phone got flustered and refused to give us any contact information for anyone else. After that phone call, we checked their site, and our company is not even listed. In fact the listings seem to end after the letter “c”, making us think that yes they copied and pasted from a phone book.

    They have now sent us an invoice by mail for about $400 (down from the original $700) which we won’t, of course, be paying. But I appreciate the info on who to report these guys to–I will be sending them a nice letter telling them they’ve been reported, and we’re not paying a cent for a listing that doesn’t even exist. I mean, if they were smart they would at least have added the listing before sending us a paper invoice for it!

    So beware everyone:

    …is a total scam.

  316. Ducky

    Oh BTW. The other businesses listed on their websites that have never been contacted or invoiced? Most likely the next victims….

  317. Ducky


    I have been through the same thing with Phonepages and then ABI tried to pull the same stunt. I did not threaten, I actually called Phonebusters and the Quebec Better Business bureau (I am in Alberta as well but you have to complain to the bureau in the province where they are located) and opened files and laid complaints. They told me not to pay, and I haven’t. Interestingly both the QBBB and Phonebusters told me exactly what they would do.

    The last phone call I rec’d was from a ‘collection’ agency..Triple A Collections but it was the same phone number as all the rest of the calls. I told him that we were not going to pay as the RCMP at Phonebusters, the Quebec BBB and my lawyer all told me not to.

  318. AWD

    As per the information posted regarding Canadian Media Pages, I would like to clarify a couple of your comments, as we are rather surprised to be reading this report. Unlike other companies out there, it has never been our company’s policy to force our products or services upon any customer, no matter what the circumstances are, and we will not proceed with the order and the issue is closed.

    All customer have the choice to purchase our services or not, and as you know there are companies out there, who purchase products and services, and because they assume it’s something else, or perhaps a misunderstanding by both parties, an amicable settlement is offered, and only if the customer agrees.

    The only thing I can say about this is, we cannot always please the customer, however, we do have a Customer Service Department, with a toll free number, an e-mail address, fax number, to contact us if they have any questions, comments, quires etc…

    CS Manager

  319. Colin

    “I guess being from a small town doesn’t stop these people from finding you…”

    No because they probably go through the Yellow Pages and simply copy/paste the information onto their site and into their AR then have their AR program generate invoices.

    We’re listed with some of these scam sites I’ve never heard of and who have never contacted us.

    ABI have listings on their site that have never heard of ABI Publications nor been invoiced by them. Apparently some get listed (whatever good that does) free while others are harassed. Go figure.

    Maybe it’s the luck of the draw??

  320. Michele

    DataSource 411 Scam!!!!

    Beware of this “directory listing” they make it sound like you are renewing a contract with them for your 411 listing. If I was thinking I would have realized…411 is free, duh. So I verified our mailing address and spelled my name in full(no manager was on duty that day and we HAD to verify our contact information immediately for a listing to stay up) a week later my boss gets a $750 bill! I told her that 411 had called to verify our listing, she was suspicious right away. I feel bad, but I had no idea! Our town has 3 phone books and multiple other papers that our company advertises in. I had no idea. So now 411 keeps calling my place of employment and asking for me – my boss has been great though and pretty much tells them to take their invoice and shove it. But the calls keep coming…I hope they will stop soon. They made my boss listen to a recording of me “Verifying the purchase of the product” but all it is, is me confirming the address! I guess being from a small town doesn’t stop these people from finding you…

  321. Colin

    I’m just simply ignoring ABI and any others now and sent ABI’s faxed invoice back with a note to please stop spamming our fax machine.

    Talking to an attorney about these scammers is probably not the best thing to do as attorneys are ethically bound to advise you to settle a contract dispute somehow whereas these scammers aren’t really in a position to pursue you legally as they don’t have a written signed agreement and are obviously grossly overcharging for their meagre service. My opinion anyway.

  322. Amanda

    Canadian Media Pages did the EXACT thing that was mentioned at the beginning of this blog. I fought so hard to get them to answer my one question “Was this ALREADY paid?” Because our information was being ‘updated’ and our account was showing it was up to date, leading me to believe that it WAS. The scary part was that they did record the call and tried to use the call against me to our accouting department. But it was clear that the telemarketer was far too evasive and never clearly answered my question. They agreed to charge us for the artwork and reduce the bill to $99 (originally $450) but this new invoice is still yet to arrive.

    I’m actually in the process of trying to get CANBIC to send us a copy of our previous ad. They’ve pulled out an invoice from 2007, addressed to a former co-worker and they’re claiming it was never paid. Well, when I see a proof of an actual ad, we’ll talk.


  323. Kim

    DataSource 411 is also a scam company that needs to make the “list”. We have been receiving phone calls for the last week doing the same thing. “Just checking our information is still correct….” one of our employees verified the information but as soon as they were told that the invoice would be sent they immediately sent them to the A/P department. We have not authorized payment, stated that and asked them to fax us a copy of the contract of the last invoice that was paid by us. To date they have not done either of those things but keep calling hoping to find someone else who will authorize. I have emailed all staff to inform them to hang up as soon as they identify themselves as DataSource 411.

    I wish there was a way to stop people like this. I also wish more people would look up companies on the internet before accepting and then paying for bogus invoices.

    We are located in Canada and other than the Do Not Call List that is out and letting the Better Business Bureau know, I am not sure what we can do other than keep telling them NO! $749.99 is what they wanted to invoice us…. /sigh

    Here is their website:

  324. We have been receiving a lot of hassle from Phonepages in Montreal since April of 2007.
    It started when they contacted one of my part-time employees and told him that they were calling to confirm our next years business listing with them and managed to get him to say yes a few times to whatever questions they ask.
    We received an invoice about 6 weeks later, saying that the 30 Day cancellation period had passed and that we had to pay $499.98 for our one year listing and after 3 different calls trying to explain that the employee had no authorization to purchase anything on behalf of the business, the response was that they did not care, Pay up or else.
    I took the matter up with my business attorney, who told me that that they are one of several “boiler room operations” based mainly out of Montreal and they all operate the same scam. he told me to ignore all correspondence from them.
    Over the next several months I received 26 reminders and warnings all addressed to my former employee who has since been terminated for an unrelated matter. Several of these threatened to refer our file to a collection agency if the account was not payed by the day “before” we received the fax.
    The hassling stopped in September of 2007 and in January we received a letter from a collection agency in the United States reference the file and, again in February. however, as my lawyer told me, they are in the U.S. and I am in Canada and they cannot touch me. Also, a google search on this company shows that they are under investigation in the U.S. for fraud by several states and attorney’s generals.
    Phonepages started up with the with the reminders again in July, again, all addressed to the former employee with us receiving 8 so far. We have our phone set up with call display and we keep a list of those scam organizations phone numbers by the phone. Also the phone is connected to the fax machine so that if we get a suspicious call (1-800, 1-866, 1-900 etc) we just let the fax pick up.

  325. Colleen

    Eagle Marketing got me…some b**** named Emily Long started calling and harassing me at my office about a past-due $700+ invoice she had sent us (but that we never received). She swore that I had ordered a business listing with them, and I swore that I had not, since I’m not authorized to make any purchases over $500 for my company and something that cost more than $700 definitely would have made me think twice (if we even did this sort of advertising, which we don’t). But of course, nobody during the “information verification” call ever mentioned a price. When I demanded to hear the tape Ms. Long said she had of me agreeing to the listing, I did in fact remember the conversation – except it had been EDITED to make it sound as if I agreed! Unbelievable. I thought they had me there and I didn’t know what else to do, so I stupidly paid OUT OF MY OWN MONEY (after arguing the bill down a few hundred dollars, but still) but along with the check sent a very nasty letter to this horrible woman, asking her how she sleeps at night and using a few other choice words. Now that I look back I know I could have just let her keep calling and nothing would have happened, but I was in a panic that I was going to lose my job! Now whenever someone calls and says they’re from a company that even REMOTELY sounds like it has to do with business listings, I cut them off very rudely and tell them not to call ever again. I don’t give them anything they can edit to make it sound like consent. I learned my lesson!

  326. Michelle

    Add these companies to the list of business directory scammers:

    American Eagle Marketing
    Business Data USA

    Both outfits use a customs broker called NGJ, Inc. or Norman G. Jensen Inc. in VT and ME and their “forwarder”

    Don’t pay and if they keep calling — tell them you will report them to the local FBI field office

  327. June

    We are currently being scammed by Canadian Bizonline , the are located in Montreal, Quebec. Of course, we verified our business info with them….and then a while later an invoice came in mail. We phoned them and told them “hey, we don’t want this and cancel it right now”. Then they told us they have a voice recording of us agreeing to purchase this service. Funny, now that I think of it, they never played it for us because we were too busy arguing on the phone. Anyhow, zip forward 6 months later, we receive a cd in the mail with our supposed listing in the directory. It looked like a cheap cd, burned on a home computer, our listing wasn’t even on the cd. We called them back again, asking to cancel. Again, the run around with a rude person, telling us that somebody will call us back to cancel. Nobody called back. Now a few months later, we get another phone call from a person that would be handling our cancellation. They said the would send a cancellation notice in the mail that we have to send back and SIGN….along with our final invoice. We said “Whoa, wait a minute here, what final invoice???” He said it was for $599!!! I said your nuts we are not paying this! He then said fine, I will send you an invoice for $1200 for your 2 year contract! I told him there is no way I am paying for this crap, and he basically told me too bad and then he hung-up on me!! Can you believe this garbage?? I’m sending a call to the BBB tomorrow….

  328. Norm

    Geez, 2nd one in 1 week. It’s obviously related to datasource411. Take a look at there website.

    These guys just don’t give up. Can’t get us on one, they try on another.

    Beware is a FRAUD as well. Don’t pay!

  329. Hello.
    We are having some of the same issues with DataSource411. After we received a bill from them, I looked them up and found this site. Seeing that the number of victims has grown, I decided to post.
    Unlike Amanda, I did not print out the search that proved that we were not listed on their website. I looked today and- surprise!-we are listed. I am emailing them now (nice and calm) and telling them to back off.
    I have submitted a complaint to the BBB and FTC and I hope something gets done soon.

  330. Michelle

    Datasource 411
    Montreal, Canada

    Like the gentleman in the previous post I too was almost scammed by Datasource 411.

    Please be aware that the folks at Datasource 411 are internet scammers. They target unsuspecting businesses and try to extort money through their their “gotcha in a recording” tactic by leading into believing that you lawfully agreed to a quasi service or product even if you only burped into the receiver.

    DO NOT SEND Datasource 411 any money and do not believe their threats as they have absolutely no credibility as a so-called business. Instead tell them in a calm voice that you will report them as an internet scam to the appropriate authorities. My guesstimate is that many of the folks working for Datasource 411 and other questionable online businesses are young adults who through bad moral choices and decisions attach themselves to conscience disabled criminals in order to make a fast buck. The best way to talk to them is by appealing to their conscience and asking them whether someone they respect would be proud of what they were doing. Uncaring people drowning in disordered lives are in need of caring people to speak to them with a firm and compassionate appeal for choosing work and life that reflects dignity not criminality. When you imitate the gentleness and love of Christ in responding kindly to someone who tries to hurt you – get ready to be surprised by the positive outcome that at first started off as a very bad day.

  331. Norm

    We’re experiencing the same situation as David above.
    Datasource 411 called one of our reps to confirm our mailing address to send out an invoice.

    They didn’t ask for a manager, store owner, no one that could approve the agreement to begin with. Week later we get an invoice for $700+

    They’re trying to say one of our managers approved it which she clearly didn’t. Then they said our rep falsly acted as the manager and this was serious business.
    That they had a voice recording of our manager agreeing to the service, when all they did was confirm a mailing address for an invoice we were supposed to be expecting.

    Said in one sentence they could zero it out, but we threatened them and now they won’t unless I sign and fax something saying I Will not pursue this legally, or file any complaints. etc…
    when all I did was tell them I’d 1st take this to a regional level so our legal department could handle this for us as they were threatening interest and legal action if we didn’t pay.
    Then I’d report them to the BBB, as well as the competition buruea for suspicions of FRAUD.

    Company is a FRAUD. Don’t pay…

  332. Colin

    They still have our company listing up even though I’ve asked them time and time again to remove it.

    Found this on their web site….

    “ABI Publications will expose your business to companies around North America. ABI Publications is the leading online business to business directory. We strive to increase your business and make your advertising budget work at its maximum effectiveness.”

    Question on earth are they exposing our company and increasing our business if they aren’t advertising their web site so people can go there to search??

    Not to mention the fact that the exact same information is,actually there is more information ,available simply by typing our company name into Google. Beyond me.

    Just hate scammers.

  333. David

    Datasource 411:

    The kind and very helpful scammers at Datasource 411 got me too.

    On 8/4/08 I received a call from “Sophie” asking to confirm an address for an invoice for product/services. I confirmed the information she had and was asked if I wanted to “assign a PO” to the invoice. I stated “no,” she then asked for my name and the spelling and told me to have a nice day.

    Monday 9/2/08 we receive an invoice in the office for $749.95. I called Datasource 411 the same day and was placed into a voicemail box (no message or name given, just a beep) and left a message.

    Today, “Hellen” calls, tells me that I ordered the product when I spoke to “Sophie” and she would call me back as she had to see if they were “monitoring” (a.k.a.: recording) the calls that day. Not even 2 minutes later, Hellen calls back, lets me listen to the recording and we went at it.

    She kept saying, “did you listen, can’t you hear, you ordered it,” etc. I told her that she needed to produce hard evidence that someone ordered this product as what I was doing was verifying an address and that at no point in the call did I say I agreed to order anything.

    She said she would have her supervisor call me.

    A few minutes later, a couple of web searches after that, and BAM, I found this site.

    I call Hellen back, let her know that we are not paying this, as she protests, I interupt her and let her know that her company is a scam, that I will be submitting complaints to the FTC, the BBB of the states of MN and NY, and the AG’s of the states of MN and NY. I also told her that if they try to come after as, we will involve our company lawyers in the matter.

    She kindly said “um, thank you” in such a weak voice and hung up.

    Not 5 minutes later, her “supervisor” calls back (prompted of course from my first call with Hellen). After I let her introduce herself, I told her that their company was a scam and told her they same thing I told Hellen about reporting them.

    She said, “well, I didn’t call about this issue, to argue, or to be insulted…;” I interupted her and said, “insulted, scamming people is an insult, have a nice day” and hung up on her ass.


  334. Colin

    To: Onur Gurel
    I am wondering why our company is listed on your web site yet no one has ever contacted us. In fact , I had never heard of you until I read about you in here.

    One can only assume this is a free service. If so , why are you sending out invoices?

    Is anyone else besides me getting sick and tired of these rip off artists trying to charge $500 for copying your address and phone number from the yellow pages onto their web site?

    It almost seems as if once you admit an error and pay (which we mistakenly did) you go on a list labeled “SUCKERS” that get circulated around.

    For 1/4 of what they are asking you can get a domain and your own web site c/w e-mail accounts where you can post pictures , news , information etc. etc.

    My advice is to simply refuse to pay them and ignore them.

    They may indeed have a legally binding agreement (that’s doubtful in many cases) they can scare you with but they also have an unethical business practice so it’s very doubtful they want to expose themselves with any form of legal action.

    The best they could hope for is a small claims settlement which would cost them about 1/2 of the invoice cost and it’s very doubtful a judge would award them costs when their business activities are exposed.

    My opinions anyway.

  335. Aggie

    I have received a call from ABI Publications. I’m just a secretary and I’m not authorized to make any purchases. They have send me an invoice and I told them my boss will not pay because he didn’t order anything. They claim that I have made fradulent actions by agreeing to their servisec. But hold on…….I HAVEN’T AGREED TO ANYTHING! They claim I they have a recording of me and I told them I want to hear it. Now I’m waiting for them to call me back. I have filed a complaint with FTC. I wanted to report them to BBB as well and I was wondering if anyone has actually done it and what is the process like? How else can I get them to stop harrasing me?

  336. Amanda

    I forgot my initial question.. any one ever deal with American Yellow Directory? I have invoice for $499. I just tried looking on their website.. its not even valid!

  337. Amanda

    So glad I found this! I am currently dealing with datasource 411. Even before I “ordered” this listing, the gentleman on the phone was telling me that there is a printed version, and I am already in there (because I spoke to someone before apparently, he says) and I pretty much had no choice but to take delivery of it and pay the invoice. A month later, I have not recieved any directory, but many collection calls from the company. After the guy telling me on the phone that this is an online listing, I tried to find it… my listing was NO WHERE on the site. (This is when I got even more suspicious) He says “he’ll check and call me back cause his computer doesnt have the internet”. 20 mins later he calls back and directs me on how to find my listing, of course it was the same search I had previously done and all of a sudden, it magically appeared! I flipped at the guy and gave myself a pat on the back knowing the initial search I did that came up with nothing, I had printed it out. Needless to say, he’s “checking into it again” and will call back this afternoon. I also got scammed by Nationwide Marketing Bureau and when the guy told me there was a court order to appear (or whatever) I got scared and paid it. I even told him this was a scam and he started yelling at me telling me that I better have good proof if this is a scam and it would not hold up in court and I could be arrested for it. I feel much better now knowing there are other people experiecing this also. Can’t wait for the guy to call back this afternoon!

  338. Terrie

    Here is another one to add to your list. Sky Publishing Inc. just called my company and said we authrized for publication last year and our subscription is running out. It will automatically renew it self in December. The current invoice is 484.95. They need to know that I am a authroize purchaser in my company in order to send us a cancellation letter or they will bill us again for another 484.95 for the up coming year. My company does not advertise like this never has never will. I will be reporting them to everyone once I get the bill.

  339. Dear Mr. Clay,

    I have just stumbled on the above message and would like to contact your friend who has been having issues with our company Canadian BizOnline.

    Therefore, could you please ask them to write to us at info(at) ?

    We would like to look into this matter and resolve it as soon as possible since we do not engage in threats with any of our clients.

    In addition, once the issue has been resolved, could you please remove or modify this comment?

    We sincerely apologize for any misunderstanding and hope to resolve this issue as quickly as possible,

    Onur Gurel

  340. Matt B

    Eagle Marketing
    Data USA

    are to be added to list.

    Get Faxes from them every other month, calls have stopped after telling them we were recording the conversation and will be handing over to district attrny office.

    We joke about it in office now.

  341. stacy

    just received a call again from cecila from data source solutions claim we had internet advertising an this was a invoice from Dec 2006, i informed her yet again to send me a signed contract, she just keep repeating its from a invoice in 2006 concerning advertising with “google, ect” an again i told her to send me a copy of the authorization/contract that our office does not do any verbal autorizations its all on paper..all i got was a thank you an she hung up.

  342. Colin

    Ah dear old Karl .. my “buddy”

    We got a “threatening” letter from ABI so I called him and was tearing such a strip out of him (bad bad bad on my part) HE hung up. 😀

    Haven’t heard a peep from them since.

    This is one case I think where if you simply ignore the problem it will go away..since they don’t really have a leg to stand on other then the old BS baffles brains.

  343. One of my clients is being by harrassed by ABI Publications as well as two other companies, all with Quebec addresses:

    JW Publications Inc. (invoice claims he ordered a listing at and is requesting $524.99)

    Canadian BizOnline (invoice claims he ordered a listing at and is requesting $412.34).

    I’m going to suggest he contact the BBB and the RCMP. All three companies have been phoning him demanding the money, threatening he’ll be sued and his credit rating ruined…!


  344. Scott

    ABI Publishing keeps bugging us too. We get calls from a jerk named Karl Spencer. Now whenever I hear it’s him, I just hang up. I reported them to Phone Busters and they suggested sending them a form letter telling them that we did not want ABI’s services. I sent it registered mail. A couple days after my letter was received, they sent me back a threatening letter – which I ignored. Karl Spencer just called me again a few minutes ago and I hung up. We got scam jobs from Phone Pages and Executive Decisions too. Phone Pages actually sent me a WAV. file of their conversation with one of our GMs. Phone Busters confirmed it was bogus too, so I just ignored it. It’s all scare tactics, and as long as you don’t ever send them any money, they are powerless against you.

  345. Got a new one:…they make it appear as if I’m listing in a free directory, so I sent the form, then weeks later they send me an invoice for 740 GBP! I only have a small company…I can’t afford that! And if you read the invoice, it says you can cancel within two weeks but ofcourse the deadline has passed. It really is a scam; the fine print is in font size 2 or something, and they really are out to get money from you.

  346. I have received this call every year for 4 years and each time the name changes to various names that are listed in other comments. This time it was:

    Online Customer Service Department

    It made me laugh a little because it sounds like she made it up right there. She eventually hung up on me because she said I was being rude. Oh well.

  347. Colin

    Well I got a “threatening” letter from ABI Publishing Inc.

    Wonder if they know that if they sue , the case has to be heard in a court in the jurisdiction of the person being sued (in this case-Alberta). Can’t imagine anyone flying out from Quebec to attend , nor can I imagine them paying $300+/hr in legal fees for a $500 bill.

    Top that of with seven (the number keeps growing) companies listed on their web site who have never heard of , been invoiced by then and wouldn’t be interested anyway and all I can say is..” worry?”

    I did find a few legitimate companies with the ABI Publications name so am contacting them to let them know about this dubious organization peddling over priced web advertising as they may be interested in having their attorneys force a name change.

    That would be fun.

  348. Tanya

    Add another one – this is getting annoying:

    National Business Listings
    130 Church Street #367
    New York, NY 10007

    I could tell by the guy’s voice that he was Canadian. I asked them were they were based out of; he said NY. The invoice’s tax ID is Canadian!

  349. debbie

    Beware of!

    Here’s a complaint I filed yesterday with 5 different agencies:

    On June 23, 2008 I signed up for a free business ad listing at and today unexpectedly received a bill for $950 from them, along with a claim that I had used my 7-day free trial and as I had not canceled, I was now committed to a two-year listing with them. I went back and looked at their web page, and sure enough, in fine print at the bottom, it does say that if you fail to cancel, you are enrolled for two years. Nonetheless, I feel the advertising is deceptive, as much is made at the top in enormous, bold print that this is a free listing.

    I should add that the way I came across this website was through somebody calling herself Nicole Giavesse ( )who contacted my business e-mail, supposedly in response to an ad I had placed online. She said she hoped to be able to exchange her expertise in Search Engine Optimization for my services (I recently purchased a business selling vacation packages). And as a “friendly tip” she started me off by sending me to

    I did not sign anything at (but did check the box agreeing to terms and conditions), and they do not have any of my bank or credit card information. However, my concern, after looking up this scam on Google, is that they use heavy handed tactics to try to coerce people into sending them the money. They turn it over to a collection agency and harass people and threaten their credit scores.

    I e-mailed them today (7/7/08) as soon as the invoice arrived and told them to cancel the listing immediately, and told them I will not be sending money. (They have not responded yet.) I will be sending the same cancellation notice in the physical mail tomorrow, to be post marked 7/8/08/.

  350. West Virginia Small Business Owner

    Just got a call from National Online Listings asking if I wanted to close my account and be taken off their call list. I immediately said yes (assuming it was one of these phone calls where they tell you that you’re an existing customer and they want to update or renew your listing then inform you that it’s $399 a year or some crap like that.) Anyway, he informed me that they would be sending an invoice for $400+ for advertising from May07 to May08. I promptly informed him that we had never signed up for or agreed to pay for any such advertising and he insisted that they had talked to me last year and thats how they had my name and company information. I rebutted with “you can very easily get our company address and telephone numbers from the internet and all you have to do is call the office and ask for my name” Is that all the information you have? You need to give me proof of a written or verbal contract. He said he’d have to call their IT department and someone would call me back. I asked to be transferred to the IT department since I already had him on the phone and he said he couldn’t do that because they were in another location. (Whatever!) I then asked to speak to his supervisor. He couldn’t do that either. I asked for their direct phone number and he couldn’t give me that either because “he was calling from a call center.” Anyway, after all this her promptly hung up. I can’t wait to see if we get an invoice. I have had it up to my eyeballs with this advertising scammers!!!!

  351. KJ

    I received a call several weeks ago, the first woman I had spoke with (spoke extremely fast) and basically just verified our business location, name and phone number for what I thought was the phone book listing. Nothing was ever explained, nothing was sold, nothing said about cost or payment, just verified our business information. Then another woman got on the phone and basically said the exact same thing. All I thought I was doing was verifying a phone book listing. The next day, I recieved another phone call with almost the exact same request. I should’ve hung up, but I figured they were just verifying information, not anything else. A week later I recieve a bill from Nationwide Marketing Bureau (who claims to be located at 334 cornelia st ste 538 plattsburgh, NW 12901, with phone number 888-807-5148 for $598. I immediately freak out (why wouldn’t I..I didn’t order anything). I put two and two together and realized the phone calls I had recieved must’ve been tied to this. We contacted them several times to advise them we did not order their “mini-website and online listing” that they were billing us for…but naturally we got the run around. We had to leave our phone number “to have a supervisor return our call”. I felt so stupid at this point. After another 2 weeks, and not paying (obviously we weren’t going to pay it), we get our collection call. The woman advises me (and asks for me by name!!!!) that I have an overdue invoice that needs to be paid. I kindly thanked her for reminding me. She said she wanted payment today, so I politely advised her we would not be paying this bill and explained why. She stated since I am authorized to make purchases for our company that this bill is not invalid and needs to be paid. Again, I thanked her for reminding me, but we would not be paying for a service we did not order. She said she was going to check into it (and of course we still haven’t heard anything back from any supervisors). I was pretty upset after the phone call (even though not much was said) because I feel scammed. So I started looking up this company and doing research on “business directory scams” and come to find out, maybe I don’t have a whole lot to worry about. We haven’t given them any of our money, and the worst that we’re going to recieve are a bunch of threatening phone calls (but technically from what i’ve learned about this, a lot of these companies are being hunted down by the FTC). I can’t wait for her to call back again to collect and relay to her the good news!!! I’ll kill her with kindness while I openly advise her that I’m fully aware their business is nothing but a scam, and if calls continue I will contact the FTC, the Better Business Bureau, and my Attorney General!! No matter what her comeback to my comments will be, she will not rustle my feathers. watch out if you get a call from Nationwide Marketing Bureau, heck-I don’t even think that is what they told me their name was when they called me!!!!!!

  352. I cannot believe that the website is doing all out massive advertising for their site. I was entering in my data to sign up and while reading the Terms of Service I saw that they wanted to charge me $950.00 for a 2 year listing. Ridiculous. Stay away from www. .
    I have to now send them a letter in the mail to get my site listing off of their site. Let’s see if this works. I will keep you posted. Thanks so much for putting this site up here. Has anyone else had any problems with

  353. Dean Charles

    “Datasource411” is a scam and add “United States Business Pages” to the list as well. The two companies share the same audio recordings for the “where to send the invoice to” calls and change them to sound like a verified order by inserting their own dialog over your responses. Do pay these companies a dime.

    The FTC and the Canadian equivalent to the FTC say there is nothing they can do about it, but advise to never send them any money.

  354. Colin

    I suppose they could send your account to the collection agency but simply tell them you aren’t going to pay and demand a small claims be filed.

    Doubt they want to got to court.

    In our case I’ve come across 5 listings on their web site (who I could et testimonies form if necessary) from our area who have never heard of ABI Publications nor ever been invoiced by them.

    Also , they do no promoting whatsoever so it stands to reason that they are trying to extort funds for a simple 3 or 4 lines on an obscure web site no one knows anything about when I could register a domain and put up our own site for a hell of a lot less.

    Think they all operate in the same manner. BS baffles brains.

    I’m just ignoring them and waiting to see if anything more exciting comes of it.

  355. Martin

    Thank goodness for this website. I feel a lot better about my situation now. Last year I got a phone call saying that we were “in the last year of our contract” and that I should renew. Being new to A/P and naive, I agreed, since you know, it was a contract. Upon giving verbal approval to renew the contract, I dug around trying to find the contact and no one in our organization knew what it was I had just purchased. We ended up paying the bill anyways, which was a huge mistake. Immediately after that, we got more and more solicitations from different companies trying to get us to “renew our contract”. As of today I am still battling one from I believe “data resources”, although it seems like everytime they call it is a different name. For the last few months, whenever they call I ask that they send me a copy of the contract so that I can see who ordered it. They then tell me that they’ll include it with the invoice, then kindly send me over to their shipping department to “verify shipping”. It is then that I refused to approve shipping, and they tell me that the “manager” will call me back. This round robin has gone on for some time now until this morning someone new called. I answered the phone and stopped him midsentence to transfer him to our new A/P person to handle it. He became furious and told her that I “was hiding behind a secretary” and that he would ignore my cancellation requests until he calls me tomorrow and I talk to him personally. Which in turn I decided to do a little research on the subject, because it had gotten to the point where I was just going to say the hell with it and pay it to get them off my back. I had a feeling it was a scam, but like previous posts, I was worried about them sending me to collections. Am I reading that correctly that they can’t? Thank you guys for brightening my day! Now I’m armed with a little knowledge for when that asshole calls me back tomorrow.

  356. Robert Olando

    Infotel used to be in the phone sex business in Montreal back in the early 90s when it was lucrative..

  357. On May 5 I received a call from a person who represented himselfm as “San Ziel”. He said the purpose of the call was to confirm that I wished to cancel my listing with National Online Listings. I had never heard of them and told him so. He then said “So you wish to cancel your listing with us.” I tole him that it was hard to cancel something that I had never had. He said “There will be a cancellation fee for the last year’s service of $489.99. I will transfer you now so that we can confirn the address to sent the invoice to.” The next person identified herself as Katie Roberts. She asked if I was the person authorized to pay bills and I said “Yes.” She then gave my business address and asked if that was correct. I said that it was and she asked how I indended to pay the bill and I told her that I wasn’t. She then said that if I didn’t pay on time that there would be additional charges that I would be liable for and they would turn it over to a collection agency. I recieved the “invoice” via USPS the following Tuesday.

  358. Here are two more (possibly the same):

    -Online Services of Jackson, Maine
    -Eagle Marketing

    in both instances I received faxes and calls. Interestingly both have their address at Norman G. Jensen locations, perhaps that company is securing the checks for these scammers.

  359. Bob

    Add to list:

    American Business Exchange Inc.
    130 Church Street
    Suite 371
    New York, NY 10007

  360. Erika

    Another company to add to the scammer list:
    NBG – National Buisness Guide Listing Service

    They “operate” out of Miami Beach, Fl (ironically their address is a residential apartment). They too use the same dirty tactics. DO NOT PAY THEM.

  361. Mollie

    I got scammed from Horizon. I questioned the many many phone calls and was convinced I had ordered the service and was afraid of being reported to a collection agency. But when sending the check I had written on the bottom”under protest” A women kept calling me back to have me remove that. I told her I was keeping it on there for protection. When bank returned check to me The “under protest” had been blacked out. I feel really stupid but have learned a valuable lesson. Recently Data Source Solutions has contacted me…..this old horse isnt stupid twice!

  362. Colin

    Phone Pages caught us once and as we thought they were legitimate and since the owners wife actually did admit to approving it we paid the bill and told them to leave us alone.

    Now we are being harassed by an outfit called ABI Publishing Inc out of Quebec and I know we were never contacted but they have a supposed recording which I’m assuming is the original one but being flogged to other telemarketing scammers.

    I’ve told them point blank we are not paying the bill and to do what they have to but they are persisting.

    I contacted 3 other firms listed on their web site who know nothing of these guys and have never been invoiced so at least I gave them a heads up.

    I’m thinking that if ABI keep persisting , I’m going to simply invoice them for my time wasted and spend the $500 dragging them through small claims court. At least it would be money well spent and satisfying. Might even recover something.

    So , watch out for them.. that’s ABI Publications Inc.

  363. Tom

    Datasource 411 got me too. the original bill was for $700 then i got them down to $200 before i realized that it was a scam…i didn’t and won’t send them a dime. These guys are sneaky and persistent they call once a week, i would love to send them an invoice for sucking at life $649.95

  364. gina

    us data – “Plattsburgh, NY”

    Online Marketing Solutions – would not give me a number to call back at or location, then threated me that i am slandering

    Data Sources Solutions

    i’m getting harassed 4+ times a day from these different places. I’m ready to ask the callers if they would like me to help them find a better job? Ugh..

  365. Simon

    Hello, and here’s a few more names to add to the list, and their locations. These guys have ALL sent me invoices ranging from 449.95 to 749.95, and I’m not paying a cent.

    Access America Communications – Knoxville, Tenn
    CBMG – Philly, PA
    Viscom Data listing – New Haven, CT

    and the worst of the list

    Datasource411 – Rochester, New York, but actually they are located in Montreal, they messed up and sent me a canadian invoice for some company called Huron Super Friends in Toronto, Ont.
    Watch out for their accounts manager Ronnie Lovitt, he’s got a mouth on him, if you have to deal with sombody, ask for Sara Green.
    There is no rochester office, it’s just a forwarding address, I know, my brother lives in rochester and looked it up for me.
    Don’t pay these guys a cent, it’s all a scam

  366. Brainne

    Add a few other names to that list:
    Melanie Mendoza – owner
    Kenneth Vescio – owner
    Jeremy King – office manager
    And here are the prople that work for them:
    Rony Lovitt – collections manager
    Sarah Greene – collections manager
    Mike Armstrong – collections
    Darryl Mahoney – collections
    AND…… they’re moving up in the world, they’ve moved offices to 666 Sherbrook West, suite 1702

  367. Tanya

    DataSource 411 has been trying to scam me for the last 1 1/2 years. Do not send them any money. They are persistant but hopefully after enough complaints to the Better Business Bureau, Attorney General & FTC Website, they will cease to exist.

  368. Jack

    you can go to 1410 Stanley on the 4th floor, the 6th floor and the 10th floor…you will find all the companies. ask for Brian Scott, his younger brother Michael Scott, Michael Kron or Ray Narrine. They are the owners. They probably won’t be there because they are out spending your money.

  369. Jack

    New Business Solutions
    Phone Pages Inc
    New Line Publishing
    New Limit Publishing
    Corporate Direct Publishing
    ABI Publishing

    These are all the SAME company….the SAME owners….all in Montreal.

  370. Robert

    Add to the scam list.

    National Online Listings
    Horizon Data
    Global Media Direct
    Better Global Business Communications
    International Business Publications Inc.
    Access America Inc.

    All of these have tried to SCAM my company.

  371. Robert Staunton – Business Directories, direct marketing, business leads

    Canadian Cross-Border Scams to Americans in the Billions FOR THE FRANK FAMILY C/O…

    Reposts from the WWW

    Reed Publishing Aka Reed Directories Aka Reed Commerce Aka Infotel Publications Aka Infotel Aka Vericom Directories Aka Mediacorp Aka The Franks – Gordon, Ted And Sean SCAM, Deceptive Marketing, Useless Directory, Non Stop Phone Calls Rosalyn Cobrin Frank & Ted Frank ripoff cons Montreal Quebec Canada *UPDATE ..Reed Directories United States – Business Directories, direct marketing, business leads. the new name for the Infotel Publications/Vericom directory SCAM


    Reed Publishing Aka Infotel Publications Aka Infotel Aka Vericom Directories Aka Mediacorp

    Jean Talon & Victoria
    Montreal Quebec
    Phone Number:

    REED PUBLISHING /INFOTEL PUBLICATIONS/ VERICOM/METROPOLITAIN MEDIA INC/ 3189651 CANADA INC. are the same company. The oldest and the largest Business to Business Directory SCAM in Canada known as B2B Telemarketing.

    The new Bogus Directories are REED Directory of American Business, REED Toll-Free Business Directory, REED Canadian Business Directory.(Interesting that Canada will be Scammed again)


    The office moved from Buchan to Jean Talon Street in Montreal. The Tel # remains the same as INFOTEL.

    The Franks hide behind FAT PAT, who is down as the owner but the REAL owners are the Franks – Gordon, Ted, Sean and Rosalyn Cobrin Frank (Mother).

    The former Infotel and Vericom Directory is now the Reed Business to Business Directory.

    The office moved from Buchan to 4810 Jean Talon Street in Montreal. The
    Tel # remains the same as INFOTEL/VERICOM.

    CANADA 6555381
    Address: 4810 Jean-Talon W.
    Suite 210
    Montreal – H4P 2N5

    The Franks hide behind Patricia Nantel*, who is down as the owner but the
    REAL owners are the Franks – Gordon, Ted, Sean and Rosalyn Cobrin Frank (Mother).
    The former Infotel and Vericom Directories is now the REED Business to
    Business Directory, REED Toll-Free Business Directory, REED Canadian
    Business Directory. Patricia Nantel has worked for the Franks in Montreal, moved to Newfouldland and is now back in Montreal. She has conned people in England with InfotelUK/VericomUK and heads REED (GREED?) COMMERCE/ PUBLISHING/DIRECTORIES Today.

    514-341-1888, Person answers the phone, “Hello, Business Offices”.
    REED does INFOTEL and VERICOM unpaid files as well as REED. The first
    shipment of directories has already brought in over $35,000 for REED. With the Reloads that’s more than Gord Frank made on Decarie with the birth of The Infotel Scam in 1995!

    Here most Infotel/Vericom employees have now left except for some old key players:

    Aldo Zeppilli (Left for now)
    Darlene (Left for now)
    Nick Pietroniro – Complaints
    Caroline Ali – Ver/Shipping Dept.
    Marlene Ansky – Loads
    Robby Postuma – Heavy Load
    Kaan Bozoglu stops in weekly for the Franks $$$ from Pat.

    *Patricia Nantel
    9054 Airlie
    Lasalle, Quebec H8R2A3
    Tel# Not Listed

    1) You are fooled by REED PUBLISHING Sales; we are calling to UPDATE your CURRENT listing? CURRENT? You never had it before.

    2) You are fooled when the REED PUBLISHING shipping department calls you with a fast talking telemarketer verifying your address and quoting the price. There is NO Shipping Dept.

    3) You think you have to pay after hearing the Recorded conversation of the above call.

    4) You are fooled the 2nd, 3rd, 4th time etc. These are referred to as LOADS and are ILLEGAL in Canadian telemarketing. Some companies just pay and pay forever until someone smart realizes they don’t need the worthless directory.

    REED PUBLISHING can only be stopped by complaints to your State Attorney General and to the State Attorney General of upstate New York where REED PUBLISHING collects its mail and ships out their directories. This closes the State to REED PUBLISHING. A few states are already closed for them.


    What else do you do? Hang up & don’t pay. You will keep receiving invoices, ignore them, they can’t do anything. When they keep calling & faxing contact the Canadian Competition Bureau, The Federal Trade Commission and your Local Attorney General. Don’t forget the BBB.


    Ted Frank
    202 Dela Roche
    Dollard Des Ormeaux, QC H9A 3C8
    (514) 624-8500
    (514) 941-5441 Cell

    Rosalyn Cobrin Frank
    5950 Cavendish
    Cote Saint Luc, QC H4W 3H1
    (514) 485-2825

    Robert – Staunton, Virginia

  372. Joseph

    Oh Yes, Horizon Inc has hit up our Homeowner’s Association. Our on-site property staff inquired as to who intiated the business listing; of course they didn’t know. However, our on-site staff person is young (25) and didn’t know better, so as he supplied info, Horizon’s story changed. Our on-site person noted his management company only took over in 2006 and never initiated a listing with Horizon. Horizon’s agent comes back with “oh, this is from several years ago and you’ve been listed for some time.” Our on-site person stated that maybe his superiors would considering paying for only the recent invoice. Fortunately, I’m on the Board of Directors and a Deputy Sheriff with my county and I put a halt to it real quick.

    I suggest one of the best scare tactics is to simply answer your phone; “Officer (make up a name), and then say your City’s or County’s local police or sheriff department. We got utter silence, then stuttering when they called and I answered the phone. I truly was priceless. I suspect we’ll hear nothing further from Horizon.

  373. Mary

    Reed Publishing or Reed Directories has surfaced. Heard that it was a re-launched company from Commutel Marketing. Beware of these people.

  374. Pingback: Cease and Desist Order Against « Internet Scam

  375. Nellie

    I was also hit by Canbic Inc, Montreal, Quebec, Toll 1-877-888-0580. I told them if they didn’t stop calling me i’d report them to the Competition Bureau of Canada (similiar to FTC in the US) and also the Office de la protection du consommateur. Two weeks later, they sent me another invoice with zero balance.

    Guys, there’s something you can do other than paying the bogus invoice. DO NOT PAY THESE SCUMBAGS. If those low lives are in Canada, advise them you’ll report to the Competition Bureau of Canada –
    If they’re in Quebec, tell the scammers that you’ll a complaint at Office de la protection du consommateur –

  376. JP

    Ditto on the Horizon Data Inc. of Champlain, NY.
    I received an invoice for the product not ordered.
    Tanya called trying to collect the money.
    I told her that this is a SCAM and I’ll never ever pay them.
    Then click, I hung up the phone.
    What a bunch of crooks!!!

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